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  1. On 4/23/2019 at 7:44 PM, tmtomh said:

    Two qualifiers:

    1. These are just my personal favorites - I don't claim these necessarily are "the best."

    2. For some albums (especially III and PG) it's very a very close call between the track I've listed and one or more other candidates.

    That said, here's my list:

    I - Dazed and Confused

    II - Whole Lotta Love

    III - That's the Way

    IV - Levee

    Houses - The Rain Song

    PG - In My Time of Dying

    Presence - Tea for One

    In Through the Out Door - Fool in the Rain

    Coda - Wearing and Tearing

    Fool in the rain?? I was agreeing with your list until I saw that song. Ooooh my it so Salas and yippee for me. Yeah the drumming is excellent but the song is cheesy)

  2. Led Zeppelin is a force that will live long past it’s members. I can see how some of the band members can turn off fans, the off stage rumors, the drug use, womanizing. That was the 1970s and rarely did people complain. As a fan who will always buy a new Zeppelin whatever in music ( reissue remastered etc. etc.) I think it’s ok criticize them for a lackluster 50th anniversary celebration, or not doing more one off gigs, or releasing and remastering some best of live Led Zeppelin. Personally I’m happy with the official stuff over these many boots but hey that’s just mean. I enjoy reading how these serious live recordings collectors go in detail about the musicality Zeppelin was known for during their live concerts. It is cool to listen to how their songs changed in playing from night to night, or reading how a luck guy got to see Zeppelin concert. I’ve stated many times I’m not a fan of Zeppelin 77’ but I’m definitely not going to deny the powerful energy, the force or light and darkness in their shows must have been awesome to behold. Jimmy, Robert, Jones, Bonham can handle some criticism when they know at one time Gods did walk the Earth. 

  3. Analog remastering or the new deluxe remastering Was recently watching a YouTube video where the guy was stating that the new Led Zeppelin LPs were digital pressed file onto the LP do you guys consider these new LPs lackluster compared to other LPs that I’ve come out before? 

    Do you  guys prefer analog to LP remastering compare to digital file press to LP remastering this guy seems to say the sounding is not very good ?


  4. 26 minutes ago, gibsonfan159 said:

    Not their debut. Some call it their sellout album.

    Really? I remember the Bleach EP was underground and considered a good start for a up and coming band. Saw nirvana in Olympia WA back in 90s, they were playing songs off Never mind before it even came out. I don’t think majority of fans consider it a sell our. Is Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy a sell out?

  5. Not going to debate the subject when many fans of Led Zeppelin have already long said in this form that the 1977 tour was by far the worst in Zeppelin other wise stellar performances. Robert Plant has even stated himself that tour was a grind ( paraphrasing)  The over indulgence of drugs and alcohol consumed Jimmy and Bonham. Yeah their is a handful of some great shows but nothing compared to their 1971 tour, both in US and Europe. John Paul Jones has said in many interviews that he hated the stadium shows, the whole thing was a spectacle of “Cool” compared to a concert of Amazing Led Zeppelin live. 


  6. I read in Richard Coles Book Stairway to Heaven that John Bonham poured Orange Juice on Alvin Lee Of Ten years after. Jimmy and Peter Grant were so outraged and furious with Bonham that they told him he ever pulled another stunt like that again he would be out of the band. Don’t know if that is true or not?

  7. I hope it’s not another 75 or 77’ show.

    the set list in 77’ is alright but a 25 minute version of No quarter is a joke. I’ve listened to many different concerts of the 77’ tour and I just find that part of the show boring as hell. Furthermore when did Led Zeppelin become a Jazz band? I always found it a shame that they didn’t play more off  Presence, drop Moby Dick, since I’ve been loving you, no quarter, Battle of ..., then replace those songs with Hots on for no where, Electric version of Gallows poll, poor Tom. By the 1977 Led Zeppelin live wasn’t the best, Pink Floyd In the flesh tour was the shows to see. 


  8. 2 hours ago, sam_webmaster said:

    Led Zeppelin History - Episode 1. The first in a series of short stories celebrating what happened 50 years ago...
    #LZ50 #LZHistory


    30 hours to make a masterpiece. Incredible.

  9. 40 minutes ago, William Austin said:

    Yes, it is there, but it's only consists of Plant singing, "mean ol' levee taught me to weep and moan" a few times over the Going Down Slow melody.

    Here's the link:


    Man what a version of Whole lotta love. Having read a lot in this Zeppelin form, it seems to me Led Zeppelin live was at it's most creative and spontaneous from 1969-1972, (maybe 73). Look at the set list for example of their setlist for their 1971 Copenhagen show:  

    4. (Jake Holmes cover)
    10. (The first and only more )
      The Maid Freed from the Gallows
    11. ([traditional] cover)
    12. (medley incl. Let That Boy more )  that would be an awesome show to have done officially. I know the 1975 tour had Phy...but most of those shows Roberts Vocals were shall I say {thrashed} but still powerful. I see why a lot of the older Zeppelin fans don't care much for the 77' shows because of the noticeable drop off in performance from Jimmy, {John Bonham was a monster in 77' best part of the band shows were his performances} and Robert vocals sometimes in certain songs he seems just to be shouting and not singing,  Sick again, In my Time of dying come to mind.  
  10. Are they real? I live in China (American) travels back an forth to Seattle where I’m from and I will tell you this.

    koreans are very nice people but their music sucks and it’s a sham to these young ladies. Their career is done by age 25, imagine if Jimmy told Plant after  physical graffiti Album your to old, need a younger man now. 

  11. On 4/9/2019 at 4:25 PM, gibsonfan159 said:

    Here's one I did of the Ipswich version. Not a lot of difference, just cleared it up as much as possible.


    Much better. I am happy with this. Yeah I know I bitched about Bootlegs sounding terrible, but man this version kicked my ass. Thank you for clearing this up a bit.

  12. 50 minutes ago, SteveAJones said:

    I don't believe either is a bootleg.

    The first, dated 2007, with the full color Swan Song logo, 8122799611 ends with "atlantic.com.au" AU is music industry code for Australia. So that seems to be a 2007 Australian cd.

    The second, SS201-2-1 with "Made in USA by WEA Manufacturing" seems to be a USA cd (date unknown) (possibly older stock...pre 2007).

    Bear in mind there are over 250 variations of TSRTS soundtrack across all formats (LP, 8-TRACK, CASS, CD), not including pirated copies.

    Thanks man. I was not happy how they cut NO Quarter and the Guitar Solo from Celebration Day. So I kept my old copy because they have the original. Yeah the AU copy does sound better but I was shocked about the cutting of those songs.  

  13. Hey Zeppelin collectors need your help. 

    I have a small cottage in Guangzhou China, and it means I am really close to Hong Kong.

    so I went to a HMV music shop and bought the CD version of TSRTS. Are these bootlegs? As you see I’m showing you the original one I bought years ago, and the one I bought couple of months ago. 





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