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  1. +1 I get it why some people love '77 - the set list. That was a great and more diverse set list, and WS to Kashmir is pure genius. But the noise solo without the funky rhythm just doesn't work for me, and I for one don't like TSRTS as the opener (and I really don't like what they did with NQ with Nutcracker and the blues jam) I'm with you on the jams in '75, that's why I like that tour the best. They just leave these huge holes in every show and just go off creating. That's why '75 is also so easy to nitpick - some of the stuff in the jams is awful, and some of it is great, and all
  2. Current top 10 (this is always subject to change) for my favorite year of NQ: 1. 3-20 Vancouver ...I love the stuff from JPJ during the concerto, love the main jam, love the wah effects from Jimmy, love how at the end of the main jam Jimmy eases off and then all three of them pack a huge punch to finish, love JPJ's extended piano solo after the main jam, love the extra "dogs" thrown in, love Jimmy's outro solo and how he cleanly segues from it to the main theme... so much to love here 2. 3-21 Seattle (this used to be my No 1) ...I love the stuff from JPJ before Bonzo joins
  3. +++++++ 1 Dude, I go away for a couple weeks and you've got three more nitpick reviews in already!! I love it. You're killing it! 2-12 to me was always kind of an overrated show. 2-13 and 2-14 are significantly more fun to listen to. 2-13-75 is one of my favorite shows that year, I absolutely love Jimmy's playing on it. THOUGH, I am not a guitar player, so... yeah. But, as an example, I really enjoy his bedroom jamming on TUF (and that doesn't sound wrong at all) 2-14 to my ears is better than 2-12 but not as good as 2-13. For example, I really like Jimmy's aforementioned
  4. Decided that I won't be able to get through all of March '75 without burning out (and I don't want to, lol). So, that plan goes on hold. On my return trip this Sunday I played Seattle 3-21-75. Simply the crown jewel of the 1975 tour. This was my first time playing the soundboard and I was a little afraid that it would take away the mystique of the audience tape. Nah. It's just such an inspired show, nothing could ruin it including the occasional mistakes by Jimmy. Simply fantastic throughout and deservedly a legend. Among the highlights surely are the best NQ, the best SIBLY, the best D&a
  5. Was going to play Dallas 3-4 and 3-5-75 on this here road trip, but ended up playing my '71 mix instead. Really digging '71 Zep right now! Did they ever play Tobacco Road in any show other than 9-23-71? Those might be my favorite 5 minutes of any Zep show NOT featuring No Quarter. Also, I've asked this before, but since no one answered: does anything else from the UK Nov-Dec '71 tour sound as good as Ipswich? Cheers
  6. Ft Worth for me. And it still doesn't sound as good as the '75 sbds (with the exception of 3-17-75 and its buried guitar).
  7. Been taking a break from '75, because there's the entire West Coast run coming up! (hey BonzoFan ) I am planning on playing the two '75 Dallas shows during a road trip this weekend though. Meanwhile, I've been working on my '71 comp (minus Orlando and Osaka which I always want in their entirety). Played quite a bit of both Forum shows, along with the Budokan shows and Ipswich. I think Ipswich is a great sounding show, by the early period standards anyway. Is there a better one (for sound quality) from the Nov-Dec '71 UK tour? In any case, it is a must for Gallows Pole alone, and
  8. Hey, so it seems they actually were intending to play the same number of shows in 1975 as they played in 1973 - 36. They ended up playing 35 because of Tampa being canceled, but it should have been 36. According to the Midrash, the light created on the first day of creation shone for 36 hours...
  9. Taking a break from '75 tour with Offenburg '73. As far as audience tapes go, this is up there with Millard I think. Could well be my favorite Zep show, period. Certainly so far my favorite SIBLY: Jimmy smokes, Bonzo throws in fills galore, JPJ is prominent in the mix, and Robert's vocals have recovered nicely by now -
  10. Thanks so much! I did wonder about the magically extended WLL since it would so be unlike Zep to do anything like that post Europe '73. Bummer about Bonzo jamming to jazz records in a hotel, that one bit did sound really cool. lol
  11. Wait, really? He talks about the West Coast shows from an eyewitness perspective (the LA and SD ones) and staying in the same hotel and Bonzo jamming to jazz records in the middle of the night and keeping him awake. Oh, and interviewing Robert (with photos). I thought it sounded a bit fan-boyish when I was reading it, but really? All completely made up? A separate question: so, this itinerary seems to be wrong on so many levels, then: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Led_Zeppelin_North_American_Tour_1975 No 2nd Pittsburgh show, no New Orleans, no Knoxville, no Austin. Any other err
  12. I don't get the Greensboro '75 mentions on this thread. There is nothing there like the flubbed BD solo on 2-28-75 (later during the same tour, when Jimmy was in peak shape), or the disaster of Tempe ALS. It's actually pretty good, given that one of the guys plays with a hurt finger and another is still getting over a massive flu. Edit: played some of it on the way to work this morning, and found two minor mistakes - in IMTOD and Kashmir. The songs don't go off the rails completely but somebody briefly messes up, I think JPJ and Bonzo miss the start of Jimmy's second solo in IMTOD and I'm
  13. It sounds like the grand doesn't it? I'm wondering because usually (in later shows) there is a quick pause both before and after the grand, and Jimmy plays theremin as JPJ switches to the grand. Here, he hits the last "piano" note and immediately plays the opening notes of the NQ main theme...
  14. Wow, I did not remember the ending of this show at all. Maybe I never played it in its entirety? That BD solo is really unlike Jimmy for '75, could be the worst I've heard him that whole tour. It's so comically bad it's almost good. I love how Bonzo goes on a long drum solo to pick up the slack at the very end.
  15. Resurrecting the thread for the annual resurrection. What's the consensus on the matrix - is there a good one? Playing the sbd today and man, it needs one - especially since the audience tape is so good.
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