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  1. Compared to who? Bill Bruford? Terry Bozzio, Billy Cobham, Pat Mastelotto, Michael Shrieve the list goes on. I'm sure he's a great guy, I just don't think he's top tier.
  3. City Sirens is one of Jimmy's Best non Zep tunes
  4. Finding Custard Pie on vinyl was a god send. I made tapes of it and listened to them a thousand times.
  5. When there's a murder, the prime suspect is always the last person to have seen the dead person alive and 9.9 out of ten times is the killer . If Cole were the last person to see the money then its not out of the realm of possibility that he probably did it. Then you've got good ole Occam's Razor, the simplest explanation for any event is the most preferred, in this case the most simplest and direct answer is that Cole took the money. I did it! I did it! The case she is solved!!
  6. I think both version I have heard live are just, even with Roberts sore voice and jimmy's broken finger I think they blow the roof off the place. Jimmy's solos are interesting and quite different on each night. Bonham's drumming is ultra heavy and the recordings convey the immense presence he and his drums had.
  7. you know, when I read that comment I had the exact same thoughts, that he didn't have any of the stuff he was yapping about. In all my years on the interweps, all those who bragged and told people they didn't know what they were talking about actually had nothing. I guess the more things change the more they stay the same.
  8. Very cool! I always knew I was listening to genius even though I had no real way of understanding it to be genius in the first place.
  9. Ok I have this thanks for the pic I thought it was Staines Supershow. I wasn't sure because I didn't know that there were others on the bill, I thought it was a zeppelin one off.
  10. Sorry I misquoted, Thanks for the vid very interesting and YES! he can play Poor Tom
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