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  1. 1977 was all about booze and heroin. Cocaine does not impair playing skills to any great degree . Cocaine was a drug zeppelin used right from the very beginning. Coke would not cause the musical loss of ability in 1977 it also does not make you all that forgetful.
  2. Is it true that in the 1970s page alluded to recording dates on the 1971 back to the club's tour. You would think something from that era of live zeppelin would be released by now but does anyone know for sure if page said that and if he did what interview did he stare that . I would love a release from that tour. Plants voice was still so powerful then as it was before the decline really set in. Paris theatre is great but I don't think it's the best representation of that era the Irish shows were much better in early March 71.
  3. I have noticed when zeppelin sets up the 2nd set of mics for live recording they are very distinguishable from the stage mics as they are studio grade recording mics. The final 3 earls court have a studio looking Mic on the bass drum . It's the one with a taller stand. The extra Mic on the bass drum on the 18th just looks like a lower quality regualr stage Mic.
  4. The earls court footage on dvd needed major restoration work to be made presentable and even at that it still had many flaws that could not be fixed and where the individual camera angles where not recorded there is little can be done with the ec footage so it's safe to say a video release won't happen.
  5. I thought the knebworth part of the DVD smoked the earls court part be a large margin and at least plants voice had alot more power and range in 1979. I really don't like the last 2 earls court gigs even Bonham struggles on those 2 nights. The west coast shows of 75 smoke the earls court shows. But there are moments during the first 3 nights I really love. I definitely don t want an earls court only release this year . A series of releases or a live box would be a dream.
  6. I wonder if there is a chance that the source of these boards have any of the earls court sound boards. I would love the first 3 nights in better quality although the aud tape for the 18th is great Bonham sounds so heavy on that recording and the echo is awesome without being boomy really love the 17th and 23rd followed by the 18th over the last 2 gigs. It would be so awesome to have those Stratocaster no quarter solos in sb quality. The 17th and 18th no quarters are very unique. The 17th has one of my all time favorite stairways.
  7. Also just like the butter queen boot the fw 73 remaster is a bit muffled on the opening numbers bit clears up after the first 3 songs or so.
  8. Listened to the fw remaster on you tube but it's posted with each song separate and if you type in zeppelin fort worth 73 the videos for the remaster are scattered through out the page as you scroll through the list.
  9. But speaking of extra mics I was examining earls court photos and there is a second Mic on Bonham kick drum on the 18th but on the the last 3 shows there is a third Mic on the kick drum and s couple of photos it looks like there is a fourth plus other extra mics on the drums and on the amps and speaker cabinets that were not present on the 18th. The only extra Mic I can see on the 18th is on the bass drum which leans towards the first 2 nights not being taped that would be to bad because like the first 3 shows alot . The last 2 not so much. Can't seem to find photos that are confirmed as the 17th they seem to wear the same outfits every night except for Roberts red flower blouse on the 23rd.
  10. Yeah the extra kick drum Mic seems to be the only extra Mic on stage in europe 1980 there are no extra overhead mics on the drums on a second Mic on any of the amps or speaker cabinets.
  11. I know Kevin shirley said no 1980 shows were recorded and that's most likely true but there are many photos showing to mics on Bonham bass drum. I wonder what the purpose of the second Mic was . It seems there was 2 mics on the bass drum at every gig. Can't see led wallet paying to multitrack every show.
  12. The fort worth 73 remaster is fantastic. So much more clarity and dynamics. The remaster made that show sound much more alive and energetic. Pages guitar and the drums have alot more depth and definition. This was always one of my favorite 73 shows and now I think it's even better for to the remaster. All of the 73 boards need this treatment because many of them do not due justice to how great zeppelin were in 73. The fort worth remaster really put an already great sounding performance in a much better light. I would love a remastered sb for Dallas San Diego and Bonhams birthday party.
  13. Was listening to a remaster of fort worth 73 and I don't know if it was a winston but Jesus Christ it was incredible i can't believe the improvement over the old tympani for the butter queen boot. Fort worth 73 was always a favorite of mine but the remaster makes it so much more alive and crisp. There i an energy level to the playing I never heard before. Page guitar sounds fuller and more defined and the drums have much more depth and detail and the clarity is so much better. All the73 boards need this treatment could put the shows in a better light.
  14. Does anyone remember jimmy talking about organizing all of zeppelin s rehearsal tapes around the the time of dvd and saying how wanted to release them in some sort of series and the other members looked at him like they did not know what he was getting on about. That gives some other possibilities if it's true and could be the inheard zep or the other surprises.
  15. Those 71 celebration days are crazy good by all 4 band members with plant nailing all the highs on most versions. Love that Toronto sb version. I love the 73 versions but they don't match the 71 versions.
  16. I know I'm probably in the minority on this one but I like 928 more then 929 not saying it's better it's just a personal fave of mine. My favorite heartbreaker comes from 928 page plays absolutely insane on the second solo. Also I find plants voice alot better on 928. Of all the immigrant song heartbreaker one two punches 928 is my favorite. Plant sounds immense on immigrant song great version of since as well.
  17. The last hour of montruex 1970 leaked a couple of months after black dog from osaka i wonder of that means anything. Could be just a soundboard though but it's another soundboard where the quality is far better then other boards of that era like Vancouver Orlando and Toronto etc. So who knows
  18. Yeah can't say for sure if that's true I heard that a very long time ago it may have been stated by Simone who claimed to have spoken to the engineer in question so it's probably a grain of salt type thing.
  19. Roberts vocals and the drums are most likely on separate tracks on the actual multitracks. One of the recording engineers said the made the 929 mixdown tape by splitting all the feeds sending one set of feeds to the multi track recorder and giving the other set of feeds a crude 2 track mixdown which was recorded to a separate tape independent of the multitrack tapes and said he couldn't fix the mix on that type without calling attention from zeppelin s crew.
  20. It's a shame to think that because of the decline of the physical media market there are great zeppelin soundboards we will never hear.
  21. It's been said the the 2 tokyo shows were recorded as well page referenced recording the 924 show with on this day. But only the 2 osaka shows seem to have the numerous extra mics. Not that it could not be done without the extra mics but extra mics was how zep wanted done it seems. Perhaps it was just the tokyo shows that turned out bad and made changes to the recording set up for osaka. Maybe they wiped the tokyo tapes and kept the osaka shows because the turned out decent.
  22. The time for page to do a japan release is now before evsd releases all of 928
  23. I think with 929 the engineer tried to do an on the fly mixdown on a split feed but was being watched like a hawk be zep road crew. So he could not take the time to better balance the mixdown. The actual multis would not sound like that with a proper mixdown. I really hope we get a japan release.
  24. I still wonder if zep embellished the how bad the tapes sounded to throw the record company off. The story of them being wiped was obviously not true. Since the record company paid for the recording unlike the Cali 72 tapes and earls court which the band likely paid for on their own. Maybe the record company could have asked for the tapes back.
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