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  1. Thanks for posting those pix of JPs pedalboard...that reminds me I remember seeing those at the time and thinking, PAGE uses a whammy pedal??? At the time I recall thinking they were kind of cheesy...but actually they are very cool. I dont have one perse' but my Boss multi fX board does the same thing, and in very small dodes its very cool. IMHO of course.
  3. Well, yes, I did, ahh, think about it. I have heard the whole show, and all the songs that are tuned down sound a little "wrong" to me. ( you see where I said "to me" there?) and jeeez dude get bent outta shape at consecutive periods do you...?
  4. Just me but those tunes and their KEYS are a part of my molecular structure...so for me...a WHOLE step..is BIG step...really sounds different...if you guitarists out there play the intro to STH in Am...then play it in Gm...it JUST SOUNDS "wrong"...to me anyway.
  5. fair enough, I dont have those bad shows you mentioned, as I said... basing my opinion on what I have heard..not close to your 400!
  6. Or merely a ruse to get more practice time. Honestly, I think they needed more practice. Fine by me. Actually I hope it was a cover-story....I like the idea that they would care that much to lie about it.
  7. Where can you get a cup of coffee for FIFTY cents??
  8. IMHO no it was not better than ANY Zep show ever, in the past, except, for the one in 1980 when Bonham passed out...or the Chicago show when Jimmy passed out, honestly it was not IN MY OPINION "better" than say even..SEATTLE 77, for the biggest, simplest and most important reason: JOHN HENRY BONHAM. Jason is good VERY good, but HE is along with 99% of all the rock drummers on this planet not as "good" as his beloved late father. And even in 77, Plants voice was stronger and HIGHER and had more attitude than he does now. And Page even all heroined out was just chronologically closer to his prime. Look I know Im gonna get killed over this, BUT, there were a lot of missed cues,missed vocals and a couple "trainwrecks" as well, I don't care what anyone says I have heard the whole show, and GRANTED I WAS NOT THERE, but I do have ears and my own opinion. I think the show exceeded everyones expectations because all previous reunion SUCKED HORRIBLY. THIS WAS GOOD VERY GOOD, but again IMHO, NOT as good as ANY complete Zeppelin show (that I have ever heard) and nowhere near one their greatest performances from the 60s-70s etc. Lets be real. And to me AGE IS NO EXCUSE. PLENTY of JAZZ,Classical, R&B and Blues musicians RETAINED 90% of their skills vocally or/or musically into their 70's. Case in Point: Ray Charles/Tony Bennett/Buddy Guy/Chet Atkins/ Jimmy Smith to name a few.
  9. Well, I dunno about "OWE"... but personally I think that if Plant is gonna play 50% ZEP material with those HACKS "the Strange Sensation" on his "SOLO" tours, then he should frikin kiss and make up with Jimmy and GO ON TOUR. Dont say its all about your NEW material, cuz it isnt! It never will be, it never has been...80% of all of the fans at the PLANT concert were all wearing ZEP T-shirts. So come on Robert, EVERYONE KNOWS you have a had a SOLO career, give the rest of us a chance and go on tour. And also I have NO INTEREST whatsoever in the Alison Kraus "thing"...even tho she is amazingly talented. I just ...ya know...dont care.
  10. Really!? Back in 93? I did not know that. Hmmmmm...and I know of course he used one of the earliest Roland Guitar Synths...but I was just surprised he used one ONSTAGE with the mighty Zep....or call me a cretin but I kinda like to think of them as Zep 2.0....ya know the same but different too...with a modern update.
  11. Trampled 3:40-4:00 minute mark...Im pretty damn sure. and Nobody's Fault during the intro....
  12. On Nobodies Fault and Trampled Underfoot sounds like Jimmy was using a Whammy Pedal.... NEVER thought I would hear that! Live I dont think Jimmy has ever used an octave effect...except for his disturbing NOISE solos on the 77 tour...but never as a main effect in a song.
  13. EXACTLY-Thanks Otto....jeez I psoted the Grohl quote because I thought it was FUNNY. It IS funny. Besides frikin DG is a very successful band, was rumoured to have been in the running for the gig as well,AND has PLAYED with rock royalty on other high profile TRIBUTE shows as well for crissakes...
  14. From ROSS HALFIN's website: Dave Grohl tells it like it is... Sir, Just wanted to thank you for being so accommodating to me and my cast of nerds the other night. It was an epic night, to say the least. Arriving at 10 am that morning, sleeping for three hours, heading to the bottle shop for refreshments to take with in the van, pissing like a Clydesdale upon arrival to the gig, and then the mighty Zeppelin. Highlights: For Your Life. Maybe my favorite song of the night, except for Kashmir, which was beyond spot on. The dry ice machine. Black Dog. Like they never stopped playing it. Asking Marilyn Manson if I can give him a hickey. "No". Asking his girlfriend if I can give her a hickey. "Sure!" To which Marilyn replied "No". Not understanding one fucking word that Liam Gallagher said to me. Steve Gorman. A good guy. Peter Mench being nice to me. Sign of the apocalypse? Perhaps. The entire 2 hours that the band performed. Without sounding like a cunt, I had waited to see that my whole life, and it did not disappoint. Of course, I had always dreamed about being behind that drum set, but the sheer thrill of being there overcame any envy that I may have had. Jason was fucking great. Face it, he had people like me, Chad Smith, and Steve Gorman watching his every move, all night long, and afterwards we all agreed that he played great. Just three jealous drummers, drinking away our life long dreams of one day jamming with the greatest rock band of all time. Fucking pathetic, we were......... Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for including us in everything. It meant the world to me. Congratulate the boys for me. Hope they take this circus on the road. If there's an opening for drum tech, you know my number. Dave
  15. A little off-topic....but.... BAD SOUND is the scourge of all live shows. THE WORST for me was Prince, Seattle Key Arena, I cant even remember the year the sound was so bad...the only intelligable words all night were SEATTLE and Mutherf#cker! Van Halen in Portland Dec 1 sucked as well...too loud... muddy everything from the Audio/video clips of the 02 show, you can tell Plants vocals are "hotter' than hell, cuz its way over the top of everything and it sounds (for the most part) like superamplified whispering....I dont want to get into a big thing here about Percy but it is not a matter of opinion but fact, that the surgery on his throat has left him with less than half-power for the last 20 years or more. (please note I am not saying he cant sing, just the VOLUME and STRENGTH of his voice nesccesitates superhot cranking in the mix that may have factored in the feedback and sound problems of the show.
  16. THANKS for the insights. I was not there so my thoughts are not as informed as yours, tho from what i could tell, KASHMIR, DAZED, TSRTS sounded pretty damn good, seems like things "settled in" after SIBLY, which is my all time fave Zep tune, but I didnt really care for Jimmy's solo on that. (sorry die-hards) What really strikes me is that this whole affair was either a really good "tribute one-off" OR the world's most high-profile WARM-Up show in history.
  17. To all those lucky enough to attend, and for those that have had to settle for...er...other methods...what TUNE do you think the men "pulled off" the best? And for fairness sake, which tune was least successful?
  18. I agree, the songs that are tuned down a WHOLE step, DO sound a little strange. Obviously they did it to accommodate Plant. From what I have seen and heard they sounded pretty good all things considered. Seems like they had sound problems at the venue and there are most definitely several missed cues and mistakes, but what the hell. Better than their previous reunions to be sure.
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