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    Hiking, running, outdoorsy stuff, just hanging out with my family.
  1. hahah almost the same story except I was 17 when I first heard them. I wasn't into drugs either and their music was so out of this world. Whole lotta love is my all time favorite.
  2. LOL. I know what you mean but for me, it's definitely Physical Graffiti as well. Solid all around album.
  3. hahaha totally! However, to be fair, I think most people who liked Led Zeppelin were teens (I heard them in High School). Perhaps give these kids a few more years and then try again? Funny reactions tho.
  4. There riffs are legendary. You just know by listening to there music that they were the "vehicle" chosen by the music gods to express themselves. I can't think of a single artist today's who's music I would listen to after the next 10 years. Seems like mainstream radio doesn't like 'guitar' music anymore.
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