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  1. June 22 1977 l.a is my dream soundboard for 1977. I would love April 7 and April 10 in Chicago as well.
  2. I really love the June 7th msg show. It's one of my favorites from 77. Its to bad it goes of the rails with Kashmir a uninspired stairway and a chaotic encore because up to that point it was well on its way to being the best 77 show up to that point in the tour. Tsrts sick again imtod since I've been loving you no quarter and ten years gone were all fantastic versions.
  3. I'm probably in the minority on this but I like may 25 77 show more than the the may 30th show mostly because I think plant sounds alot better on the 25th I've have always found it to be one of his best 1977 vocal performances outside of the Los Angeles shows.
  4. I think the 2 Seattle shows from 72 as well as the 2 Nassau shows are the best shows of 72 and those shows slay the how the west was won shows.
  5. Seattle June 19 72 gets mad love on soundboard wish lists and rightfully so but I would love the june 18 72 Seattle almost as much what we have of that show is killer and for 1972 the aud recording is pretty good. One of my favorite since I've been loving you is from that show. Plant is in fantastic voice on that version.
  6. I just can't see somones stealing 75 and 77 zeppelin soundboards and knowing their value take a bunch of average to very good quality performances and leave behind the most legendary and sought after shows like l.a 75 and 77 and the rest of the msg 77 tapes.unless the person did not no much about live zeppelin or the bootleg zep market. Probably just my wishful thinking one can dream.
  7. For years people swore March 19 1975 was the latest show they had for 75 then finally March 20 was released. Then for years poeple swore March 20 was the latest and no way they had Seattle or l.a now Seattle came out and now people say March 21 Seattle is the latest show and there is no reason to think they have the l.a shows. The subset of dates everyone thought they had nailed for 75 keeps expanding. I hold a glimmer of hope for l.a 77.
  8. They did release a about a 40 minute soundboard of msg June 11 77 it had no quarter ten years gone 1 acoustic set song. So there is good reason to believe they at least have June 8 77 and June 10th
  9. That 15 minutes the band's playing was savage to bad about the outcome. Had they did the entire show i could have been one of the best 77 shows as it started out so strong could make for some nice bonus material along with another full show.
  10. I've been aware of the simpler explanation that evsd has a subset of dates for 75 and 77 for several years . I just wanted to point out the slim possibility that might be another reason for only releasing 75 and 77 boards and maybe see if anyone knows of evidence that could support my wishful thinking.
  11. They have a partial board for June 11.about 4p minutes or so. Hopefully they have the June 8th and 10th shows at least.
  12. Orlando 71 was a revolution release and black dog from osaka then there is the last hour of montruex although they can easily be from other sources. But even still I think a soundboard for msg 1970 would command a much higher price then a show like handover 75. They most likely don't have many early boards but it's a possibility and bring on June 22 1977 my favorite post 73 show.
  13. I looked at the rhino promo calendar from last year and for September 2017 the used the bbc sessions album cover but the expanded bbc was released in 2016. There was no zeppelin release in September of 2017. So the hwww album cover for September 2018 does not necessarily mean anything. They just may like using zeppelin album covers for September. But I'm cautiously optimistic. So there is still hope.
  14. I have often wondered if the reason evsd sticks to 75 and 77 shows is because the source for the tapes wants alot more money for stuff like tapes form 1970 or 71. And the 75 tapes have much better sound then 77 so they go with 75 more then 77.
  15. Kevin shirleys rough mixdown tapes for Southampton and royal albert hall were leaked to evsd and released. I wonder if black dog from osaka is from a shirley mixdown or even Someone else's mixdown it sounds alot better and different from the other 71 boards. The other 71 boards are like the 73 boards muffled with pages guitar quite low in the mix which is a typical foh mix. Black dog has way more clarity with pages guitar much more prominent and all band members in perfect balance. It sounds better than even the best 75 boards. Black dog is not near as dry as a typical zeppelin s.b. multitrack mixdown tapes can have soundboard like dryness if it's a quick mixdown with out any processing and if the crowd mics and ambient Mic tracks are not mixed in
  16. I think the real reason page keeps passing over the japan tapes and the reason why neither page or shirley or anyone else for that matter won't officially confirm on record those tapes still exist is because page does not own the tapes. Atlantic's Japanese division paid for the recordings unlike the Cali 72 tapes which the band paid for out of pocket and this might mean the band's cut for a japan release could be smaller cause they don't own the rights to the recording hence the reason for saying the tapes were erased because the record company could demand the tapes be handed over and released against their wishes.
  17. I think shirley only listed the concerts that actually were worked on for release in relation to DVD and hwww and not every concert that was listened to. The 13 shows he listed were what was left after other shows were eliminated as candidates for release. He said he listened to 15 shows and worked in 13. My guess is the other 2 shows were the 2 osaka shows from 1971 as the 71 japan shows are the only known multitracks not on shirleys list.
  18. Kevin shirley has said conflicting things about earls court. In one interview he says all 5 nights were recorded. In another he states he was the most excited about the prospect of working on the earls court tapes because he thought all 5 nights were recorded and would make a killer live record but was dissapointed to find out only 3 nights were recorded and the kick drum was missing on the first 6 songs on the 23rd. So which version is true?
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