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  1. IMO it’s horrible — I am a huge fan but I’m convinced this was the nadir of his career. Sad but true
  2. If they played with additional musicians filling in it could work. Again a Last Waltz concept would be creative and could work. As for Page. — no clue what’s up but it’s become a snooze!!
  3. What I read seems so silly. That they will individually but not collectively play with other guests. Insane concept. A “ Last Waltz” concept with them playing with others would be very cool tho
  4. If this is the “ new live” release I am going to 🤢
  5. Exactly. Like something new?! sounds like the house is becoming a metaphor for his career!!
  6. Maybe his desire to keep the home in good shape is the reason why he cant re led new music😉
  7. Robert is a great singer no doubt but IMO without the u ion with Page he would have ended up like many other talented singers..... working construction I just don't see a path to start them for that talented individual any other way
  8. Kashmir or Hats Off To Robyn Harper
  9. Maybe because Page is working on his solo project?!!!👌😜
  10. While I don't disagree with comments made. The Ultimate problem is that young kids simply don't play the guitar!! It's. Oy congruent with " modern music" and can't be played on an iPhone. I'm afraid it will slide into the realm of rare players and artisans
  11. Now it makes sense!!! Guess he's not hard working on his next record. Lol
  12. It is interesting to speculate why he went there . I wonder if it could mean that Seattle tapes will be released and this is a promo?
  13. I'm still not ruling out a show or something this year folks. I know you think I am on crack but as I said. They were in studio with instruments between Xmas and New Years and Plants interview today...( and they change day to day as they have since 1970) is hopeful. Lol
  14. Btw. Jason has nothing booked after Aug. 3!!! Don't wanto get too excited but.......
  15. So ladies and gentlemen. Why are RP's August shows in Scandinavia canceled?? Could this mean something?
  16. Why not let people just live and let live??? I saw the Who this summer in Vegas and it was great!! And I respect RP as well-- just don't understand why he wouldn't do both??? Phil Collins- hardly my favourite artist- had a great career as a solo act and as prt of Genesis. LZ does t have to be "big". --
  17. Afraid the quality from those old tapes won't be there!! A thought. Either EC, Pontiac 77 or Knebworth--imo
  18. 95%. Will be earl's court. There isn't that much high quality stuff around. In hope they don't release poor quality live stuff like some others have done
  19. This Page interview is disappointing again. Agree that it gives him a "reason" to not do anything novel. I can't understand how someone so creative is just happy to sit on past laurels. Why doesn't he just say he is retired!!!!
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