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  1. LOL

    Hey the thing is I DONT CARE IF its sloppy..JUST dont tell me its PERFECT

    or its the "feel" or the "soul" or the "wrong" notes are what makes it good...

    I HATE that attitude.

    OUR HEROS can BE less than perfect.

    And if someone says PAGE MADE A MISTAKE why get so pissed about it?

    Jimmy Page is ONE of my FAVORITE guitarists.

    His every flatulence is not a "golden gift from the GOD" however.

    To single out ANY one MAN as the worlds greatest musician or Guitarist is infantile

    and ridiculous.



    THE 02 was MY FAVORITE CONCERT I have ever seen.

    ARE statements NO ONE can argue with.

    Jimmy Page is not GOD.

    cuz THERE is no god.

    only humans. differently abled.

  2. As for Page not being "spot-on" with the solo....well, he's intentionally never been about playing precise when playing live as dexter mentioned. And bbking, what exactly are wrong notes? I don't seem to recall anyone saying Thelonius Monk or John Coltrane were playing "wrong" notes when they played live. It's the improv/jazz element that Zep always had live with Page, Jones and Bonham. I'll take passionate live playing over a sheet music concert recital any day.

    someone else called it spot on.

    ... and IT ISNT.

    And since he was trying (as many suggest) to recreate the studio recording he failed.

    To compare Pages sloppy playing and MISTAKES to the absolute depth of understanding of the technical and artistic aspects of music that the genius of Coltrane possessd, is so uninformed and insipid it is beyond beleif.

    To actually COMPOSE a dissonant piece of music and to MAKE A MISTAKE are NOT the same thing.....jeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssschrist!

  3. Well then, nothing "live" is ever actually spot on then, is it?

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you havent seen too many concerts, or

    been exposed to a very wide cross-section of musical styles.

    There are soooooo many working musicians on this planet who perform flawlessly.

    And just because an artist DOES NOT make mistakes (or precious few) does NOT mean

    he lacks












  4. I agree 1000 percent.

    Yes a AMAZING FUN night for those lucky enough to be there.

    But jeeeeeeezez...

    NO where

    and I mean

    NO where near even in the same GALAXY as what the REAL LED ZEPPELIN were.

    And I am so tired of all the fan(boys and gals) cutting them all this ridiculous

    SLACK because of their AGE.

    THEY ARE not invalids, (tho JP plays like it sometimes.)

    THERE has got to be MILLIONS of working musicians on this whole stinking planet (of what 6 BILLION PEOPLE) older than PAGE and Plant and still PLAYING and Singing and working their craft as well as EVER.

    With the exception of JPJ and Jason...

    Robert and Jimmy today would not "make the cut" at an audition for a Zeppelin TRIBUTE band! Now what does that say about their abilities?

    Think about it..if you went to a ZEP TRIBUTE band and the guitar player played the STH

    NOTE FOR NOTE the way Jimmy played it at the 02 you would have him CRUCIFIED.

  5. The "fans" of Led Zeppelin are far and away the most damning of ANY music "fans" I have ever encountered. Everyone else "sucks" compared to LZ...NOBODY is "better" than LZ

    NO ONE is fit to shine Jimmy Pages boots. Clapton sucks.hendrix sucks beck sucks wes montgomery sucks segovia sucks george benson sucks jaco sucks ad infinitum!!!!

    for christsakes...JIMMY PAGE has recorded ONE solo album in his ENTIRE LIFE.

    How does "outrider" stack up next to Physical Graffiti? Hmmmmmmm?

    or ANY frickin 3-star album recored since the DAWN OF TIME????

    But OUTRIDER is BETTER THAN ANYTHING anyone else has ever done.



    Not a good enough reason for me.

    EVERY other band/musician in the WORLD is unfavorably COMPARED to Led Zeppelin

    EXCEPT Led Zeppelin!

    WHY of WHY for the love of what ever god you believe in, DO led zep fans NOT

    hold THEIR IMMORTALS to the same standard to which they CONDEMN nearly everone else????

