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  1. What show from Japan 71 was multitracked and where can I listen to it at? I thought the Japan stuff was just boot leg and rumored SB of 9/28 and 9/29. It's hard to keep straight for me as I'm still learning certain dates. Still reiterate, just in case Jimmy reads this stuff (very doubtful) that I really hope that they release the video of Since I've Been Loving You and Thank You from Royal Albert Hall. I want to see SIBLY from that bad. All he has to do is use JPH's keys from another live show if having no keys bothers him that bad. It's a pro video version of a song that hadn't even been recorded for the album yet. It's also in my top 5 LZ songs.
  2. Okay this thread is ridiculous. Pretty cool that we're basically allowed to post nudity here Instead of just posting random beautiful girls/women. I'm going to post some actresses that I can't get enough of. 1. Alexandra Daddario Really hard to only pick two of her. 2. Margot Robbie Once again. Hard to narrow down. 3. Christina Applegate I'm only 24 but a big fan of Married With Children for as long as I can remember and I never get tired of seeing her. I've always had a crush on her.
  3. Can somebody explain what the deal with Swan Song is? I know its an unfinished track from PG but it's all over youtube. Is there some kind of holy grail version with lyrics or something?
  4. Yeah he does sound surprisingly close to his original voice. Maybe a more accurate thing for me to say is he lost his voice from October of 71 to March of 72 with moments of his old self coming through. I usually just say 68-71 to keep it simple though. I meannits not like I'm on a LZ forum where people discuss mini details about one show to the next I wish we had more video from that show.
  5. I seen that interview. I really wish Dan Rather would have went in to moure epth about his voice change but he didn't. I would have to say that doing what he said in that interview is 100% the cause of the voice change/loss. Not that one time but singing night after night with no voice, sore throat, or with the flu/cold was a terrible choice. I've mentioned his voice change on here and in talks with people a lot. I much prefer his 67-71 voice. It started changing toward the last quarter of 71 and by 72 it was completely different sounding. Which is why it puzzles me that people say 68-72 voice. How does 72 get lumped with 68,69,70? I could maybe understand parts of 71 since thats when the change started happening. I just wish he would have just not sang while sick or with a sore throat. I understand the show must go on, but it could go on with every other circumstance other than ones effecting his voice. Some singers are lucky and don't lose their voice entirely from singing with sore throats or it heals and still sounds roughly the same. (Janis Joplin, Steven Tyler, etc). From that interview Robert took it to the extreme more than others to perform and in that way he's a bad mother trucker so he wasn't as lucky. Imagine No Quarter in his original voice or TSRTS movie. They're good but in his original voice they would be another level. All my opinion of course.
  6. Thank you. How up to date is that list? 2 shows from 70 WTF? One is from RAH. So I guess there is no Blueberry Hill in soundboard. We need more 1970 releases. And only 6 from 71. Let's all hope for something big for the 50th like that massive live release.
  7. I'm not sure if this question is easy to answer as I'm still a little newish on boot legs and how they work. Not that I don't listen to some live recordings but it's just on youtube and at random. From what I can tell is that some of yall seem organized on this stuff. Anyway, can somebody tell me all the shows that are soundboard from 68-71? Does the show from Blueberry Hill exist in soundboard?
  8. My parents (mama especially) thinks Led Zeppelin is straight out of hell and of the devil. If it's not Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson, or George Jones then it's of Satan himself. I love traditional style country and it's what I listen to 95% of the time but Zep is just too good. So I would still listen to it by myself until I got old enough to not care. I'm 24.
  9. Great point. Knowing Zep they could have easly tweaked SIBLY with an acoustic, or whatever and boom it becomes more of an old folk song, like Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You. It's actually a really cool thought.
  10. While I'm well aware of a lot of Zep influences I can't recall ever hearing this but man that is pretty freaking much 68-71ish Plant. Edit: New here for few days. Just realized this thread is 2 years old.
