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  1. My thread was deleted without explanation so I am going to post this here in this thread instead. I assume that my playlist threads weren't getting enough replies and were deemed a waste of space. Oh well. I will continue making my playlists anyways. Here's the latest one: June 2018 | Out Of Your Control This one is the last one that I created under the name "VJ Myst" and I shall continue my playlist compiling with the name "Monthly Fix". Thank you. I'm glad you enjoy these and perhaps you saw something new and entertaining.
  2. I won't be attending concerts until summer ends. I want to see some classic rock bands.
  3. Got another collection of music videos. Once again, this wasn't meant to be some sort of statement or "phone call" or whatever, maybe "awe inspiring", some of these tunes. I pick them for video quality. Some songs are great but don't include a great video. Thank you for watching my playlists. They get quite a few more views than I thought they would get. Feel free to share your favorite music videos, promotional or live. I am always interested in seeing something new. Links of my other music video playlists: Holiday 2017 http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/topic/25182-holiday-201
  4. The above link doesn't work for whatever mis-spelling that I couldn't figure out or I didn't use the correct computer coding. Here is the playlist in a pop-up bubble like the other threads that I posted before. Over a hundred views already! Glad you liked these.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqlJwMFtMCs&list=PL4uQdsvphFNNaKECeRFdVb_VpGBZieUfV A new round of music videos for your viewing pleasure. These playlists are fun to put together. And that's what music and entertainment should be, fun... right? Enjoy!
  6. Another music video playlist for your personal entertainment. Feel free to post some of your own choices on this thread if you'd like. I am always interested in expanding my personal playlists with nice videos I'd not watched before.
  7. Here's another collection of videos for your viewing entertainment. Feel free to add videos to this thread like you did on the Christmas playlist. (but didn't do on the January playlist)
  8. Enjoy a buncha 80s music videos. I sorta like these ones, perhaps.
  9. This playlist in no way represents my personal or worldly views, politics, religious beliefs or anything else of importance. I made this playlist purely for entertainment purposes, not to "send a message" to anyone. Listen, watch, enjoy! That is all.
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