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  1. They never played it live and Jimmy didn't like the song. But Alyona has been singing this one on stage for a few years.
  2. There's a songbird who sings... And the Alyona power surge at the end for the big finish
  3. Black Dog - International collaboration recorded last year. They've also recorded Rock And Roll & Whole Lotta Love Alyona Yarushina (Russia) - Vocals Andrei Cerbu (Romania) - Guitar Sina (Germany) - Drums Mike Wilbury (Germany) - Bass Mike is Sina's dad, and he did not wish to appear in the video.
  4. Chantel McGregor Band tomorrow night in Chislehurst ( near London).)
  5. This guy, I think he might be from Chile, plays all the instruments. Strong voice too. Awesome cover.
  6. I saw Maiden open up for Priest in London in 1980. I didn't listen to much metal in the 80s, I still rate Priest's 70s work as their best, especially Sad Wings Of Destiny. And I still like the first Maiden album. They were great on the night.
  7. Alyona rarely sings blues, but she has been singing this with the band for several years when they have some gigs.
  8. I've always loved this album ever since I first bought it as a teenager in, I think, 1980. I wish there was some decent live video of the Floyd in the 70s. But you have to go to the David Gilmour live videos for that silky smooth voice and that slide. One of the best songs in all of their back catalogue
  9. George, Travelling Riverside Blues sounds awesome. I just subbed the channel and "Liked" the Facebook page. Lots of videos to catch up on over the next few weeks. Lots of classic songs for you to choose from and record. And top class musicianship guaranteed.
  10. New video released today. International collaboration, breathtaking performance from these young musicians
  11. A Since I've Been Loving You improvisation from a couple of years ago. Andrei introduces himself in his video notes I am 14 y.o , I am Romanian guitar player and i love rock and blues. I wanted to play a song from Led Zeppelin because one of the most beautiful song from them and many people sad that I'm the little Jimmy Page, and I tried to look like him, to play like him, but in my style!!!
  12. Andrei recorded this one just over a year ago, based on the Gary Moore version
  13. I've been following this young guy on You Tube for a couple of years. Andrei has just turned 16 years old, and is from Romania. He's got two bands at home in Romania - Iron Cross and Andrei Cerbu & The Crossroads. Iron Cross have already made an album of original songs. And Andrei also collaborates regularly with other musicians from all parts of the world. Check out some of his amazing guitar playing here
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