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  1. Here's Led Zeppelin's performance of Dazed and Confused from the Supershow film: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1044622989294283
  2. Here's another poster for the 1970 film screening event at Hunter College (as well as a few pics from the film😞
  3. Annamilia: My buddy, Jerry, who brought his Nikon camera to the concert, was so blown away after the opening verse of Dazed and Confused that he immediately moved to the isle and rushed up to the Carnegie Hall stage to capture this close-up shot of Jimmy Page captivating the audience with his haunting lead guitar bow action. His camera lens was barely a foot away from the base of Robert Plant's mic stand when he shot this image of the two playing off each other with alternating bow strokes and vocals. (You can see Robert's mic cable running from his right hand, with the mic presumably in hi
  4. Annamilia: It's wonderful to see your new, fresh enthusiasm for the band continuing 50 years later. The sensory impact for me of that Carnegie Hall evening is still as vivid and captivating today as it was that fateful night. Led Zeppelin was just an emerging band in 1969 with one record out as my buddy Jerry and I entered this storied formal music hall in New York City that fall evening (October 17). The climactic turning point of the concert performance for us and many others was "Dazed and Confused". It just blew us away, with Jimmy flashing his bow around and extracting an eerie moani
  5. Gene Krupa was specifically mentioned by John Bonham as his key inspiration for the incredible performance he put on at Carnegie Hall on 10/17/69: Here is a shot (below) of Bonzo at Carnegie Hall stripped down to the waist, exploding with full-tilt energy on the drums!!
  6. Definitely worth the trip! I saw Steamhammer, The Flock and Johnny Winter play at Albert Hall on April 17, 1970. It was a packed audience with fans dancing in the isles! Great time that night. Quite a show!
  7. For more perspective, see the Forum page on Led Zeppelin's one and only concert at Carnegie Hall on October 17, 1969: CARNEGIE HALL, NY 10-17-69 - Never Before Seen Fan Photos! First use of Black Beauty Les Paul
  8. LZ Fans: According to this 2020 TV news broadcast (referenced and provided by Forums website webmaster, Sam Rapallo), Jimmy Page's guitar was eventually returned through the generous efforts and compassion of two guitar shop employees (at Willie's American Guitar shop) in St. Paul, MN. Page's stolen Black Beauty Les Paul guitar had been sold to them 20 years ago. The seller alleged that the guitar had possibly been owned and used by Page, but the shop employees ultimately dismissed that idea as it appeared to lack some key identifying drill holes. 20 years later, these same employees were d
  9. Here's a great close-up of Jimmy Page playing his "Black Beauty" Les Paul guitar. This is the same guitar that Page used during the 10/17/69 LZ Carnegie Hall concert as noted in the photo below that. As a footnote, the guitar was stolen n an airport in 1970. There were various rumors that it was returned to Jimmy several years ago (2016?), but that rumor has never been verified. Some believe that Jimmy Page would be reluctant to personally affirm its return as it might put the guitar at risk of being stolen all over again. Doe anyone have the latest news on it's status?
  10. The Led Zeppelin 10/17/69 Carnegie Hall concert has a Twitter comment stream as well: Staying real even in today's social media saturated world!!
  11. LZ Fans: Joe Curreri has generously permitted us to post his Carnegie Hall LZ concert photos taken from the 7th row! What a find! Fantastic...enjoy!
  12. Here is an excerpted review of the LZ album featuring the recordings from the 10/30/69 Buffalo concert that took place just 13 days after the Carnegie Hall concert on 10/17/69. By this latter date, Led Zeppelin had officially released their second album which instantly went gold based on pre-sales. Led Zeppelin – Soars On Buffalo 1969 (Graf Zeppelin LZSC-1030A/B) relayer67 November 28, 2020 Graf Zeppelin label, Led Zeppelin Leave a comment 593 Views Soars On Buffalo 1969 (Graf Zeppelin LZSC-1030A/B) Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo, New York, USA – October 30
  13. Check out the video in the 50th Anniversary celebration link brlow: http://www.hennemusic.com/2019/10/led-zeppelin-launch-second-album-on.html
  14. How cool that another photo has surfaced of the 10/17/69 Led Zeppelin Carnegie Hall concert!! Does anyone know who shot the picture?
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