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  1. Kunke1:  Appreciated your thank you note for the detailed posts on the LZ Forum for Zep's Carnegie Hall concert on October 17, 1969.  This week we're coming up on a huge milestone - the 50th Anniversary of that incredible concert!!  Rock on!!!  Regards,  D. Rowan

  2. Our one week countdown to the 50th Anniversary of the 10/17/69 Led Zeppelin concert at Carnegie Hall!! Source: http://jimmypagemusic.blogspot.com/2015/10/on-this-day-17-october.html
  3. As the lead contributor to the Forum page dedicated to the Led Zeppelin 10/17/69, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the concert next week on October 17, 2019, I will be adding a "special tribute" to that concert on that Forum page!! Regards to all, D. Rowan PLEASE NOTE: The link to this extensive Forum page is below:
  4. This was the final concert that Led Zeppelin played in London (at the Lyceum) before flying to NYC to play Carnegie Hall five days later on October 17, 1969.
  5. The enduring and beautiful Carnegie Hall in NYC, site of Led Zeppelin's searing 10/17/69 concert... Contrast the new building with its attached residential tower with the former original building...
  6. Kunke1: Glad you enjoyed all of these postings! This website listing is probably the most extensive collection of information associated with this (one and only) October 17, 1969 Carnegie Hall two-show evening concert played by Led Zeppelin. I will likely plan an extra special posting to this website for Led Zeppelin fans in a few weeks when the concert has its official 50th Anniversary on October 17, 2019!!
  7. This promotional piece was posted less than two months prior to Led Zeppelin's 10/17/69 Carnegie Hall concert in NYC: NEWS LED ZEPPELIN August 25th, 1969: Led Zeppelin complete new album, announce release date "Led Zeppelin II" due out October 22. August 25th, 1969: Led Zeppelin have announced a new album. Led Zeppelin II will be released on October 22 on Atlantic Records. The album was written and recorded at various locations while on tour across the UK and North America. Guitarist Jimmy Page is credited with producing the album.
  8. Led Zeppelin plays at the Olympia Theater in Paris a week before the Carnegie Hall concert in NYC which kicks off their 4th North American Tour of 1969! Note: Robert Plant appears to be wearing the same "all black" outfit at Olympia as he performed in at Carnegie Hall. There has been some confusion in the press coverage as to whether Carnegie Hall kicked off the band's 3rd tour of North America or their 4th. For the record - it was clearly their 4th. They went on two tours in the spring of 1969, one in the summer and a final 4th tour in the fall.
  9. Led Zeppelin triumphs in 1969. The Carnegie Hall concert in October of that year was a definitive watershed moment!!! Led Zeppelin soon became a headliner in their own right. Within eight months of their official debut, Led Zeppelin were at the top of the bill at the Playhouse Theater in London, and the Pop Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in London. On October 17, ’69, a year and two days from the bands conception, Led Zeppelin played in Carnegie Hall, ending a ban on rock groups at the concert hall, originally caused by the Rolling Stones in 1965. While playing in Denmark, Eva von Zeppelin, relative of the designer of the airship, Ferdinand von Zeppelin, threatened to sue the band if they used the name in the country. Led Zeppelin played under the alias The Nobs. The first album Led Zeppelin climbed to #10 in the US and to #6 in the UK. Album two, entitled Led Zeppelin 2, moved up to #1 in both the US and the UK, staying on the charts for 98 in the States and an astounding 138 weeks in Britain.
  10. Music History Events: MEMORABLE CONCERTS October 17, 1969 Led Zeppelin's third US tour opens at Carnegie Hall in New York City. “They took the stage on October 17, 1969—five days before the release of Led Zeppelin II as one of the first hard rock bands to play at this prestigious venue. Even up against Donovan’s show at Madison Square Garden, Led Zeppelin sold out Carnegie Hall and, as a review in Cashbox put it, ‘stunned the audience with the driving sound’ of now classic songs including ‘Heartbreak’ and ‘Dazed and Confused.’“ purpleclover.com They missed their initial flight and arrived hours before the first show. They were bound and determined to make it a gig to remember, especially Bonzo, who apparently did a solo that was unbelievable. Supposedly, there’s a boot of the concert, but it’s not seen the light of day. Oh, how I would love for it to surface.
  11. Rock and roll music first came to Carnegie Hall when Bill Haley and his Comets appeared in a variety benefit concert on May 6, 1955.[21] Rock acts were not regularly booked at the Hall, however, until February 12, 1964, when The Beatles performed two shows[22] during their historic first trip to the United States.[23]Promoter Sid Bernstein convinced Carnegie officials that allowing a Beatles concert at the venue “would further international understanding” between the United States and Great Britain.[24] “Led Zeppelin became the first hard rock act to play Carnegie Hall since the Rolling Stones tore the place up some five years ago.” Two concerts were performed October 17, 1969.[25] Since then numerous rock, blues, jazz and country performers have appeared at the hall every season. [26] Source: http://www.theatregold.com/carnegie-hall/
  12. Jimmy Page at Olympic Studios in London in 1969 working on a recording for LZ II just a few months prior to the Carnegie Hall concert on October 1969.
  13. Photo of Led Zeppelin preforming at the Singer Bowl in Queens, NY roughly two months prior to the Carnegie Hall concert in October 1969.
  14. Here is a commemorative reproduction of Led Zeppelin's first press kit prepared in January 1969 that was re-issued one year after the LZ Carnegie Hall concert in October 1969.
  15. Here is another photo of Jimmy Page from the Olympic Studios LZ II recording session in London several months prior to the band's Carnegie Hall concert in NYC.
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