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  1. Thanks. So thinking of "lower gen than others" which one to keep, which one to delete (without regretting) ?
  2. Hello. Over the last years I had the chance to download/collect some Led Zeppelin Bootleg DVDs. As I am only hunting for Pro-Shot recordings, my collection looks that way: 1975-05-24 London, England (Earls Court 75 Ultimate Editon) [Cosmic Energy] 1975-05-24 London, England (In The Court Of King James) [Empress Valley 2010] 1975-05-25 London, England (Demand Unprecedented In The History Of Rock Music) [Empress Valley 2007] 1975-05-25 London, England (Holy Grail) [Trainspotter] 1975-05-25 London, England (Unstoppable Metal Machine)
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