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  1. Zepfan2001

    What motivates you?

    Some people sit on their ass until there is a threat of bodily harm to motivate them, and they make their path in life based on the actions of the people against them. (and in doing so, allowing their enemies to indirectly make their choices for them). These people are motivated with negativity and pain and aren't usually goal oriented. Some people are reward motivated and work towards a goal or accomplishment because it gets them something (someone went to college for a degree to make money, someone started a rock band to party hard and screw tons of girls, I created this thread to make a distinction). Reward motivated people are on the positive side and really rule and own pretty much everything in the world. Which side are you on?
  2. Zepfan2001

    Instrumental (1:53) FREE

    I updated the artwork and named the music and I'm done fussing with this project. Check out the new look! https://percievetheinfinite.bandcamp.com/releases
  3. Zepfan2001

    Instrumental (1:53) FREE

    I did an impromptu recording on my computer with some virtual keyboards and a virtual trapset. I spent about an hour and a half recording this and it does sound half good. You can tell that I listened to a lot of Yes lately on this one. I haven't recorded anything for years, so, this can be my first official (unofficial) recording of this decade. Glad I could share it here on the Led Zeppelin website. Free, you can download this and share it all you want with no charge. If you want to use it publicly then please contact me for permission. https://zepfan2001.bandcamp.com/track/zepfan2001-instrumental
  4. Zepfan2001

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Don't be a l33ter. Protect yourself and learn to recognize the dangers of l33ting.
  5. Zepfan2001

    Pets/Animals - what kind and how many do you own

    This wicked thing came falling out of the sky and my first thought was beatle! I can't say for sure if this could technically be a beatle but its massive for a bug, the tarantula of beatles. I carefully picked it up with its stable hind segment. Got a nasty pincer, the largest pincers I ever saw. Measures the length of my thumb from nose to tail. This wicked bug was in a panick, maybe a scorpion got it. It really went nuts when I picked it up. I let the massive beatle bug go and it quit moving. I thought it was dead but it hissed and puffed itself up when I nudged it with garden shears. 20 minutes went and gone and it continues to sit there. Anyone know what it is. Never say anything like it.
  6. Zepfan2001

    If You Started a Band - What Would You Name It?

    Hey Skipper
  7. Zepfan2001

    Robert Plant Oakland 07/24/77

    How do you know that these old photos are authentic? These days fake photos are way to frequent, way too easy to make. For example, a few years back, some folks that hate me spread fake photos of me doing things I would never do to people who knew me, personally and professionally. Those fakes were done so well nobody could tell they were fake. (the perils of the digital age)
  8. Zepfan2001

    What's the weather like where you are?

    Wetter than usual.
  9. Zepfan2001

    paul mccartney...

    I remember when people asked each other, "Which beatle is your favorite?" I would tell myself, 'What a silly question to ask somebody.' I later realized that girls asked this question to learn more about boys and see what your personality was closer to. Now that I'm older and I know more about the Beatles as people I could confidently say that if I were in dire need to choose which Beatle was the most agreeable and mirrored my personal values the most, I would choose Paul McCartney and not some imitator.
  10. Zepfan2001

    What song is stuck in your head?

    Photograph I don't want her Photograph I don't need her Photograph All I got is a photograph
  11. Zepfan2001

    Pets/Animals - what kind and how many do you own

    Here's another scorpion. It got a cockroach and was appearing confused as it walked around in circles for 30 minutes before I put it in a container. The scorpion never let go of the cockroach even while trying to escape the container. I recorded a short video of the scorpion but this message board won't allow me to upload it. I watched it eat the cockroach for awhile with its odd mouth. It actually has two mouths.
  12. Zepfan2001

    What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

    The mathematical parallels with this album cover and this photo sent to me are quickly aparent but this Pink Floyd tribute was released in 1977, years before this person was born. The letter described the album cover parody being published and marketed in 1997. Thanks though.
  13. Zepfan2001

    If You Started a Band - What Would You Name It?

