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  1. Here is some additional background on British rock critic and producer, Richard Robinson, who Dominic Sicilia in the 1968 Billboard magazine article (featured above) indicated he planned to interview on an upcoming WHBI-FM radio show: As producer, Richard Robinson's main credential is doing Lou Reed's first solo album, and generally aiding Reed in making the transition from ex-Velvet Underground leader to solo star. Robinson had also been involved in other media, working as a rock writer for Go magazine, and doing a radio show on New York's WNEW. With his wife (and fellow rock writer) Lisa Robinson, and Lenny Kaye, he started the music magazine Rock Scene, one of the less serious-minded rock publications of the '70s. Richard Meltzer once wrote that Lisa Robinson would throw parties for Reed with the purpose of ingratiating the Robinson couple with the singer/songwriter, and then getting him on the comeback trail as a solo artist, with Richard Robinson as producer. And Richard Robinson did get to co-produce (with Reed) Reed's first album, Lou Reed, in London for RCA in 1972. The record, however, was underproduced and did not get the most out of the material, which included leftovers from the Velvet Underground era that had not made it onto the Velvets' four studio LPs, such as "Lisa Says," "I Can't Stand It," "Walk and Talk It," and "Ocean." Oddly, supporting musicians on the album included Rick Wakeman and Steve Howe of Yes, as well as veteran British session drummer Clem Cattini. For his next album, Reed let Robinson loose and worked with David Bowie, resulting in the much more successful Transformer.
  2. Here is an excerpt from Eddie Kramer's professional website highlighting his astounding legacy for rock fans: 'He worked on live recordings by Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Kiss, John Mayall, the Rolling Stones, Peter Frampton, Joe Cocker, Curtis Mayfield, David Bowie and Derek & the Dominoes. Add to it 6 of Led Zeppelin’s most enduring albums (Led Zeppelin II, Houses of the Holy, Physical Graffiti, The Song Remains the Same, Coda, How the West was Won, as well as Hendrix collections throughout the remainder of the decade (Cry of Love, Hendrix in the West, War Heroes, among others), and you’d think Kramer’s plate was full. But this proved not to be the case." Source: http://www.eddie-kramer.com/eddie-kramer-biography/
  3. Here is a great video showing the contemporary look and energy of Led Zeppelin recording engineer, Eddie Kramer, and his absolute love for what he does: Source: http://www.eddie-kramer.com/eddie-kramer-biography/
  4. Here are some photos of the Jack Weisberg sound board consoles that may have been used by him at the Led Zeppelin Carnegie Hall concert in 1969:
  5. As you can see, Eddie Kramer is still alive and well and an active professional in the music engineering business:
  6. Dominick Sicilia had an established relationship with WNEW-FM DJ, Rosko, who was very popular at the time. Here is a clip of Rosko talking about his interpretation of the significance of the "rabbit" in the Jefferson Airplane's reference to the same in their song, "White Rabbit": Source: The late, great Bill "Rosko" Mercer on "chasing rabbits" after playing White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane on WNEW-FM New York, November 13, 1967.
  7. Advertising and public relations for the Led Zeppelin Carnegie Hall show in 1969 was managed by Dominic Sicilia. He was head of a public relations and advertising firm and had media relationships with several FM rock stations, such as WNEW and less well known WHBI-FM, both based in New York City. Here is a January 13, 1968 Billboard magazine article announcing some of his upcoming projects (including his calling on London rock media critic and music producer, Richard Robinson, for an upcoming radio show):
  8. drowan

    Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    One of the LZ fans on my Forum site inquired as to who the fellow on the right with the mustache might be. See the picture below. The photo is also posted on my Carnegie Hall Led Zeppelin concert Forum on Page 8, referenced below: The inquiring fan's link is as follows: https://forums.ledzeppelin.com/profile/33076-76229/
  9. At a memorial in 2016 celebrating his life the following statement was made by one of his friends (Amy Weisser, VP for Exhibitions, 9/11 National Memorial and Museum): "I was not surprised to hear that this kindness, humor, fairness, and intelligence permeated his work and family. And he had an extraordinary career, largely producing rock concerts: He was on the production crew for the Rolling Stones concert at Slade Castle in Ireland and did the voice-over introduction for the Allman Brothers at Fillmore East. His friends and colleagues dropped the names Bowie, Prince, and Dylan, along with Live Aid and Amnesty International concerts. They didn't tell the story of how, in the days after 9/11, Ahern came to be setting up lights at ground zero, but it makes sense that he would have gotten himself downtown to hook up generators and restore power." Source: https://www.911memorial.org/blog/memory-michael-james-ahern-tribute-light-producer
  10. Michael Ahern passed away on November 19, 2015 at age 67. Michael was a man of many talents and produced the "Tribute of Light" commemoration of the World Trade Center Twin Towers. Below is a You Tube video of Michael talking about the "Tribute of Light" event program, lighting design and concept:
  11. Here is some more background on Michael Ahern: After beginning his career as the Stage Manager at the famed original Fillmore East in New York, Michael went on to become the Production Coordinator for International Tours with: The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Prince, Bob Dylan, Queen, Paul McCartney & Wings, Madonna, Elton John, Santana, U2 He coordinated both LIVE AID Concerts in Philadelphia and London in 1985 and also the A Conspiracy of Hope tour of six benefit concerts on behalf of Amnesty International in 1986.
  12. Michael Ahern did the "production coordination" (primarily lighting, event management and other concert management elements ) for the Carnegie Hall Led Zeppelin concert on October 17, 1969. Below is a recent picture of Ahern (now deceased as of 2015) and a link to his event production and coordination company that still survives and thrives: Michael Ahern is still active in the concert event business. The website for his company is as follows: https://ahernproduction.com/#services
  13. The "sound" for the Led Zeppelin concert at Carnegie Hall in NYC on 10/17/69 was managed by Jack Weisberg, who also was known for designing and building sound board consoles. As of November, 2017, Jack Weisberg was still alive and reportedly living in lower Manhattan. Here is a reference to a friend of his who is capable of getting in touch with Jack: Hello Doug. My name is Larry Basinski. I noticed your post from a while back. If you are interested in getting in touch with Jack Weisberg please contact me via email <basi1952@gmail.com> Jack is living downtown NYC in Tribeca in an old Firehouse the is the exact same one as the one we had the company in on Wooster St.All the best, Larry.
  14. Here's the original program from the Led Zeppelin Carnegie Hall concert:
  15. Here is a high quality live recording of "Dazed and Confused" from the October 10, 1969 concert at the Olympia Theater in Paris (recorded a week prior to the Carnegie Hall concert). The link includes most of the other songs as well from that evening's concert. Great fidelity! High energy! https://archive.org/details/Led_Zeppelin_-_1969-10-10_-_LOlympia_The_Godfatherecords_-_G.R._248/Track+04.flac Source: https://archive.org/details/ledzepbootlegs?&amp;sort=-downloads&amp;page=2