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  1. strombringer101

    New website/ live Zeppelin?

    Since 2018 was the anniversary of Led Zeppelin and all we got was a book and some Van shoes, (lame) when is Jimmy page starting this website that is all live Zeppelin? I’ve heard to many bootlegs and sorry 90% are unlistenable. I know some say “put your bootleg ears on” whatever that means? Well I’ve tried and the sound of muffled tin box sound doesn’t work. Led Zeppelin was a live band to experience their shows were amazing if you were lucky enough to see them. I wasn’t. So I had to rely on Bootlegs, or official stuff. So does anyone know when this website will come to life?
  2. strombringer101

    New website/ live Zeppelin?

    Kevin Sherliry who did the official Zeppelin DVD back in 05 I believe said he went through all the other audio recordings especially 77’ tour and said the shows were not good performances so nothing will be done with them. Why does he get to choose?
  3. strombringer101

    New website/ live Zeppelin?

    Here is an example of probably one of the best Bootlegs out there, full rich sound, thumping bass, Bonzo going off like a M80 firework. But you can’t hear Robert??? This is why I’m hoping this live website has stuff unheard of.
  4. strombringer101

    Houston 1977 - Remastered Soundboard

    Having listened to your remastered version of this concert. 1. The flubs in sick again, Kashmir add to the notion of lack of practice. 2. Bass is the weak point, for some reason the bass sounds flat.* 3. Jimmy playing is subpar and this excellent remastered shows the major drop off from 71’-73. * what I mean by flat it sounds like someone playing bass not plugged into the amps.
  5. strombringer101

    Radio Stations that Still Get the Led Out!

    Here in Seattle Washington their is a station Run by Iheart media called KZOK 102.5 FM every Saturday @12 o’clock they have 1 hour of listener requests lunch with Led.
  6. strombringer101

    Best Version of Black Dog Ever Played

    Issues with these post. Sound quality, sorry guys some of these bootlegs sound terrible. I know the performance is stellar but it is almost impossible to listen to. Can you guys post something with clearn sound?
  7. strombringer101

    Zep Songs You Didn't Like, But You Like Now

    All my love. I found it cheesy (not knowing it was a tribute to Robert son)
  8. strombringer101

    Does anyone have any controversial opinions about Zep?

    I guess it should be said that 90% of people in this form probably never saw Led Zeppelin live. I being one of them, and not a huge fan of bootlegs because of the sound quality sucks. I am sure their is a few decent sounding recordings of Zeppelin live on bootlegs but I will pass. My gripe with Led Zeppelin was the overindulged solos that sounded sloppy and definitely not worth the listen (My opinion) ie. No quarter, the SRTS version is killer. The 1975’ 77’ is a bore. They definitely could have added some more songs off presence album. The Acoustic set should have had more songs off Zep3 would have loved to hear Gallows Pole, Friends and swan song.
  9. strombringer101

    Destroyer concert

    Has there been an updated remastered version of this concert? i always thought No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, & Kashmir were darn good in this show. i bought this at a long closed music store.
  10. strombringer101

    Everybody is making music ...except Jimmy.

    I gave a good listen to Jimmy Pages Out Rider album and thought this man had more in his cataolog for music. Then I listened to Cover Dale and Jimmy and remembered how damn good Page was playing on this album. Maybe he has something for us, or not. Either way I am happy.
  11. strombringer101

    Does anyone have any controversial opinions about Zep?

    Having never seen Zeppelin live, I have to say my only gripe is I wasn’t there. Led Zeppelin is the best band hands down.
  12. strombringer101

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    I guess I rather listen to what The band wanted to be heard rather then some crappy recordings that you can barely listen to? Yeah I know their is some killer unofficial recordings 69’ Fillmore, 79’ Copenhagen for example. Though most of these bootlegs lack depth and feel as to say the official recordings. Keep your “audience recordings, git”
  13. strombringer101

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    My goodness some of the bootlegs are terrible sounding.
  14. strombringer101

    Glasgow 12/3/72 - New Recording

    Bootlegs I’m sorry. It’s cool and all but still not S good as an official live recording.
  15. strombringer101

    Things You've Heard From The Audience?

    I wonder if any tape exist of a tapper getting busted by Or close to getting busted by security or Richard Cole himself?
  16. Well if this is it (50th) I have to say it fell way flat. I know we all had are own wishful desires of something, maybe a live album retrospective, or a thank you concert. Nope all we got was rehash SRTS and a book.
  17. strombringer101

    Had my eyes closed listening to The Rain Song...

