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  1. I am putting on an event to celebrate 50 years of led Zeppelin. This is not an official Led Zeppelin event but a Led Zep fan's own celebration of the greatest band in the world! Listen to Led Zep I and II on a top of the range Hi-Fi system, in the comfort of a room set up for listening purposes. All Led Zep fans are welcome. This is a non-profit event and is created to make people aware of a new great record shop and a Hi-Fi company set up by enthusiasts. Both albums have a link to the area, being Olympic Studios, Barnes down the road from our venue, The Treehouse. Infact Jimmy, Percy, John and John might have had a sneaky quiet pint when it was a pub in the sixties, while they working on the albums.
  2. VINYL REVIVAL LIVE! 2018 LAUNCH PARTY Celebrating 50 years of LED ZEPPELIN Join us, to experience the first two classic Led Zep vinyl albums on a truly high-end Hi-Fi system, like you’ve never heard before! Immerse yourself in all things ‘Music & Vinyl’ with guest speakers, exclusive album listening sessions, a pop-up record shop and vinyl pop art. Hi-fi supplied by SONATA High-fidelity Pop up Shop by Eel Pie Records Shop, Church Street, Twickenham Pop Art provided by Supersize Art Exclusive Limited Availability to 50 Advanced Tickets Advanced Tickets: £6.00 available at eventbrite.co.uk All bought Tickets include a £5 voucher towards Eel Pie Records Pop-up Shop or Treehouse Bar purchases at the event.
  3. My own effort to commemorate 50 years of Led Zep! Everyone is welcome! This is a non-profit event! Contact The Treehouse for more information 020 8392 1617 www.treehousepeople.com/barnes/
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