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  1. hummingbird69

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Yep, Jimmy would say "remember when I wanted to tour?" and Plant would say "yeah, remember when I said no"
  2. hummingbird69

    Things You've Heard From The Audience?

    Just listening to a Page and Plant show from 98 and Plant introduces one of the guest musicians and says "and he's brought with him his biggest fan, WAH, OOOH, SESAME STREET !" I get the feeling that the fan looked kinda young.
  3. hummingbird69

    New EVSD soundboard?

    I never understood why they would tour the east coast during the winter.
  4. hummingbird69

    The Led Zeppelin III Story...

    It has been telling people for years that the secret of Led Zeppelin's success is raw talent and self indulgence. They never wrote music for anyone but themselves and they did exactly what they wanted to do live regardless of what anyone thought. None of them were worried about what the critics said or if people liked their music. of course, they wanted people to like them but they weren't going to pander to radio, overzealous producers, or fans just to get paid. The most obvious evidence of this is Jimmy's bow solo. Another clue is Zeppelin III. It's an album that at first blush seems all over the place but once you get used to the eclectic nature of it you quickly begin to love it for what it is, an exercise in self indulgence. All of Zeppelin's albums were that but Zeppelin III and Presence are extreme in that regard and for that reason, a lot of people had a hard time with them right out of the box but as you listen to both more and more you begin to see their value. Zeppelin's albums are like a fine wine full of rich tastes and heady scents that only get better with age. PS. Physical Grafitti is also fairly extreme in its makeup and is related to III but songs like The Wanton Song, Kashmir, and TUF had an immediate impact on the general public and by then Zeppelin was already a household name due to Zeppelin IV so it went down much easier for the masses. I'd like to add that Zeppelin III was really their first seminal album where it was all them for the most part in writing and music construction.
  5. hummingbird69

    Paris 4/2/73 Two Source Mix

    Always liked this version of Dazed. The hall makes Bonham's drums sound immense, I love the roll he does at the end of Dazed.
  6. hummingbird69

    The Final Option vs The Complete EC Tapes

    It's all good
  7. hummingbird69

    The Final Option vs The Complete EC Tapes

    35 years ago is "last week"? I don't think so.
  8. hummingbird69

    The Final Option vs The Complete EC Tapes

    You don't have to tell me, I have the same vinyl and plenty more. I began buying boots waaaaaaay back in 1984
  9. hummingbird69

    The Final Option vs The Complete EC Tapes

    I know what he means. Just because you can get it for free doesn't mean you don't want the physical product. Some people like to collect boots for the packaging as well as the performance. It comes down to this, which one has the better pics or more interesting package as a whole. All I can say is look online for whatever pics you can find of both and go from there.
  10. hummingbird69

    New website/ live Zeppelin?

    well, he couldn't have listened to june 23rd 77 because if he feels that show isn't good enough he must be deaf
  11. hummingbird69

    Hitchcocks Vertigo-Inspiration for Kashmir

    I get what you're saying, I often see or hear something from a movie, old tv show or classical music that makes me think "hey was that the inspiration for" It's happened a lot, especially with Pink Floyd. I think I've seen a bunch of stuff that inspired Waters to write the wall and other PF tracks. On this one, though, I'm not hearing much by way of anything recognizable as Kashmir. I suppose it's in the strings but I'm not hearing it.
  12. hummingbird69

    The Led Zeppelin III Story...

    All music can be gotten by people but not all people will get all music. If you think this album is weak then you don't get it. I like being one who does.
  13. Now this is controversial!