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  1. regarding Live Aid. Bonham's death had a great impact on Jimmy. His playing was affected by the fact that someone he had a deep connection with musically was now gone and as a person found it hard to play without him. When inspiration dies it's often very hard to bring it back to the level it once was. Lets say Zep had broken up but bonzo was still alive for Live Aid. Jimmy may have well been in the bag but at the same time I doubt his overall level of shyness and grief over a friends death would have been the factor it was on that day and I feel their performance would have been much better. Especially with Bonzo being alive, who knows if he and Jimmy would have formed something else. While I'm sure there were times when they all wanted to quit it's also true that people will say things in times of frustration that they don't really mean. So it's possible that Jimmy and Bonham might have continued without Robert or Jones thus Jimmy's level of playing may not have deteriorated so rapidly after John's death. I highly doubt John would just quit playing drums if Zeppelin Broke up. I for one think Jimmy's playing was just fine for The Firm and Outrider and was almost back to his old self with CP. It's not easy to reinvent oneself but Jimmy did it four times. Outrider, The Firm, Coverdale Page and his rebranding of Zeppelin with Plant. Bottom line, Had John not passed away Led Zeppelin would have continued in one form or another and Jimmy's playing would not have declined so rapidly and even Plant's overall attitude may have been different with his old mate sitting on the kit. With this is mind, Live Aid would not have been the debacle it was.
  2. "blind followers"? Trump never said to drink fish tank cleaner as a cure. You have to be some kind of stupid to begin with to even think that drinking that shit could possibly cure you. Why is it a problem for some people to think that hydroxychloroquine could work? https://nypost.com/2020/03/22/florida-man-with-coronavirus-says-drug-touted-by-trump-saved-his-life/
  3. When my son graduated from college 2 years ago I had to endure a long and boring speech about how that school was challenging social norms and bringing the fight for social justice to the forefront of the schools mission. There was a part where they celebrated a couple deaf students and we were all asked to make jazz hands instead of clapping because it would be offensive to them to see us applauding. The big thing I took away form the speech was that if you were part of the majority you were somehow offensive by default.
  4. Level 10 at 16 bit. Although many people like to have 24 bit files in their collection, 24 bit files need to be converted to 16 bit before burning. It's more work but if you offer both some people will take the 24 bit files also.
  5. Converting mp3s to flac is a waste of time. If you convert Mp3 to Flac it will still have the same freq response as the mp3. If you worked from lossless files like WAV or AIFF then those are the files you need to convert to flac.
  6. I wasn't talking about cereal. My son murders the bathroom every time he goes in there.
  7. Nice!!! People suck in general. I saw a guy at the market with 3 carriages overloaded with all manner of goods some of the stuff was falling off the top and a man went to pick it up for him and the guy freaked out on him yelling don't touch my stuff!!!!!! A fight almost broke out over toilet paper not being on the shelves. A store manager had to have a woman removed because she was yelling stuff about the store hiding product. People suck. Not all but there's alot who do.
  8. China, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, and North Korea are all called a communist state. The State Is Mother The State is Father.
  9. "Pop song?" You don't say!!! ! You also like kpop so there's absolutely no accounting for taste.
  10. it doesn't matter what time its from, garbage is garbage. Bad hair, bad direction, bad production values, bad costumes, bad song with no soul and then it became a commercial. It's a total sell out.
  11. this song/video is everything that is wrong with the music industry.
  12. Nice! My son is a serial bowl killer if you get my drift
  13. Man the clapping from the audience during You Shook Me is atrocious !
  14. I was taken back to the first time I heard Live Zeppelin What A Thrill!!!!! I feel young again!
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