    Jeeeeezuz...so Clapton put out some LAME albums... at least HE PUTS OUT new material

    and doest REPACKAGE his material from 30 years ago over and over and over and over again!

  6. If Im being honest I would say Jimmy's playing was "spirited" "heartfelt" and "emotional"...if not really precisely articulated. There was a fair amount of hap-hazzardness...he has been better, in my estimation.as recently as his gigs with the Black Crowes..but obviously the WEIGHT of this whole thing... the incredible expectations and scrutiny made even our "gods" a little nervous. After all...the are merely mortals.

  7. Of course they can call it what they want..who said THEY couldnt?

    I SAY it is NOT led zeppelin, because... I can call it whatever I want.

    One show does not make a band.

    The Stones NEVER stopped...never stopped touring...never stopped recording

    they never STOPPED BEING a band.

    The WHO...they were always PETE TOWNSHENDS band, a good 90%

    all the songs...all the lyrics.

    Zeppelin was a collective.

    LED ZEPPELIN Died in 1980.

    so sure THEY can call it Led Zeppelin....it isnt. Not to me.

    and I have THAT right.

    If YOU want to "think" of them Led Zeppelin..fine by me...go ahead.

    They should just call it Zeppelin.

    Like the Grateful Dead just called themselves "the dead" after garcia died.

  8. The O2 show was not better than any "Led Zeppelin" show because it wasn't Led Zeppeiln.

    (With the exceptions of Tampa 77 germany 80 and Chicago 75.)

    Because there was NO JOHN Bonham. Simple as that.

    If George Harrison were alive and the "Beatles" reformed with Julian Lennon...

    it would NOT be the Beatles.

    I would say its more appropriate to compare the 02 show to "Page and Plant"

    or "Page+Crows" gigs and previous "reunions". That said...I think most "Page and Plant"

    shows were "better".

    But not "Led Zeppelin", because the 02 show could only be deemed "better" then the VERY WORST shows of their 11 year career.

    One should compare it to their BEST shows...that will tell you where its really at.

    Most Zeppelin fans compare EVERY other band in history to Zep in their prime...

    Why not Zep 2.0 to the Original Led Zeppelin? At the very least we should hold our heros

    to THE SAME standard to which we hold EVERYONE else. No?

    And I dont care how "old" they are.

    Plenty of musicians retained their "chops" well into their 70's and beyond.

  9. So what was Page and Plant??? Was that led zeppelin?

    SHOULD THEY NOT HAVE DONE THAT? They didnt include Jones did they?

    And WHO said PB&J should call it LED ZEPPELIN ANYWAY??

    Given the choice between NEVER seeing Jimmy Page and Jones play together,

    OR seeing them play together WITHOUT percy, I choose the latter.

    If Jimmy Page was playing in your town with the local BAR BAND

    YOU WOULD be there in a hotdamn minute.

    And PLANT is the PROBLEM. He has ALWAYS BEEN the barrier to a reunion.

    ALL-WAYS. The problem." Its my voice and Im going home-wahhhhhahhhhhahhhhhh-haaaaa!"

    But he has a solo career...oh yeh?

    Who cares.

    When was the last time ANYONE wanted to listen to TALL COOL COKE-A- COLA...I mean "one" or "pledge-pin" or any of it really...cmon EVERYBODY wants Zeppelin, and thats why Percy always refuses.

    And if a SOLO artist performs 50% of a SOLO gig with tunes from the

    "old-group" he is supposedly trying to distance himself from...

    it is completely artisticaly Disengenuios.

    ok Im ready for the blitzkreig..FLAME ON!

  10. I saw Jones in 2000 he played ALL instrumentals. Zep tunes too. and they WORKED.

    Jeesus did they work. Jones played BLACK DOG on pedal steel and ripped the roof off the joint. so much POWER. SO MUCH POWER!!! it was ab-sooooluuut-leeeee frightening.

    PAge and Plant toured cuz they wanted to play and YES THEY SCREWED Jones...so

    if Plant doesnt want to tour. I would bett my right arm that 90% of ALL ZEPPELIN fans would pay to see PB&J and be happy about it!

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