    Dave Lewis quote “ Houses of The Holy was a transition album from their previous three albums, less of the bombardment of the first two and lacking the Shear diversity of the 3rd album and the classic status of the fourth.”- the complete guide to the music of Led Zeppelin.
  18. strombringer101

    Why did they not play at woodstock

    When you look at the History of Zeppelin shows, a lot of times they played with lesser known bands in the Late 77’ tour in Oakland, Judas Priest was new band and some say they blew Zeppelin off the stage. Then Knebworth line up was terrible, they did ask a young Dire straight band to play but declined for some reason. Probably because of the rumors of Zeppelin that swirled around the band.
  19. strombringer101

    Why no Unledded remaster?

    I saw this concert in the Tacoma Dome. I thought the show was alright, some cool tunes. Then I saw Walking to... at the gorge at George WA st. Jimmy page took control of that show. Blew me away when they did How many more times ( bow section).
  20. strombringer101

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    Having just my eyes and scores of listening to bootlegs and seeing Page and Plant twice (walking to clarksdale tour) I would say Jimmy was in top form at the O2 concert. Jason Bonham did ok, I personally think he isn’t that good of a drummer. Robert Plant did ok but was way better in the 98’ tour. JPJ was the key. Page & Plant tour didn’t have the right feel, the groove, it didn’t have Jones.
  21. strombringer101

    Top Ten Best and Worst Led Zeppelin Songs

    If I was to do a top 10 for the mighty Zeppelin it would go like this. * 1. When the levee breaks 2. What is what should never be 3. Trampled underfoot 4. For your life 5. Hot’s on for no where 6. Bring it on home 7. Kashmir 8. How many more times 9. Friends 10. In the evening. * subject to change. my least listened songs from Zeppelin. 1. Dyrer maker 2. The crunge 3. Moby dick 4. Walter Walks 5. Darlen 6. Living loving (she is just a woman) 7. Out on the titles ( the ending drumming is amazing) 8. Stairway to Heaven 9. Houses of the Holy -song 10. Fool in the rain
  22. strombringer101

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    When the news came around that Led Zep's 50th anniversary was coming up, I was expecting a little more than just a book and some online song list. I wasn't expecting a concert but I was hoping for a live album. Nothing. I will say I am not interested in paying for crappy bootlegs on some website when Youtube has ton of those already.
  23. strombringer101

    The Best blues song ever made by Zeppelin.

    Led Zeppelin in the beginning was known as heavy blues rock band before Houses Of The Holy. Some people thing Led Zeppelin 3 "Since Ive been loving you" is Zeppelins best or maybe a couple of tracks off Led Zeppelin 1. (you shook me, or How many more times) For me I believe Led Zeppelin hit their peak with the blues with one song that stands as the best Led Zeppelin blues song. That song would be : When The Levee Breaks: Off their fourth untitled album. The structure of that tune is simply amazing and the drum beat that started the industrial Revolution has been sampled by 100s of hip artiest. the last section at the 2:00 minute mark is the making of ROCK.
  24. strombringer101

    Cleveland 4/28/77 alternate source

    I have whatever source it is haha kinda good kinda bad recording. I did noticed that the version of Kashmir is flawless.
  25. Around 1977 we all know the tragedy that befell R, Plant and his son. As the story goes, Plant was considering becoming a teacher of some sort. He was truly intending to leave Zeppelin behind. Well there is many videos and article stating that it was Bonham encouraging Plant to comeback. Well they end up making 1 more album, and then doing a small tour of Europe; before heading off to America. Well the last time Zeppelin was preparing for the American tour, John Bonham kinda freaks out while drunk saying "He doesn't want to do this anymore, I want to sing, I am not that good of a drummer now." (I am paraphrasing of course.) So this is my problem with this situation: What changed in Bonzo?, Was the drinking taking a serious effect on his mental health? If he didn't want to be a drummer anymore, why ask Robert to comeback? Was there an underling issue with Bonzo from the beginning? I have read to many stories of his rage against anyone. Was John Bonham bipolar ? I know the only people that could answer these questions would be the band members and family, though I think it raises a good question. https://www.loudersound.com/features/the-last-days-of-led-zeppelin-days-of-thunder