    Lets Go All The Way
  14. Zepfan2001

    What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

    A reliable source sent me this photo the other day with a story about it. He left a lot of details out so I don't know the whole story but it kinda bummed me out. This photo is of some freckles on a man's arm. The significance is that this particular 'constelation' of freckles became the blueprint of album cover artwork. What had happened was that the leader of a certain band secretely spied on this man and his family and used details of their lives in his songwriting and band art, all without them knowing. Ironically this man was a fan of the band that used his freckles as inspiration. To top it off, even when he bought the album and saw the artwork, he didn't notice the connection. He had no clue the spite and hate this professional musician had for him. He couldn't imagine that in his wildest dreams that a rock star was spying on him. He didn't know any rockstars. Apparently this actually happened numerous times over many years where he and his family were subject to rockstar parody. He was a teenager of 15 when this particular incident happened where the rockstar used his freckles as the basis for album art. He apparently had just started learning guitar himself and this new interest and hobby of his was actually the subject of one of the songs on the album. I wasn't told who this person is or the band that used his freckles as artistic inspiration, so if anyone can make those connections for me that would be cool. Additionally, when this person became aware that all these bands were spying on him and his family he started to fight back. This situation escallated and those musicians conspired to ruin his life and break his family apart. The resulting clash between him and a large number of celebrities left him destitute and hopeless. It took him years to get back on his feet and today he is alive and well and still rebuilding what they destroyed. My sources are reliable, I mean, why would they bullshit me about this? We've known eachother for years and they never bullshitted me about anything like this before. Why would they? So, if anyone can clue me in on what album cover these freckles were used on, that would be cool.
  15. Zepfan2001

    If You Started a Band - What Would You Name It?

    Lovelife or... You'll Never Get What You Want Out Of Me (Even If It Kills Me)
  16. Zepfan2001

    Random Thoughts v.3

    REAL without the poo poo spinneroo
  17. Zepfan2001

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Do they know what "taxation without representation" is? Does that work with "social taxes"? Shouldn't I have to go to one of their games first before they can tax me? Shouldn't there actually be a real connection there first?
  18. Zepfan2001

    2018 MLB season thread

    So I was at work, getting along fine, when this gathering of folks came in who looked like they were together and one was really tall and looked familiar. When it was his turn at the counter I point blank asked him if he was a such and such player, (not MLB, NHL or NFL), I thought I was being nice and he got angry and started talking down to me, so I got smartmouth back and then he threatened me with violence and demanded that I finish the transaction. I got dizzy with anger and considered telling him to leave and then thought, why not get this done quickly so it doesn't escalate. He got more condescending and so I retorted once again. I finished with this customer and he threatened that he would have my job. This has become a huge problem that some of these bitches from this particular sport specifically target me and try to indirectly start shit with me in the hopes they can fuck my life up. I don't watch their stupid little games, I don't know who they are. But you know, this ain't a problem with players from any other sport on either side of the Atlantic. These bitches really are something less. Thank god for baseball, cricket and golf. These pros don't start shit with humble workers like me. They're real pros, not ghetto bitches totin' a bankroll. Edit- And also, when someone famous targets a working class private civilian they endanger their lives. They have stalkers who mean to severely harm people. When they stretch and spread their star attention to the lower classes they are essentially sharing the danger that they can afford to protect themselves from with those of us who have pretty much no barrier to protect us from such dangers. So, thanks a lot superstar, you really are something special. (sarcasm)
  19. Zepfan2001

    Random Facts About Yourself

    I truly don't fucking care. edit- This post isn't a response to the last post before it.
  20. Zepfan2001

    If You Started a Band - What Would You Name It?

    Music Isn't A Sport
  21. Zepfan2001

    If You Started a Band - What Would You Name It?

    How about... The Scientist That Named That Planet Is Missing (And We Renamed It) or... You Know What I'm Talking About or... Tongue Flicker
  22. Zepfan2001

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    I did see some snips of this movie on YouTube some years ago, but only a few minutes worth. It started with Robert Plant on the street mingling with fans and then he was on a beach with a sword and there was a live song footage of the band. That was what I remember.
  23. Zepfan2001

    2018 MLB season thread

    The last time I gave much attention to baseball, enough to know who any of the players were, was in the 1990s. There shouldn't be many players still on from the 90s, if so, they're near the end of their careers.
  24. Zepfan2001

    Random Lyric Thread

    get back get back get back to where you once belong