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  1. Alyona has now moved to the USA! She spent 18 months in the US in 2011-2012 as a gigging musician. And she's wanted to get back there ever since. "Hey guys! We just moved to the USA. I got a visa called Alien with extraordinary ability, it is an immigrant visa type which allows me to work here as a musician. At the moment we are in Florida. We flew here on the 16th of March and couple of days later they stopped almost all the flights from Russia to the US so we were lucky!" - Alyona on Facebook So with Alyona now armed with her new special visa, I guess it must be time for the...Immigrant
  2. Alyona's new video, released today "DISCLAMER!!!!! If I would try to copy Jagger's unique manner - that would just look clownish. My main parts were female parts and as far as there had to be Jagger's parts there I recorded them in my own manner to make the song sound altogether" - Alyona
  3. Alyona being Christine, Stevie & Lindsey at the same time...
  4. This was Alyona's first video of her new look You Tube after she moved from audio to filming videos in her studio in 2014. Its been her most viewed video ever since. After 5 years unbroken at no.1, it finally got toppled from the top spot last month. Alyona's since gone on to record a bunch of Aerosmith covers. "This song, I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing (Aerosmith cover), I made completely myself using my MAC laptop, Logic Pro and M-Audio Oxygen keyboards. I also recorded my voices, did mixing and mastering myself. And also filmed the video completely myself and edited it" - Alyona
  5. There's a separate thread for Alyona's Zeppelin covers. Alyona's covered more Zeppelin songs than she has any other band or artist. So this is for her other work. She releases a new video every Sunday. Alyona does all her own recording, mixing, filming, video editing, herself in her home studio in Moscow.
  6. They never played it live and Jimmy didn't like the song. But Alyona has been singing this one on stage for a few years.
  7. There's a songbird who sings... And the Alyona power surge at the end for the big finish
  8. Black Dog - International collaboration recorded last year. They've also recorded Rock And Roll & Whole Lotta Love Alyona Yarushina (Russia) - Vocals Andrei Cerbu (Romania) - Guitar Sina (Germany) - Drums Mike Wilbury (Germany) - Bass Mike is Sina's dad, and he did not wish to appear in the video.
  9. Chantel McGregor Band tomorrow night in Chislehurst ( near London).)
  10. This guy, I think he might be from Chile, plays all the instruments. Strong voice too. Awesome cover.
  11. I saw Maiden open up for Priest in London in 1980. I didn't listen to much metal in the 80s, I still rate Priest's 70s work as their best, especially Sad Wings Of Destiny. And I still like the first Maiden album. They were great on the night.
  12. Alyona rarely sings blues, but she has been singing this with the band for several years when they have some gigs.
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