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  1. With japan 1971 you have the band performing at the absolute height of there ability with plants voice still in great high range mode . They are the only multitrack live recordings where the band plays at their absolute best. Rah bbc and hwww are good but none of those shows have the band at their absolute best . Rah is great but there are other shows far better In 1970. Same with the Cali 72 shows they are very good but again they played better shows early in the tour and bbc is just a good show but nothing special. The japan shows smoke all of the released early live stuff. Many consider japan 71 the best shows they ever played so we do need a 71 japan release. I will take an ec release if nothing else comes out. But the 1975 soundboards have hoy me burned out on 75 and the West coast shows of 75 kill the a.c. shows.
  2. The greatful dead does 2 types of releases soundboard recordings for the hardcore like road trips and diicks and daves picks which are limited and only available through subscription or by ordering from the website and they also do full scale mainstream releases every so often which are usually multitracks which get some commercial grade polish and processing although not that much which are aimed at the less dedicated fan. Zeppelin should do the same. Limited edition sb tapes for the hardcore and polished multitracks for the non bootleg crowd. Everyone wins.
  3. Sometimes the rights to a song may be held by numerous parties and not just 1 person and you may have to get permission from if half a dozen different people and you would have to work out 6 different royalty deals and sometimes it may be impossible to even determine who all the rights holders are . Also who owns the rights to a certain song may be the subject of an ongoing court battle so in that case a deal would be impossible. So in some cases it may just be page bot wanting to pay.
  4. I also say leaving blueberry hill of the hwww while lotta love medley is a crime as well. Those 1971 and 72 whole lotta love medleys were some of zeppelin finest moments as a live band and it's a crime of the worst kind that we will most likely never get a full wlh medley from either of those years in a official release.
  5. I hope hello Mary Lou has not been cut it's my favorite part of the medley next to the go ing down slow section
  6. The band's 50th anniversary campaign is officially starting in September so it's safe to say this is not the only release we are getting. If this was it we would not be getting hwww untill September. Jimmy said unheard zeppelin is coming out and there is no bonus tracks on the remaster . I think it's a safe bet that this is just a continuation of the catalogue remeasters and not part of the 50th anniversary celebration.
  7. Shirley said something ridiculous like I made Bonham s drumming sound tighter or something to that effect. Bonham s drum sound on the 1972 u.s audience tapes is outstanding such a huge sound.
  8. If this was the only release we were getting this year we would not be getting it this early in the year there is obviously more to come latter on the year. This is a welcome release of a sorely needed remaster and it's a good idea to get this album done and out of the way wonder if we will get a remastered DVD. I think it's too early to get the pitch forks out.
  9. People on the steve hoffman forum are saying there does not seem to be any bonus tracks on the reissue which is disappointing on one way but on the other hand that would seem to confirm we will be getting another release latter in the year. But untill the tracklisting is confirmed we won't know for sure. I sure would love a release of thank you from those concerts such a beautiful performance.
  10. I really hope the copy write issue leads to some 1970 soundboard tapes being released a couple of years down the road. It would be nice to think the best outtakes that were left the companion disks will be released as copy write extension sets. If all of that turns out to be true then page will be to busy to play live.
  11. A 1968 live release would be a dream come true. Plants voice was insanely powerful in 1968. As long as i have you on a official release would be amazing.
  12. If zeppelin does address the copyright issue with releases that could lead to soundboard releases maybe not as standalone live albums but perhaps a bootleg series type thing or releases like the greatful dead are doing. But there are band's not addressing the copyright issue. I can't say page letting the copyerights expire and not take the opportunity to capitalize on the situation to make some money and best the bootleggers to the punch. Page should strike with a japan 71 releases before evsd does.
  13. Another possible explanation for the leaking of the 75 and 77 board tapes and I'll admit this one in not all that likely but it might have something today with 8mm fan shot footage. Page put a call out to fans to send him fan shot footage for possible use on DVD for stuff like bonus material or use in the menus and he did use 1977 footage of srts synced to the Millard tape. 90 percent of the zeppelin fan shot footage comes from the 75 and 77 tours and if he was reviewing all that footage it would make sense for him to have the 75 and 77 soundboard tapes on hand and transferred because he would want to sync the footage to soundboard audio as the camera audio is pretty bad as well as much of the audience audio people synced to alot of that footage.. I realize this is a long shot but it is possible.
