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  1. Well... Whenever the band are playing at full pelt the cymbals drop out slightly and the track gets muddy... It sounds like a compression issue... I've tried it on 2 machines and it's the same on both. The audio only mp3 is fine (well as fine as MP3's are!).
  2. Has anyone else downloaded this? I had to report it to Apple as the soundtrack is distorted. They refunded me and have reported the issue. The Audio Only version is fine but the sound on the film on iTunes (at least on my download) is inferior...
  3. Whilst trying to forge a career in the music business over the years I was lucky enough to meet the original 3 members of LZ. In 1993 I supported Robert Plant twice. They were secret gigs and took place in The Kings Head pub in London. I think I got picked to do it because I was a solo guitarist and therefore wouldn't take up much space! also I played alot of blues stuff and there weren't that many guys my age (21 at the time) who played that sort of stuff... Anyway suffice to say Robert was a gentleman and very gracious to me. Even going so far as to listen to my set (I could see him)and t
  4. you will need real player. Apologies if someone has already posted this.. It is an interview with British DJ Chris Evans from yesterday... http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/evans/ra...nham_121207.ram
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