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  1. Re: whether Paris Theatre is a true boot- you made a solid case, and I now tend to agree with you. My basis for not considering it so was just that much of the show has been officially released. But the unofficial, complete and remastered show (and it is complete, to my knowledge also), with a different, superior mix, really is a very different thing. And I'd like to have it counted as a boot, so that it could take its rightful place as one of their very best shows ever, I think. Re: edited releases, I also totally agree. I mean, a few vocal overdubs on the TSRTS album are one thing, but
  2. Re: 4/1/71 Paris Theatre - YES. I recently did a ranking of the boots I've yet heard, and put an asterisk next to this one, as it's not a true bootleg, but if it were, it would be in my top 5 ever shows. Sounds like you already have one of the releases that's sourced from a Japan FM broadcast that has a better stereo mix than the original? Plant is amazing. It's evident that the whole band made a point of just nailing this show due to its importance, being broadcast on BBC. Stairway is one of my all-time favorites. So is Immigrant Song and SIBLY (maybe Plant's best ever performance o
  3. Have just started listening to this show and will listen to the sample, thanks. ALAIHY is slayin'. Early days re: this show but so far, sound quality-wise, it's even better than 4/27, I think. I wouldn't be surprised either if Percy is even better than three days later. ALB
  4. Ah, I was confounding Osaka for Tokyo there. So that was nonsense.
  5. I was considering posting the following as a new topic, but it didn't seem like the kind of thing that's welcome, as opposed to more year- or show-specific discussions, but I just made this list and thought it might generate (or outright provoke) some interesting discussion. The rankings are a product of both the performance and sound quality. THE 30 SHOWS I'VE HEARD, WORST TO BEST 30. - 77/05/21, Houston, TX ("How The Time Flies"). A soundboard even, and a good Achilles. But I now find the "metallic" quality of the sound grating. 29. - 77/05/22, Ft. Worth, TX ("Hideout")
  6. Um, through Dancing Days this show frankly blows away anything I've yet heard vis a vis '73 bootlegs. Maybe doesn't blow away 3/21 Hamburg but this sound quality is excellent!
  7. I would love the link as well please and thank you!! ALB
  8. Just started this one and dang the sound is THUMPIN'! DoD and everyone involved in producing this, thank you!! ALB
  9. Seconded. I've yet to hear 9/24 Osaka but 9/23 is just about as good as it gets in my book. Though I have my doubts about whether EVSD could better or even match @ZepHead315's 9/23 remaster posted here on the forums.
  10. That ol' Dog Dylan right? Can't place it.
  11. Also to me, the link please Sire. Regards, ALB
  12. [accidentally double-posted]
  13. Well, he did say "false slander" . . .
  14. Presently I'm listening to 11/24/71 Manchester - "Rave On" on TDOLZ (Japanese bootleg). Not all the way through listening (looking forward to the "Rock and Roll" you mentioned) but so far it's a very good/great show, and as you say Robert is in great voice. The pitch of the tape is definitely incorrect; needs to be brought down. This was the only version of the show I could find, incidentally (on guitars101.com lossless forum; it's not on DIME). Not a great audience recording, with a lot of hiss, but totally listenable for the Zep boot-obsessed😛. I wonder if you know of a different versio
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