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  1. OK. I can see on one night neg set only one bass drum mic and on the other two nights there are 2 bass drum mics. What I thought were 3/4 bass mics are in fact just the stands for mics elsewhere on the kit and these do not seem to change on any of the nights. I deduce that the one mic bass drum setup was on the 24th. The two mic setup was on 17/18th. Still cannot find a way of separating 17 from 18. Since in one night JPJ is wearing the white shirt and on the other he is wearing the mexican jacket. Confirmed by the sit-down segment of the shows. But which night 17 or 18?
  2. Ah thank you!! that is interesting. I can confirm that my pics from Earls Court cover 17/18 and 24 May shows. Checking the Bass drum mics confirms the 2/3/4 mic configurations. Now I have to work out on the 24th whether there were 4 mics. I will go away for a while and get nerdy with the negs.
  3. The book is coming along... www.repfoto.com is where it is available to buy until Jan 31 2018. After that...it's not available anywhere. This is Led Zeppelin's 50th anniversary year and there will be a lot going on.
  4. The seven point heptagram (7/2) is a symbol of perfection.
  5. This is my first day here so if I drop a ball or two, go easy on me. Me. I'm a UK based pro photographer who has done a lot of traveling with bands. Those of you in the USA may not have seen much of my stuff as I never syndicated photos there. On my profile I've put up a partial list of Albums on which my photos can be found. Also supplied a few photos for many of the last Led Zep remasters.


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