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  1. Not a huge fan of their 77’ tour, but this is probably one I will definitely listen to again and again...
  2. Dick head listen up. they deleted the thread, you are overwhelmingly stupid for criticism on people who didn’t care about Bootlegs of a concert. Do you think I really care what others in this forum think about my opinions about a Led Zeppelin bootleg or Led Zeppelin concert I am just stating facts that many many people told me about that show it was all the hype lacking substance there of course there were some great shows that were magically captured on bootleg but of it now so who cares if I Pointed out many people who saw Led Zeppelin in 77 have said.
  3. He does the same thing to me. He has no life, Listen here dickhead majority of the people who I have talk to you about the 1977 Led Zeppelin tour said that it was not good Steve Slaton KZ OK/ KISW fame here in Seattle got to meet the band Jimmy page was so wasted he had to be carried off the helicopter to the weight in limousines. Does this mean we don’t like Led Zeppelin even Robert Plant has stated that the band was not itself at 1977 you’re just a jerk off that likes to argue with people get help troll .
  4. What what does that mean? So it’s intended for people to appreciate a different Led Zeppelin if you mean appreciate some crappy bootleg that you can hardly hear no way keep it to yourself. You definitely took it personally and then others here calling me a troll what is that just because I criticize a bootleg you made lol ?furthermore yeah I did listen to it soundboard recording sound dry in placid and of course I’m gonna listen to daze&confused because that was Led Zeppelin‘s masterpiece from 68 all the way to 75 and it was terrible echoey couldn’t even hear John P. Jones. I mean come on what are you talking about that I should appreciate a different Led Zeppelin
  5. I did? What are you talking about Dude? Unveiled me? Are you the stalker? Your full of shit bro.
  6. Your going to tell me Dazed and confused sounds good? Hahahahaha oh that’s right I need those bootleg ears. LoL
  7. Umm yeah have fun dude. If you really think this sounds good that’s fine. I find this form funny how you bootleg collectors get hissy if someone tells you that these bootleg sound like shit. WTF is (bootleg ears)?? Maybe that is a bootlegger thing...I believe 99% of Zeppelin fans would laugh at you if you played this....sounds like shit man, don’t take it personally.
  8. I will wait for an official recording. Sorry Bootlegs just don’t capture Led Zeppelin live.
  9. I often wondered what Zeppelin fans thought back in 1975-to Present what they thought of the change in Robert plants vocals? I do recall reading that Zeppelin toured before the physical graffiti album so I am pretty sure fans notice in concert that Plant lost range but what about those that 1. Didn’t see Zeppelins 75 tour but bought the album the same year. 2. Those that didn’t know the history of Zeppelin but discovered a change on the PG album? For me I found it kinda odd that physical graffiti had recordings that sounded different compared to other songs on the Album. Houses of The Holy song is one example, or down by the sea side is another.
  10. I think John Bonham would’ve been the one to demand a break from the long tours, and being a way from his growing family. Robert was all in as long as John was there, yeah he did say that by 77’ tour they were grinding through the shows but the huge audience going berserk would motivate anyone to continue even if they weren’t in best form in all their shows.( I think a bad Zeppelin show would still be better than a good show from anyone else. ) I guess Robert and John Bonham would have made it clear that Zeppelin was going to stay closer to home, shorter tours, longer breaks, then call it a day by 1995.
  11. Just curious if any members in this form plays Zeppelin music in a band or their personal studio aka garage band. Has anyone ever tried to play the 10 ribs & all carrot....pod pod pod ? That is a amazing tune.
  12. Lame another cash grab by someone who is just making $$ off Zeppelin.
  13. That would be the first time Immigrant song was played!
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