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  1. R Amblinman

    The Alyona Sings Zeppelin Thread

    Its all Alyona's fault...
  2. R Amblinman

    The Alyona Sings Zeppelin Thread

    Yes, Alyona is definitely interested in hearing from you about this. It will be great if it all comes together. She's a fluent english speaker and has done some other international collabs. She puts this message in all of her video notes - For any invitations: alvayar@yandex.ru
  3. R Amblinman

    The Alyona Sings Zeppelin Thread

    Alyona names this one as her fave Zeppelin song. And, along with The Rover, it was her first introduction to the music of the band. "Many years ago I had not even been listening to Led Zeppelin - even none of their songs were familiar to me at that time before in 2008 a Led Zeppelin tribute band called Plumbum Dreams found me through musical friends and asked me if I want to sing 2 LZ songs with them in Moscow on 40 year anniversary of Led Zeppelin. I decided to try. At that moment I already used my raspy sound in Beatles music. So they gave me just 2 songs: "Since I've Been Loving You" and "The Rover". After that show this band invited me to be their lead singer. That's how I was attracted to that music. Only after I started singing them. Then those songs became really close spiritually to me. Many of them. So I performed often." - Alyona
  4. R Amblinman

    The Alyona Sings Zeppelin Thread

    If you open up the video description, all her social media contact details are there. But, I just sent Alyona a PM on Facebook. She said to email her here - alvayar@yandex.ru,
  5. R Amblinman


    I was born in the same town as Robert Plant - West Bromwich. So my team is West Bromwich Albion. Unfortunately, Robert supports our rivals from down the road. Nevermind 😕 Two famous Albion fans are Eric Clapton and Ronnie Wood. I understand why Eric is an Albion fan, but I'm not sure about the Ronnie connection.
  6. R Amblinman

    Who would be a good Plant replacement?

    I think that the 2007 reunion show should be the last goodbye under the name of "Led Zeppelin". Unless Robert genuinely wants to do it and there is an albums worth of new material. Another reunion just for some stadium, or enormodome shows doesn't have any great appeal to me. I would like to see Robert continue doing his thing, which he clearly loves. And Jimmy, if he wants to, go out on the road with a vocalist and play all the old songs that he wants to play. With JPJ, of course. The vocalist does not have to be a "big name". Or a male vocalist. And/or if he wanted to do this in the studio, this would be good as well.
  7. R Amblinman

    The Alyona Sings Zeppelin Thread

    Innes Sibun was Robert Plant's guitarist on the 1993 Fate Of Nations world tour. When he was gigging in Moscow in 2014, he asked Alyona to be his vocalist for some songs. This is one of the songs that they did, but this is Alyona's own vocal cover, she recorded this back in the summer
  8. Alyona Yarushina is a vocalist, composer, performer, arranger from Moscow. I've copied part of her bio below where she introduces herself. I am a singer originally from Russia. I have a full musical education, starting with music school, 9 years on the piano, then college as a conductor of a choir, then a musical university as an artist and vocalist.In 2004, I won the “International Hopes of Europe” competition in Sochi, Russia along with the “Grand Prix” prize, which represents the highest award that competition can offer. There were 27 countries represented in that competition with over 1,000 contestants.In Russia, I played with several bands. One of them is the best Led Zeppelin tribute band in Russia called "Plumbum Dreams". The other one is called "Back from the USSR", where we played Beatles songs in my own arrangements. We played in Liverpool, England almost every year on the Beatles week fest. My dad, Valeriy Yarushin is my bass player in this band. He's a legend of Russian folk-rock and his band “Ariel” was most popular in the 70s and still is now. I learned a lot from him.During my career, I had the opportunity to perform with great artists such as Chick Corea, Chris Slade (AC/DC drummer), Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper guitarist), Innes Sibun (Robert Plant's guitarist), David Campbell (musical producer and arranger of Muse and Adele), Brian Tichy (drummer for Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Foreigner, Ozzy Ozborne), Hal Bruce and others.I started making cover songs on my own in 2002. Since that time, I have made over 320 videos for my Music Channel on YouTube from a variety of different genres. I have recorded cover songs from ABBA, Beyonce, Chicago, Duran Duran, Motley Crue, Queen, Whitney Houston and many more.I like a lot of different song styles like rock, pop and jazz. I love classic rock. Bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Boston, Oasis, Jeff Buckley, Vixen, Janis Joplin, Aerosmith, Guns'n'Roses, Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Winger, Skid Row and others. While Alyona's You Tube channel is completely multi-genre featuring her covers of the bands and artists she has mentioned, and many others, its rock music - and especially Led Zeppelin - that is her main thing. She has recorded a lot of her own Zeppelin vocal covers. And she says there is a lot more of them coming in 2019. Alyona has also written the songs for her own debut album, and says it will be a classic rock/melodic rock style album. She just needs to get it recorded. This will take her some time to get done as she will be recording and producing the whole thing herself in her home studio. She uses Logic Pro and plays all the instruments herself through her keyboard. Her skills in this area are amazing to watch. She has made a lot of her videos in this way. If anyone is interested in following the musical adventures of Alyona, I will keep this thread regularly updated. Usually with her Zeppelin vocal covers, she has been singing Zeppelin since 2008. Here's the link to her You Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/rjn3000/videos
  9. R Amblinman


