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  1. I hear ya man. Thanks for the feedback, I tried my best to get a good tone from the epiphone. We werent exactly playing along with the album version, we were playing a medley and I just took this clip from it so yes our tempos varies like crazy since him and I have only been playing our instruments for a year or so and are still learning how to "sound good." As far as learning this one note for note goes, I have. I just choose to almost add my personal touch to it if you will. It may not fit your tastes, but while playing it, it feels more comfortable and fun to me doing it this way.
  2. Hey zeppelin lovers! My cousin Dylan and I were doing a jam session playing all kinds of zeppelin and such. We recorded a Medley with whole lotta love in it and I figured I would make an edit out of the solo! Check it out and feel free to add comments and such! We werent planning on uploading this, we were more so just messing around, but it came out pretty cool looking! Thanks for Listening! -Jimmy Page styled guitarist, Aidan Makare
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