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Slate Blackcurrant Watermelon Strawberry Orange Banana Apple Emerald Chocolate Marble

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  1. Kansas City Rams Chargers Philadelphia
  2. Houston Dallas Chargers Chicago
  3. MiamiGreen Bay New EnglandNew OrleansHoustonN.Y. GiantsAtlantaPittsburghPhiladelphiaChicagoKansas CityClevelandChargersL.A. RamsSeattleIndianapolis
  4. Minnesota Dallas Cleveland Indianapolis Miami New England Jets Houston Atlanta Rams Chicago New Orleans KC Denver
  5. Atlanta Buffalo Chicago Cincinnati Dallas Miami Tennessee Washington Baltimore Seattle New England Rams New Orleans
  6. Buffalo Cleveland Green Bay Kansas City Miami New Orleans Washington Houston Chargers Denver Dallas Pittsburgh Arizona Rams Seattle
  7. Baltimore Cincinnati Rams Green Bay Houston Indianapolis Miami Chicago Tampa Kansas City Tennessee New England Seattle Pittsburgh Philadelphia
  8. Jacksonville Cincinnati Miami New England Philadelphia Tampa Carolina Baltimore Chargers Pittsburgh Minnesota Houston
  9. Atlanta Pittsburgh Carolina Tennessee New Orleans Giants Washington Cincinnati Arizona Chargers Chicago Rams
  10. Chicago New Orleans Cleveland New England Jacksonville Kansas City Buffalo Washington Chargers Green Bay Rams Philly San Francisco
  11. Junior and I are picking the Steelers
  12. Bears Chiefs Dolphins Vikings Redskins Panthers Steelers Broncos Seahawks Rams Patriots Cowboys
  13. Thank all of you for your kind accolades- I think it is only fair to divulge that I attribute the week’s picks to the fact that I was born an hour and 29 minutes past Halloween- so clearly I have some witch powers. Pair that with the fact that Chuck’s birthday is Devil’s night- I have the total mojo for the week! Big love to all of you!!!😘
  14. Bears Bengals Seahawks Chiefs Redskins Steelers Panthers Colts Rams Cardinals Saints Patriots
  15. New England Indianapolis Miami Minnesota Philadelphia Tampa Jacksonville New Orleans Dallas Rams Kansas City Atlanta
  16. Tennessee I will do the rest of the picks in a little while, after some coffee!!
  17. Denver Walter junior: Denver
  18. Atlanta Cincinnati Cleveland Oakland Chicago Minnesota Jets Washington L.A. Rams Houston Dallas Baltimore New England Green Bay
  19. Tennessee Cincinnati Baltimore Green Bay Kansas City Denver Pittsburgh Carolina San Diego Philadelphia San Francisco LA Dallas New Orleans
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