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    Led Zepellin, The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Star Wars(classic trilogy), Amon Amarth, Bee Gees, Metallica, The Clash, Iron Maiden, The Smiths, The Ramones, knitting, computer gaming (Skyrim, various Steam games)
  1. OMG that is AWESOME! Hahahahaha! Now to go buy that...and a reptile!
  2. I've never seen it at the theater. But if it ever shows here in Austin, I AM THERE! And I'll be having some big ol' hits before I go in...and maybe eat a 'magic cookie' too! Alamo Drafthouse sells booze, so some cocktails will be in order (Jack, of course!) and then an Uber ride home.
  3. That's strange. I've seen that scene over and over and over and speaking as a female fan, his bum doesn't look big at all! One thing I've always been amazed at about TSRTS is that the production looks so high-end. Were there problems with financing at all on the production? It looks SO good and holds up after all these years. Not 'cheap'-looking at all compared to other early-mid 70s films.
  4. Probably the wrong section for this, but: Is the Earls Court video the sexiest thing you've ever seen, ever, or what? The hair, the movements, the stage wear, instruments, clarity of play, etc. ("I gave her the gun and I shot her!") Maybe this isn't the right forum, but had to say, WOW!~! Decked out in the BEST gear, rhythm section AND 'frontal' section... Other than TSRTS is there any video footage better than this? I watch on the way to work (um, just listen) and am always impressed with the effort put into this show compared to other video footage I've come across. Sorry, kind of noob to 'video' work of LZ...other than TSRTS... Martha Clark
  5. I really can't imagine someone holding a grudge over comments like these... Two grown men would be all bitter and shit over these jokey comments? I doubt it. I'd imagine something much deeper than this... Women, on the other hand, DO get that bent out of shape...don't get me started! haha!
  6. I just pre-ordered the BluRay and glad I did! I've been waiting for a remastering of TSRTS. Saving my $$$ to pre-order the rest...I have no shame! Jimmy Page TAKE ME!...I mean, my money, ehem!
  7. My least favorite LZ album cover...nope... I'd worry about spilling beer or Dr. Pepper, stain them (all that white), and they'd look even worse Ought to look back in thread, forgot, is there a Physical Graffiti version...! ?
  8. I'm MAD about Jimmy Page. Glad to see others are too! I read about him and collect pics of him....and oh, what about the fanfic? I like young Jimmy and sexy sexy sexy old Jimmy! I have an equal love for Robert Plant though too... (*sigh!*) How to choose between the two of them!? Hopefully soon I'll get up the guts to attempt writing my own FANFIC! We'll see... !
  9. I've never seen it in the theater. So jealous! Also never saw them live. Can't believe that my parents wouldn't let their pre-teen innocent daughter go to Houston and see them! Hahahahaha! I recently upgraded from the 2-disk DVD to the Blu-Ray. It's INCREDIBLE (imo)...beautiful color and sound. Definitely worth the $$$.
  10. Okay...I'm pressing the 'Buy It Now' button...NOW!
  11. ME TOOOOO! Holographic LZ...yes please! I know...I'm an idiot.
  12. Oh no... I'm a little weirded out even about ABBA releasing new material...let alone Led Zeppelin. If John Bonham were alive, maybe so, but that's not to be.
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