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  1. If you guys worry about Plant hitting the notes, Ian Anderson voice is plainly shot from too many cigarettes. Sad
  2. As a message to JAP. I have watched this site forbyears but never logged in to post . Yes I am a mega fan. I also haven't successful job and family and career . I do t think i have to own up to how deep my " fanship" is but suffice to say it's deep. Made my way to the 07 show etc...I am onky sharing what i have learned // I have no vested interest in anything else. Not sure where the vitriol comes from but hey man.....get a life trying to share with so called like minded individuals
  3. Could be. We will simply have to wait this one out. Not many windows of open time though .until the fall
  4. I listened to the interview as well. Double speak again!! He is so conflicted--- I think he can do it physically albeit they would change the keys of the songs as they did on Celebration Day. Heck-- still sounds good to me!, His tone on acoustic songs on Carry Fire is quite lovely and would suit JP very well. I actually a, more concerned about JP-- has maybe played in public once in many years and is now in his mid seventies
  5. Plant is famous for this type of doublespeak. Not sure when the interview was recorded but suffice to say he is at the very least- conflicted- about the entire situation . I stand by my sources etc....
  6. Very possible. As for the troll comment - perhaps a friendly wage is in order ?
  7. Playing in a studio could also mean a quiet rehearsal. As I said, I have no clue as to what they were playing-- but I'M sure they were there.
  8. I don't disagree with the expressed sentiments but I am sure they were in studio. In terms of what " happens"--- I have no idea.
  9. I am skeptical bastard but I have seen real encouraging data on this. Agree Britain is horrible at Xmas but all these guys go home to be with family.
  10. I have no idea who the other new chap is. But my source is very solid- even encountered the gentleman after the rehearsal/recording. I truly believe this is real but no idea what product is. Also plausible that RP nixes the entire idea if it doesn't " feel right" (as he has many times before). I can tell you though that they did play and apparently JP and RP were at the BCC show
  11. Lol I see the response but trust me on this. I'm not a conspiratorialist. Wondering if anyone else has heard anything?
  12. I am new to this site as a contributor but a mega fan. I have heard from a serious source that all three members plus Jason played in a studio in Worcester England between Xmas and New Year. Not sure what it's about ie: dubbing a live record , recording new music or simply rehearsing. There has been no internet traffic on this. I also see Jason has scrapped his Australia tour in January. Robert is not due to start his tour until February. Has anyone had any wind of this?
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