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  1. thatguynamedjosh247

    you guys like memes?

    if you do, share some below. i'll start.
  2. thatguynamedjosh247

    best album?

    what is the best album by led zeppelin, (in your opinion) and why? my personal favorite is III, because of the acoustic masterpieces such as "that's the way" and "bron-y-aur stomp". thoughts?
  3. thatguynamedjosh247

    post anything

    post anything you want. pics, links, text, anything.
  4. thatguynamedjosh247

    Making an XXXTENTACION Type Beat in Studio

  5. thatguynamedjosh247

    My Television shows.

    jesus, i love frasier.
  6. thatguynamedjosh247

    Word association

  7. thatguynamedjosh247

    What motivates you?

  8. thatguynamedjosh247

    Word association

  9. thatguynamedjosh247

    Word association

  10. thatguynamedjosh247

    Your guitar of choice.

    ikr, i had no idea it was a flying v, makes me wanna buy one!
  11. thatguynamedjosh247

    Word association

  12. thatguynamedjosh247

    Word association

  13. thatguynamedjosh247

    The Beatles thread

    paul is hilarious.
  14. thatguynamedjosh247

    Word association

  15. thatguynamedjosh247

    Best song off Houses of the Holy

    good choice.
  16. thatguynamedjosh247

    post anything

  17. thatguynamedjosh247

    What are you watching on TV now?

    been getting into frasier recently. and i love it.
  18. thatguynamedjosh247

    Word association

  19. thatguynamedjosh247

    guitar pics

    show me a pic of your guitar or your dream guitar (please specify which). bass acceptable. no cowbell. here's mine (epiphone by gibson strat): love this one. and my dream guitar (gibson les paul wine red):
  20. thatguynamedjosh247

    guitar pics

    i hate you.
  21. thatguynamedjosh247

    Word association

  22. thatguynamedjosh247

    1984 Film 'Scream For Help' Coming On Blu-Ray (JPJ Soundtrack)

  23. thatguynamedjosh247

    Your guitar of choice.

    i have a epiphone by gibson strat (ik you must have a million questions in your head, just google it), and an unnamed, maybe homemade martin d-35 copy. both were super cheap (strat was a gift, a sort of heirloom), and sound super good!
  24. thatguynamedjosh247

    what you guys think of this original song?

    yeah, but i'm pretty busy currently, and i got new strings on my guitar and a different mic, so i might need to record it all over again lol. and you know about my bass dilemma, sooo... yeah. i 'll try to get on it asap, though, seeing that i actually have an audience, wtf? and if you liked that, i have a cover of the dazed and confused solo i am pretty proud of.
  25. thatguynamedjosh247

    what you guys think of this original song?

    what do you guys think of this? gets psychedelic towards the end... https://www.bandlab.com/band/thefakebrothers/song-8?revId=91656eba-79e3-e711-80c2-0003ff466b77