  14. It's seems highly likely the sb tapes come from an ex show co source But I wonder why it took so long for then to start leaking. I wonder if page tasked Someone with transferring all his sb tapes and copies were made during that process . The tapes started leaking on 2002. Prior to the DVD hwww project. Page had given no thought to the fact that tapes deteriorate. When shirley informed page the tapes were deteriorating and that any tapes he wanted to preserve would have to be transferred to digital or be lost forever page was suprised and upset. I know no soundboards were worked on or considered for release bit i think it is highly possible that this conversation would have prompted page to transfer his soundboard archive to digital. He may not view them as commercially viable but I doubt he would just let them rot away to be lost for ever . Those tapes represent a large chunk of his life's work and I am sure he would want to preserve them for posterity. There would be no reason not to do it. It's easy and would cost next to nothing and would require no effort on pages part. So that could be how the tapes get out but that's pure speculation and could very well not be the case.
  15. The first 3 nights of earls court have some very inspired performances.sure those shows were uneven but of those first 2 shows were recorded a pretty amazing live album could be made from those first 3 shows. No quarter on the 17th and 18th were outstanding. Kashmir on the 18th is stellar . Stairway on the first 2 nights were awesome great whole lotta love jams on the 18th you can find at least one top notch performance of every song in set list through out the 5 nights. But it's far from my first choice for a release bit o would not complain about getting it. But the 24th and 25th by themselves don t do it for me.
  16. When I think about it I guess the only thing I really like about knebworth is that plants voice is in strong shpae and I really enjoy listening to plant when he is singing well even if the show is lacking musically. I even enjoy the second knebworth show just for plants voice which is stronger then the first knebworth show. I also love the 1977 San Diego show despite Bonham' s issues because plants voice is very strong and it's a Millard tape. That being said I don't think knebworth should be a full release on its own.
  17. For an official release i would take soundboards from the second u.s tour of 1970 or something from the 1971 north America tour over any of the known multitracks. That's my favorite era . Vocally and musically those shows need no editing or fixing so you would think page would overlook the sound quality issues because the performances are insane and the band is really living up to their reputation as one of the greatest live acts of all time. But I think a big obstacle for jimmy is getting everyone to agree. Jimmy said he has great sounding live tapes that he has proposed for release in the past but was voted down. Give me a Vancouver 1971 sb tape. The 1971 n.a tour opener. A wish I will probably never be granted.
  18. Moby rock from the February 3rd msg show in 1975 has what may be the best Moby dick of 1975. Despite plants rough voice. That is a very strong show especially for Bonham he is on fire the whole show.
  19. The show im referencing was in odense denmark on May 4 1971 it's supposed to exist but has not been distributed or shared.
  20. I know about the Copenhagen bootleg for may 3 bit there was a thing on Twitter about the may 4 gig the next night which was in another part of Denmark or some place.
  21. Wasn't there a rumor that an audience tape for denmark 1971 was supposed to have surfaced and is in the the hands of Someone in europe and gallows pole was on the tape. I remember it was announced on Twitter under led zeppelin news.
  22. Most of the stuff from ec on the DVD is from the 25th and Bonham had a very solid performance it's the 24th where he seemed to struggle alot quite a few missed cues and he sound like he is labouring alot in spots he fumbled some easy fills but it's not on every song. The 25th is pretty solid for bonzo
  23. Yes the japan recordings are confirmed and if you look at the pictures of both osaka shows you can see the extra recording mics. Jimmy confirmed on his on this day part of his website that tokyo September 24 was recorded. The band claimed in the 70s they recorded the shows but were not happy with the tapes and wiped them but page still has at least some of them. They were reviewed for release in the early 2000s around the time they began work on DVD and hwww but were passed over.
  24. Copenhagen 1971 audience tape with gallows pole and 4 sticks circulates widely. But it's highly unlikely they pro recorded it. No recording mics on stage in any photos of that gig page probably has the board tape.
  25. Show co may have made their own tapes on the sly with another tape deck but regardless page requested recordings from the board to made for the band.
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