    I love UFO, Phenomenon and Force It my fave albums. I saw them in 1979 at Hammersmith Odeon, one of the first gigs I ever went to. Phil Mogg has announced that he is going to retire after the 2019 tour. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/phil-mogg-ufo-retirement/ Check out this youngster playing Rock Bottom. This is from 2013, James would have been 14 or 15 when he did this
  10. R Amblinman

    Forum Question - Help Needed Please!

    Guys...thanks for your help. Sorry, I've been away for a few weeks and not been able to look at this. Kipper - there's been no arguing in the threads. They are just out of date. I want to open up one specific thread for Alyona and its just to be dedicated to her Zeppelin work only. Of course, I can ignore the old one, but that would mean I have two different threads for her. And that may not look good in the eyes of other members! So I've held off doing it until I can either edit or delete the old one. The other can probably remain where it is and be dormant. I won't be adding to it. SteveAJones - thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. As I said to Kipper, I just want one new Alyona thread, just for her Zeppelin work. She has a lot of it coming in 2019. That's why I want to remove the old one and re-start. Strider - apologies I've not been back to you. Its frustrating that what should be a simple task of clicking a button to edit/delete becomes, seemingly, very difficult. When I was last involved in forums, nearly ten years ago, for much smaller, independent bands, there's was never any such problems in managing my account. But I want to get this fixed in the next few days now I'm able to contribute more to the overall forum. Maybe I'll start the new one, then PM Sam and ask him to remove the old one.
  11. R Amblinman

    Forum Question - Help Needed Please!

    I opened up a couple of new topics several months ago in Other Bands/Music. There have been a couple of replies to each, nothing of any significance. I would like to delete both of these topics, but no matter how many times I look at it, I just cannot see how I can delete them. There is nothing in "my profile" that allows me to take this action. And nowhere when I open up the thread that allows me to do it. I can report the post, share the post, reply to the post, but I can't edit or delete it. And I cannot find anything in the Help section to assist. I did edit them just after I posted them, but this option now seems to have now disappeared. Any help would be very much appreciated. I need to get all the information contained within one new thread. One thread only. I'm very, very reluctant to open up a third one, even though the first two have disappeared into oblivion through old age.
  12. A promotional film (82 minutes) of the Bonzo Bash 2015 in Moscow. I'm not a drummer myself, but its a great watch. Superbly filmed with top notch sound and picture quality.
  13. R Amblinman

    Favorite Song off of Physical Graffiti

    The dreamy and reflective Ten Years Gone for me. Mesmerising song. Great to see so many votes for this one too.
  14. R Amblinman

    Absolutely Great Black Dog Cover

    Alyona does like to do all her own harmonies and backing vocals. I think that she records most of her stuff at home. Ok, just singing into a mike, I can't see any of the dark arts going on here 😀 Change of groove, Alyona now sounding like Ann Wilson 😲 Get ready for the big chorus...
  15. Alyona is a musician/vocalist/composer/arranger from Moscow. She also sings with a Led Zeppelin tribute band - Plumbum Dreamz (also called Plumbum Dreams). I'm not sure which is the correct one. And a Beatles tribute band (Back From The USSR). Loads of great stuff from both on You Tube. Alyona has just started recording for her first album. Her You Tube channel is her solo work. Alyona has phenomenal vocal power and voice control, and sings Zeppelin like no one else I've heard, even Ann Wilson, who I'm a huge fan of. Check out Alyona's channel, and a few videos below. Recent vocal covers of I Can't Quit You and Stairway on her channel as well. Its a gold mine 😲 This is Alyona's fave Zeppelin tune, she uploaded this to You Tube yesterday to start things off.