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    I quite dig a little british band. You probably haven't heard of them, they're called Led Zeppelin. They'll be big one day, I tell you.
  1. I cannot remember the source, but from what I've understood, the official 'celebration' begins in september. I'm writing this the day before the 50th anniversary of their first concert. I live 30 minutes from the place where it happened. I'm stoked beyond belief.
  2. Honestly, I hope he'd just sit down with a fucking guitar and write and record some skiffle/rockabilly/Zeppelin-esque mush and release it. He deserves to be an old man, for sure, but he will always be Jimmy Page.
  3. Is it just me or does it say 'Condom' in the third row in the middle? Now I better preorder the book
  4. What's that fraction of an inch of fabric he calls pants good for anyway
  5. I have a soft spot for ITTOD. I've always thought that the album has a very melancholy feel. When you know it's the end of the road, everything is heard through nostalgic ears. When I hear Hot Dog I can't help but think about 4 young, british boys who don't know each other, but all like the same kind of music and share a passion to bring it further. When I hear I'm Gonna Crawl, I hear the last breath of the monster that was Led Zeppelin, with all the ups and downs it has brought those who knew it better than anyone else. It makes me think about the kings who played heavier and louder than anyone else, and even though they went through some tough shit in their later years, they can still cry the blues better than anyone. I fucking love Led Zeppelin.
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