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  1. Hey there ‘NFL Thread’! Hope everyone’s getting ready for the season. Great night tonight for preseason football. First look for many, ya know? I’m calling for the Vikings to win it all this year. Rallying behind their o-line coaches death will be the push they need. Enjoy everyone and Rock on NFL!
  2. Hey there ‘Kipper’. Sorry to hear about your company trying shove healthcare down your throat as mandated, at least you were one of the 4 million who enjoyed the bonus from Trump’s tax break and as an hourly employee nonetheless. Good on ya. As for the trolling, I’ve been here long enough to see you quote the same forum members often just to get a rise out of them, so don’t try to sell me that bag. Own it at least then you’ll get respect, ya know? Rock on!
  3. Hi ‘Kipper’. There you go again runnin’ your mouth then try to turn coat. You just love the attention and amusement don’t ya? That’s cool. If you can’t find any, create your own. It’s just so transparent. Rock on and have a great weekend!
  4. Hey there ‘Anjin-san’ how ya doin? Looking forward to the weekend, I hope. I know I am. I like that line, but I also think not all who are lost were wandering either. Too many are lost anymore, because they don’t have the mentality to get outside of the box their minds are in. Ya know? Rock on ‘Anjin-san’ and keep getting outside that box! Or inside, if the chance arises! 😛
  5. Gross? As in a 144 times? You da man, ‘Kipper’! Rock on!
  6. I love that Manhattan ass! New York, not Kansas. They’re uptight country bumpkins out there. Rock on!
  7. Hey there ‘What Made You Un-Happy Today?’ thread people! How are ya doin? Seems like a lot of coverin’ each other’s asses is going on here. Funny how a couple of people throw scuds at others then come back all innocent, tryin’ to be the good guys. That’s a punk ass tactic that seems to be gaining momentum recently. Just an observation. Hasn’t made me unhappy or anything. I’m just lookin’ to the weekend. Rock on! Or no kcor for the dyslexic dude!
  8. Hey there ‘Kipper’, how are ya doin? Looking towards the weekend already? I know I am. Just an observation, you shouldn’t troll people if really are the good guy you try to sound like once anyone comes back at ya. Hope you enjoy your Thursday night. Rock on!
  9. Yeah that show fuckin sucks! But as for this planet that’s how it all started dipshits! I know science is a difficult concept to grasp and it’s easier to believe in some guy living with in the clouds with a special place for pieces of shit who repent at the last second before the die. Thats all folks!
  10. Hot as Hell here and I love it! 91f and 32c for the lovely miss freeyyaa!
  11. Sorry, I no good at math like Freeeyyyyaa
  12. Since you’re 80% jerk off and 50% douchebag where can you go and gain legal citizenship?
  13. Noticed or salivated about? C’mon and cum clean, Kip.
  14. Yes, Dzldoc is missed greatly around here.
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