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  1. This isn't the first Corona virus.. it's similar to SARS and Mers. So the research was already there they just needed the genetic code for #19 so most of the difficult work was already done. And through the years advancement's have been made in finding the genetic sequence of a virus which 30 year's ago would of taken year's.
  2. They changed the URL http://starship.mydns.jp/zeppelin/beauty/
  3. He only played the artist on 8/11 because of the broken string at the end of OTHAFA. Les Paul was used on 8/4.
  4. Growing up just outside Boston it was listening to WBCN’s GTLO that got me hooked on Zeppelin in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Somewhere on cassette I have a interview with Phil Carson during the Get the Led Out segment. Like Darth said WZLX does it nightly at 7.
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