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  1. I still have mine! bought the day it hit the stores.
  2. You are of course correct. I bought the first Led Zeppelin album put to disc and it was Zeppelin IV. I remember buying it it even though I didn't have a cd player yet. To this day it hasn't been played more than 4 times. I still have the long box but its not in pristine condition.
  3. IMHO this is the keeper of the bunch if you're really going to listen that is. Disc 07-09: Hagure Gumo Edit - Copy of Winston Remaster Kutabare Moonchild
  4. FANTASTIC!!!!! Youre drunming was tight. I really appreciate the fact that your guitarist doesnt play with his thumb perched permanently on the back of the neck. Imho you cannot sound anything like Page unless your hand posistion and fretting is like his. Your jams have that zeppelin feel i "might" be fooled if someone said it was an unheard show. Not so with that jimmy sakuri. Matbe im wrong but Idont think he sounds like jimmy at all. I doubt he could fool me. Can't wait to see no quarter because I have always been interested in seeing just how Jimmy plays the riff as seen in TSRTS. Being able to see how its done in clear light has always been a little dream of mine. Thank you for the pm cant wsut to see more. Take care Joe
  5. Hi, Nice to meat another zephead and its only spam if you're trying to sell us something. I am also obsessed with Zeppelin, I listen to live stuff 24/7, I also listen to other m=types of music too but it's 98% zeppelin all the time. Been this way since 1981. Saw my first bootlegs in 82 but the guy wouldn't play them, He had The Best Of Zeppelin and For Badge Holders Only. I was sick for weeks after just thinking about what I was missing. I had to wait two more years before I finally got my own boots and I've been hooked ever since. Welcome!
  6. I had the same experience. The audience went nuts! It was amazing.
  7. Wouldn't "the bitches" be the people (weren't they a couple of chicks) who stole Jimmy's tapes?
  8. I want it, I want it, i want it, YOU CANT HAVE IT!!! Damn I wish I had the money for this one.
  9. No, it's one of the worst versions I have heard.
  10. go hag the person who said it was a rip off.
  11. You need to get your glasses fixed.
  12. I don't care who he is, the prices make it impossible for most people to purchase
  13. at those prices only rich people who still remember Zeppelin would buy.
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