  11. ^ straight out love that show. It's my favorite of any pro recorded live material, which is why I'd love to see SIBLY. I remember when I was in my teens watching it and thinking holy freak this is amazing on all levels. I still think it to this day when I watch it. My family thinks Zeppelin is of the devil so it was never good if they caught me listening to or watching them. I'm 24 now by the way. Edit. Haha Plant reserved with his original voice was still like a freight train in a thunder storm, but thats tame to an earthquake caused by Thors hammer smacking the ground, which would be an unreserved night.
  12. Agree. I don't think some people get what I'm saying about the BBC live sessions. I'm not saying its their best performance ever, I'm saying that it's the last pro recorded performance where Plant still basically has his original voice and in that way it makes it sort of magical. He still pretty much has it during the 8/7/71 show but the recording is audience (descent quality but not BBC good). But by the end of 71, beginning of 72 its gone and its certainly changed by HTWWW. Thats what makes the BBC session so cool to me. I'm glad it was recorded when it was because in 6-8 months it would have a sounded whole lot different. So the comparison of I think their performances in 72 are way better or his voice was better in 72, 73, 74, etc, doesn't make sense to what I'm saying. The performances may be better and you may like his voice better but its not the same voice. The BBC sort of marks the"unofficial" end of the original era to me and when you listen to it, you can just sort of tell it. PS yeah his voice on SIBLY is insane. PSS I reiterate, I really hope they release SIBLY from the RAH. That would be a pro recorded version before the album was even recorded, yet alone released.
  13. That is so freaking cool. I'd wear that with a button up shirt even if the arms stuck out. You know sort of like pages half zoso sweater in those famous pictures.
  14. I got to say, I didnt think I'd be in the minority with preferring his 68-71 voice but it looks like most on here prefer his 72 onwards voice(s).
  15. Well I listen to country music 95% of the time so maybe thats why I've never noticed or cared if it was twangy Edit: With the other 5%, I'd say 4% is Zep.
  16. I guess what I'm trying to say about the live BBC sessions is it's the last quality recording where page is close and still retaining his original voice. It's still pretty full and powerful and he can still hit the notes with force behind him. His voice is still closer to RAH than HTWWW. By 72 and HTWWW the original voice is completely gone and never to be heard again. Thats what I mean about the BBC sessions. It's almost like he knew his voice was fixing to go (how could he not?) it was showing signs already but it was still there, so he went out and gave one hell of a last performance for the radio (quality recording) before it left him forever. Walks away; "Put that in the archives boys. That's it."
  17. New here. One thing I would like to see released is the video to Since Ive Been Loving You and Thank You from RAH. How awesome would it be to see a performance of SIBLY before plants voice change? All Jimmy would have to do is put JPJ keyboard parts in from another live show or just get him to record something now. This needs to happen. It would also be cool if the "rumored" professional shot Bath Festival footage would find its way to public eye. Second I would love any studio or quality live material from 68-71 to be released. There strongest material, in my opinion, of course. Plants voice in this period is just unmatched. I really wish his voice wouldn't have changed, but I guess it makes those years more special. Or what if all these years they had the BBC live show as video too and was keeping it hid until now? I know not going to happen but how freaking awesome would that be? I really consider the BBC live recordings to be the last great recorded show with Plants full powerful voice. (I know there are some bootlegs from 71 wheres he's pretty strong). Just the way he sounds at that show is unbelievable to me. Just listen to Stairway at the end or the note he hits on SIBLY when he goes "baby come on home, BABY". I mean he sounds like 68-70; its still very strong, powerful, not whiny, raspy, bluesy. Yet it is still something a little different. Its almost as if you can tell its nearly the end of that era. He never sounds the same again. Certainly not by 72. Its hard to describe really. Maybe I romanticize things too much. Does anybody feel this way about his voice/the band from 68 through the first half or so of 71? In particular those strong 71 shows?
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