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  1. Thanks for your commentary and contributions to our LZ Carnegie Hall photo spread and associated materials!

    1. anniemouse


      Your welcome.

  2. Here is a picture of Eddie Kramer in the studio with Jimmy Page mixing Led Zeppelin II:
  3. Chris Welch and his editorial team at London's Melody Maker magazine were instrumental in advancing the band's reputation and covering its highly successful gigs in the US, such as the NY Carnegie Hall concert on October 17, 1969. This year mark's the 50th anniversary of that famous concert. Collector's Journal: "Proximity Led Zeppelin" writer, Hugh Jones, had this to say about Melody Maker and Chris Welch's contribution as one of their enterprising staff writers covering for the first time Led Zeppelin's fourth concert tour of the US in the fall of 1969: Though Zeppelin and Jimmy Page in particular were very critical of the "old guard" British press like Melody Maker, the band actually had some of their strongest early supporters there. Caroline Boucher in Disc, Chris Welch, Chris Charlesworth and Roy Hollingworth in Melody Maker and Ritchie Yorke in New Musical Express all played a part in gaining attention for the band with their enthusiastic reviews and profiles. 10/25/69: Led Zeppelin At Carnegie Hall by Chris Welch. A superb, vividly rendered description of Welch's trip to America with Zep for the opening of their fourth U.S. tour at Carnegie Hall in New York. Notable in part because this concert (of which no recording exists) was a milestone in the band's career and yet it is seldom discussed-and according to Welch, "Summertime Blues" was played as an encore! Cover: unknown. Source: http://www.oldbuckeye.com/prox/mags2.html
  4. Here is Jimmy Page's first-hand recollection of the 10/17/69 concert at Carnegie Hall 46 years later: Here's the source: https://www.facebook.com/jimmypage/posts/on-this-day-in-1969-i-played-carnegie-hall-with-led-zeppelin-officialtravelling-/10153706814662612/
  5. Here is a live Led Zeppelin 1969 recording ("How Many More Times") from their first album captured in Copenhagen that was also played several months later at their Carnegie Hall concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSIS0o7vtPE It starts with Robert Plant introducing the band. Enjoy.
  6. drowan

    Which shows do we know were multitracked?

    What is the source of confirmation concerning Ed Kramer's alleged multi-track recording of the 10/17/69 Carnegie Hall concert?
  7. As a follow up to this concert, here is a comment from a New York area fan who also went to the Carnegie Hall concert that same year: steve paul1 year ago I went to the October 1969 Carnegie Hall concert. There was an early and late show. Led Zeppelin were the only band playing that night. They had just released Led Zeppelin II. I remember Jimmy's white suit. I was 15 years old and took my high school girlfriend. We were sober, but the concert was intoxicating. We did not speak much as we floated home. I have never heard any music from the Carnegie Hall concerts 3 REPLY
  8. LZ Fans: Here's another bootleg, but this one is from the January 31, 1969 concert in New York at the Fillmore East. Enjoy!
  9. Here's a back story on Chris Welch's coverage of the Carnegie Hall Led Zeppelin concert that may explain why "Melody Maker" was so inclined to let Chris travel to New York for his first time to witness first-hand the impact LZ was having on fans at various rock concert venues in the US:
  10. Agreed. While we're waiting here is a bootleg recording from a San Francisco concert that year that includes songs from the first and second albums and captures some of the raw energy from the Carnegie Hall night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbrovmUePxk Enjoy.
  11. Here are a few albums that got thumbs up in in Rolling Stone magazine in 1969, but receive little attention today: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/20-albums-rolling-stone-loved-in-the-sixties-that-youve-never-heard-27652/the-masked-marauders-the-masked-marauders-92984/
  12. drowan

    Live at Carnegie Hall, October 17th 1969

    bcarter690: It has now been a little over three months since Sam Rapallo and other such as yourself urged me to post my B&W photos of the Carnegie Hall concert for all to enjoy. I've been overwhelmed by the LZ community response. The photos have received over 5,000 visits and more than 125 comments during this relatively brief 90 day period. I saw your comments contributed in February 2018 as well. I hope this has lived up to your expectations of trying to uncover more visual evidence from that fantastic concert night. If only a bootleg recording would surface...one can at least dream a little! Cheers, DRowan
  13. drowan

    JPJ - Early Clippings

    Here's the original 11/1/69 Cash Box review of the 10/17/69 Carnegie Hall concert by Associate Editor, Bruce Harris:
  14. Agreed, hard to understand. But Bruce Harris at Cash Box magazine definitely got it right. [For those die hard fans who love to read the original Cash Box material, much of it is now scanned and online at the William & Mary College (VA) library of digitized media.] The link to the November 1, 1969 scanned issue of Cash Box magazine with the 10/17/69 Carnegie Hall concert review on page 26 by Bruce Harris ("b.h.") is below: https://digitalarchive.wm.edu/handle/10288/17215 Click on the "Thumbnail view" which includes page 26. Enjoy!