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  1. You don't have to tell me, I'm sold. They should have included Jones period. It would have been so much better.
  2. IMHO it's what they should have done in the first place. It seems stupid to me to leave out a living member of the band while claiming you can't play without a deceased one and then go on and play anyway. Calling it Unledded seemed gimmicky and totally steps on Jones as a musician because we all know he played way more than the bass. I can only imagine the cool music they could have written, I mean think about using Jones talent purely as a guitar player and arranger. The music would have been better, they would have made even more money by including Jones and it wouldn't have been a slap in the face of Jones and all Zeppelin fans who still see him as a living viable member of the band and revere him as more than just a Bass player. Who knows where it could have gone from there?
  3. Yes, If you put your ear up to it you'll hear the ocean!!
  4. they played it live at least 5 times and I don't believe the harmonica was the reason they ditched it.
  5. If you really want to hear Stevens at his best listen to The Blacklight Syndrome. Stevens, Bozzio and Tony Levin on Bass. Amazing stuff.
  6. The Bruins had won 8 straight games. The odds of them winning 9 are very low. The odds of sweeping the blues are even lower. Even so, they had their chances to win, the score could have easily been 4 2 again after hitting the post twice. What happened last night was that the better team lost to an inferior team who had to play as desperate as they could to keep their season alive. You probably saw the Blues best game of the season period and they will have to keep that same intensity if they want to win over the best overall team in hockey. You thought the hit on Grezlcyk was clean? We all know that if you can see the players numbers you should pull back on the hit because you are likely to hurt a player in a vulnerable position and will most likely get a penalty even if the player isn't hurt on the ice. It's called Boarding! He probably won't get suspended but I'm sure player safety will want to have a talk. BTW Krugs hit was legal. It was the perfect thing to do being mauled by that hack Perron. Krug made a motion with his shoulders toward the puck glided into the hit and did not leave his feet until the collision happened. Clean hit.
  7. The Bruins or The Bruzins as my little cousin says outplayed em big time in the second and third. Go B's!!!!
  8. I can't take it, I want Hockey!!!!!!
  9. LOLO!!!
  10. what hockey team have you been watching? Bruins in 5
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