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  1. Thanks for that Yeah. Ideally would like to go to his Colorado show and maybe his Berkeley one. Can't figure out what's the deal with the presale for those dates. Thanks again!
  2. Hey everyone! Does anyone know which of Robert's summer North American shows have Pre-Sale? and how to get the codes for them?. I know the festival performances obviously won't have presale, but besides that, it seems like everything is coming out on sale on varying days. It's been really hard keeping track. Thanks and much appreciated. Also, How are people able to get VIP for these shows? I noticed for the tour he just wrapped up here in the USA he would do VIP right after the show ended and when I tried ask people who had the VIP wristbands how they got them, one told me they purchased it. Is this true? and how does one purchase this? Would really like to buy my kid one if he does this again for his June tour. Thanks Again for the help
  3. I actually was at this show and I attended one from earlier in this North American tour. I must admit that the LA crowd was definitely strange compared to the crowd from the previous show I had gone to. There was far more enthusiasm within concert goers and a lot more energy than the LA show. I was disappointed in the fact that this show energy wise was not as great as the one I attended prior, and I think plant commenting on this was based on previous shows. Because when I saw him from the show a week/two before... holy smokes do I think he killed it and everyone was dancing and had a great time. So overall I'd say a crowd even though has a huge influence on the individual's experience and the artist's ability to provide a lively show by feeding off the good energy. Though I do agree that it would've been nicer to hear different songs than what he selected from the carry fire album. But hey you really can't win everybody over.
  4. Hi! so I'm pretty new to forums like these and this is a little embarrassing to talk about but...I'm a girl who is a HUGE Robert fan and I'm lucky enough to have good seats to see him for one of his upcoming shows for his tour for the newest album. It's my first time seeing him live. I'm just wondering what my chances are of trying to meet the guy. I really just want to thank him for being such an awesome musician. It seems that it's really hard during this current tour to see him before or after the show, I don't go to many concerts so I don't really know how these things work. Anyone mind helping me understand that? I remember reading on here where a fan met him several times around his hotel. Like... how do you even find his hotel? the guy just seems so careful about that.. That is astonishing to me. Plus I don't think i want to follow the poor man to his hotel : that's a bit creepy. If I don't get to meet him, it's fine but I just don't get how other people get to since he seems to avoid dealing with fans by the stage door..
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