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  1. Newbie here but not in the world of Zeppelin.Ok here are my credentials.Saw Plant on the Now and Zen tour when I was 13 and fell in love with the music.Proceeded to see Jimmy on the Outrider tour also.Fate of Nations tour 3 times and than really went for it in 95.Saw Page & Plant 11 Times in between April 6 and Oct 27 and MSG which was a great show.Saw them 10 times on the Clarksdale tour.4 Black Crowes and Jimmy shows.3 Zooma shows with JPJ and since many Plant shows.I have a question for the real big fans here.Plant is playing in NYC on Valentines Day and does anyone know his where abouts when he is in town?I have an 02 poster with Jimmy,JPJ and Jason’s signature on it.I need Robert’s autograph.Thank yew so much for all you’re time.Just lookin for possibly a point in the right direction.Ever Onward...
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