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  1. This has been talked about before. It's not really that original. Jimmy sounds very influenced by this track.
  2. He doesn't mention what day it was. Plant says, "Were gonna do something that we haven't done, You see Jimmy had a bit of an accident on the way to rehearsals in london. Ah our train services aren't to good and Jimmy tried to catch a train that was goin without him and he caught his finger in the door and he broke a bone in the end of his finger which has given him quite a bit of a problem . It's meant that he couldn't get married on this tour and it's restricted his playing ability to only two fingers but tonight because were gonna try something because were back in New York which we and because if we don't work out all that's off were only gonna end up at the 82 club all night. were gonna try something that we haven't done since we were actually on this stage last, a year last August. we lost a few shows out of our pockets this is a song that speaks for itself... If we can remember it".
  3. They also rehearsed in England before the 75 tour, Plant tells the audience how Jimmy Broke his finger trying to grab a train on the way to rehearsals at the Feb 3rd show in New York.
  4. I see your point but, I think anyone in his position who was trying to keep a legacy alive might do much the same. If Jimmy really doesn't have anything of true interest to release milking what he does have and creating a mythos of more to come could be the only way to remain relevant in an era where things are forgotten almost overnight. Let's face it he could have been forgotten years ago, even if all that's left for him is to bullshit us he and his product remain in the public eye. Of course I totally agree that He should have had the 50th in mind and saved something for it. He should have had something momentous for the 50th ani of the best band in the world. Maybe in hindsight, Jimmy should have released DVD for the 50th. It would have been better than some hotwheels and skateboards.
  5. I felt is was very effective as well but I would rather have heard the BBC version and then Thor could kick ass while the guitar solo that should have been on the album creates a whole new group of Zeppelin fans. I love that solo because it's measured with just the right amount of tension and frenzy mixed together.
  6. So HOT!!!!!! I never thought I'd ever see a band do Zeppelin Justice. PFOZ and Bluecongo know whats up!!!
  7. Yeah,,, I'm not a streamer, i'm a dreamer!! I dream about having the cash for the things I want. I can't really afford an internet connection but I squeak by each month.
  8. So let me in on the source boot so I can hunt them down. I'm sure plenty of us here would love a copy
  9. Sounds Awesome!! It loops great!! Love the sound, nice job again!! I don't have a spotify account but I would love to hear the rest
  10. I have Bonham's isolated drum tracks. what others am I missing?
  11. Are you talking about the isolated tracks from Zep II? I've got those, If not where can I/we download these tracks. I'm sure we all want to hear them.
  12. could it be a mirror? Looks more like a reflection than a video
  13. If anything each show should be released in its entirety. This group of shows is far more special than Earls Court and should be treated as gold. Creating a composite wouldn't do justice to the music played each night. I also think each of the Earls Court shows should be released in their entirety too. No composites please.
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