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  1. Yep, only a theory (I might call it a mere hypothesis). The prior shows at the Sports Arena without similar issues cast doubt on it, for sure. Those prior shows are not perfect "controls," however, since there are other relevant variables unaccounted for - e.g., the PA equipment, monitor system, physical layout/positioning of speakers, and how the stage was set up within the venue all might have been different on these various occasions. In any event, I concede that the simplest explanation is likely the correct one . . .
  2. Regarding June 19, 1977: The acoustics at the Sports Arena in San Diego are horrendously bad. Notoriously so. Huge, deafening echos that go on and on and on, with an almost subwoofer-esque enhancement of low end. I wonder if Bonzo was slowing down in an effort to hear himself and the rest of the band, perhaps to separate the monitor sound from the echoes of the arena by ensuring the tempo of the song (variable, by him) was different than the tempo of the echoes (fixed, by the acoustics of the arena). Especially at the beginning of the show as the front-of-house sound folks worked to tame the Sports Arena using 70's-era PA technology. (Afternoon sound check gets you part way, but the acoustics are different in a full house so there's always adjustment in the first few songs of any show).
  3. Below is a link to a piece I put together for my legal website about Skidmore v. Led Zeppelin. Like my other case reviews, it is directed to junior and mid-level intellectual property lawyers (or more senior lawyers looking for a high-level, bullet-point summary) and is a bit "legalistic." Nevertheless, it might, in whole or in part, be interesting and helpful to non-lawyers seeking to understand what the allegations actually were and what the court of appeal actually decided. For example, on the first page I show the infringement allegations visually using a reproduction of the relevant portions of the Taurus and Stairway scores, with explanation bridging pages 1 and 2. On page 3 is a brief summary of the key points in the 9th Circuit decision. For those curious, the remainder reviews the relevant basic ("black letter") copyright law, how that law applied to the facts of this case, and how the law was changed by this case. Archetype IP - Federal Circuit Friday (March 2020) If for any reason the above link does not work you can go to my landing page and look near the bottom: http://archetype-ip.com
  4. Mendenhall Glacier, near Juneau, Alaska - July 2019.
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