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  1. ikr, i had no idea it was a flying v, makes me wanna buy one!
  2. been getting into frasier recently. and i love it.
  3. post anything you want. pics, links, text, anything.
  4. show me a pic of your guitar or your dream guitar (please specify which). bass acceptable. no cowbell. here's mine (epiphone by gibson strat): love this one. and my dream guitar (gibson les paul wine red):
  5. i have a epiphone by gibson strat (ik you must have a million questions in your head, just google it), and an unnamed, maybe homemade martin d-35 copy. both were super cheap (strat was a gift, a sort of heirloom), and sound super good!
  6. yeah, but i'm pretty busy currently, and i got new strings on my guitar and a different mic, so i might need to record it all over again lol. and you know about my bass dilemma, sooo... yeah. i 'll try to get on it asap, though, seeing that i actually have an audience, wtf? and if you liked that, i have a cover of the dazed and confused solo i am pretty proud of.
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