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  1. Actually after a recent listen I recant what I said about Bonham on TSRTS- he’s actually pretty great throughout. More economical than in ‘77 (not always a bad thing), lacking the kick-drum virtuosity he had thru ‘71, but overall still great. 🙂 ALB
  2. You're right. They were in "No Man's Land" on HTWWW. Besides JPJ who was a rock, not a single member is at their peak. Plant is already well on the decline (he hadn't hit the highs on Stairway since probably 9/23/71 in Japan (a SUPERB show)), Page was better in both '71 and '73 than he was in '72 (granted this one is less objective; but he was cleaner in '71, and definitely more creative and possibly cleaner too in '73), and Bonzo is losing steam, heading toward his sort of (relatively) lackluster performance in a lot of TSRTS. HTWWW is remarkably badly timed for being one of their few multi-tracked shows. I listen to a lot of Zeppelin boots, and this is my take. I greatly prefer TSRTS and BBC Sessions. ALB
  3. Please send me the link and thank you!! ALB
  4. I didn't know that, thanks. Are you suggesting that detracts from Jason's performance on the song? (I honestly don't know if that's what you're suggesting.) ALS
  5. Yes, yes he does. He actually plays the album kick-drum groove (which is fucking hard). To my knowledge even Bonzo himself never did that live. Jason's playing on this one puts it right up there with "Destroyer" as my favorite live Trampled Under Foot. ALS
  6. Does yours sound like this? I've been looking for this one and CANNOT FIND IT. Any idea what might help me find it? Thanks, ALB
  7. That's not the original melody. On the album the "Lady" is the highest note in the song (along with the "One is all" part). He doesn't try for either here. I haven't heard Pittsburgh '73 yet but am doubtful about it. ALB
  8. That’s not to say there’s not a lot of great Stairways during these years, of course, and some strong vocal performances. Certainly there are some great ones in the ‘77 Forum run. About half of my listening over the past 6 months has been Zeppelin boots. 🙂 ALB
  9. Just to be clear, Robert never hit the original notes in the coda after 72. And even in 72 it was only at a handful of shows, at most. ALB
  10. Upon further listening, you're right to say 3-4 songs; I overstated the length of the "slow" start to this show. By "Over the Hills" they have definitely already caught fire. That's an outstanding rendition there! ALB
  11. To my ears, the show really starts cooking with Misty Mountain Hop (Robert is getting warmed up). Jones is great on No Quarter, and The Song Remains The Same may be even better than the one on the album of the same name. Haven't listened before, on Rain Song now. Overall, Bonzo sounds more enlivened than on the album. This is a "matrix" show (blending of soundboard and audience recording together simultaneously), so it really does have a nice warmth as well as clarity. Especially after the first few songs, when their sound guy finds the right mix. Kudos to whoever made this. A great alternative listen for TSRTS-era live Zeppelin. ALB
  12. At Osaka 9/23/71 he sings the album vocal melody great during the majority of the song. I’d guess this is also true for some of the other Sept. 71 Japan shows, but I haven’t heard them yet. But he doesn’t go for pretty much ALL the album high notes as he did at Belfast and Copenhagen. That Osaka show is just killer, and ZepHead315 constructed the definitive version of that show, combining the best audience sources, available here: http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/topic/25503-my-personal-source-mixcompilation-of-tokyo-92371/ ALB
  13. No "lady" at Sydney 02-27-72 sadly. He doesn't go for it. But listening to this show for the first time and really enjoying it! ALB
  14. ZepHead315, Upon further, further listening, I think you were correct about all the choices you made; source 7 is overall superior to source 5 for the songs you choose. It's less distant and more balanced. The distortion turned me off to it initially, but once I got used to it I realized you were right. So thank you so much for your work on this! It sounds great. Happy listening, ALB
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