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  1. Ye he was! So different. To be honest , i din't like his style for many years, but i saw another side of him recently that made me change my mind. Can't really compare him to anyone in his persona and style
  2. ather's Song is an instrumental recorded on 24 October 1983 at Prince's Kiowa Trail Home Studio in Chanhassen, Minnesota, USA. It was tentatively included on an early configuration of Purple Rain. The song appears in the Purple Rain movie, where Prince's character "The Kid" storms in the house looking for his father and finds him playing the song on piano. Predating the recording of the standalone track, the main melody was included as a motif in Computer Blue. Somewhere at 2:30 in Computer blues in your clip I think it starts?
  3. :)) I know my cakes but never heard them like this...never heard the word batter in 12 syllables. "If you want a better batter better beat it harder"? This sounds like an innuendo song! Crazy band! As for me, must say, am proud of this berry pie i made!
  4. Aww, i know how it is to loose a pet, just like loosing a real person. Charlotte was your Sunshine, be strong!
  5. * been climbing trees Ya was hard to see him go so early in life, he was a brat, but was my little devil, sometimes he was nice and sleep in bed with me side by side,sometimes he would leave deep scars on hand and feet! True words you said there too! i'll keep that in mind!
  6. Maybe she constipated ? Or din't like smell of fish? Or the weather? Or cold fish? Cats are fussy eaters! Mine never ate fish, but he was sick ( liver problems) and died young! Name was Bob. Another cat i had would not eat cold food, only warm.
  7. Seemsthey did one for the 30th anniversary Joke I head form F.R.I.E.N.D.S. What's vulcanized rubber? .....
  8. Cheers! Wonder if anyone here really knows the man
  9. Wayy ahead! Lookie here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q-Squared "Trelane, who first appeared in the original Star Trek episode "The Squire of Gothos", is revealed to be a member of the Q Continuum. "
  10. Not till his parents took him :)) Soiled brat
  11. PanicCooker


    Good, better than nothing! Happy new year! and one day closer to the end!
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