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  1. Ok I have this thanks for the pic I thought it was Staines Supershow. I wasn't sure because I didn't know that there were others on the bill, I thought it was a zeppelin one off.
  2. Sorry I misquoted, Thanks for the vid very interesting and YES! he can play Poor Tom
  3. So good!! Thanks for posting this was the most enjoyable thing I have watched/listened to in a long time! Well done cellists!!!
  4. It's not the rules but it has been beaten to death in multiple threads so sometimes it makes sense to look a forum over for topics that already exist and then read those pages and add your opinion. Starting a new thread won't get too many responses because everybody and their daddies have posted about already.
  5. the best one PERIOD is Going To California When The Levee Breaks. It completely typifies the light and Heavy aspect of Led Zeppelin's music.
  6. Hmm there is a bit of the snare flurrish missing there, It sounds like an abbreviated run like they cut off the first bit and kept the rest and there is no sign of it on the alternate. Good ear, stuff like that isn't easy to hear unless you are truly anal about what you are hearing and I'm not trying to insult.
  7. I'm on the East coast and vinyl was dead by the mid 90's, when I said Zep in the bargain bin I meant cds. Sorry I wasn't more clear.
  8. I don't think this is true. Someday AI will be able to analyze each and every note played and then with parameters set for the way Zep set up their equipment combined with specs of venue will recreate the overall sound of the concert like a reproduction. All distortions will be gone because the computer is virtually RE-playing the concert and with future holographic technology we could even see the Bath concert almost as if it was real. AI will use all know footage and recreate the video as well. It could be pretty good if it ever happens.
  9. The Bargain bin has been around for a long time and although it's sad to say I started seeing Zep albums in the bin at Walmart as far back as 1995
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