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  1. 18 hours ago, NealR2000 said:

    The male voice not only gets deeper during adolescence where there's a rapid change, but it also tends to deepen very gradually throughout life.  I'm no expert on why this second phase of voice deepening occurs, but I suspect it's due to wear and tear of ones vocal chords.  Now add to that, the life of a professional singer, and add further to that, a professional singer like Plant, who in his younger years, really sang his lungs out.  

    I still think Robert had a strong vocals, I listened to NYC 1977 and he still had it, just wish they did custard pie live !

  2. It has been well documented here how some Zeppelin fans cringe on the way Robert plant vocals were different after the 1973 tour or even before.

    I being the generation that brought back Led Zeppelin to popularity thanks to MTV playing The Song Remains The Same. That brought Led Zeppelin to a whole new generation of Kids that didn't know the difference between Robert Plant the Screaming God of Thunder, to the Heavy Over Lord of the later 1970s. I was blown away with all the early stuff but the albums after HOH I thought were much more heaver and more complex arrangements then the earlier maybe with exception of  When the Levee Breaks. I have to say this song never gets enough respect. 


  3. I think we as fans ask to much. I know there is Bootleg  collectors who share their stuff even after remastered it still sounds like crap. What more can a band that hasn’t performed since June of 1980 give yeah that most will not bitch about? I remember reading in here how people were complaining about how RP sang at a lower note during the 07’ concert. Jimmy and Robert have both stated “their is no other film concert of the Band” 

    there person that I believe has kept the Zeppelin from flying again is Robert Plant. I truly believe he is done with the band on a performance wise. Furthermore do you want to see a 75 year old man playing hits that made us go wow, then seeing grandpa trying to rock....lol Hell no. Robert Plant is old and can barely sing the Zeppelin stuff, if he doesn’t turn it into country Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin is done and this 50th was a joke, but understandable because of the lack of official material that has been generated during Zeppelin time; meaningful filmed shows besides TSRTS, live audio recordings done by the band. Led Zeppelin wasn’t a merchandising band, they were a live experience that got huge by the word of mouth. Example Led Zeppelin tour in 1977 in NYC they didn’t even have to promote it, no radio ads or nothing. Word of mouth. To me the magic of Led Zeppelin is their unbelievably awesome official catalog of albums. You can keep your 30 min version of No quarter...boring. I will stick with the clean sounds of the official. I guess in short. Quit complaining and get the Led Out!

  4. The sad thing is Jimmy Page promised new music ? 

    As I’ve stated before, I’m not a fan of bootlegs ( terrible sounding) 

    it just gets old that Page keeps sayhe will have new music coming out?

    so in short this 50th  anniversary was ok, but definitely lacking on truly substantial substance. Van shoes....wtf

  5. Funny how so many people in this forum want to believe that the Zeppelin 77’ tour was the greatest events ever, sorry it wasn’t. By 1977 Led Zeppelin wasn’t even the best selling band for their official records, Punk Rock was storming the scene. Many articles on the tour were critical of the shows some of the statements used were “ sluggish, overdramatizes solos, terrible performance.” Even Robert plant has made comments about the tour saying “some nights we were just “there” ) The vibe of the tour with a coked out Richard Cole, a disgruntled Peter Grant who was in a middle of a a divorce. I contacted the local Popular DJ here in Seattle and he was fortunate enough to meet Zeppelin when they came to Seattle to kick off third leg of their tour he said Jimmy page was so drunk he couldn’t walk straight, couldn’t believe this man would even attempt to do a concert. As we all know another lackluster show was given. Then there is the issue that no one wants to admit. John Bonham was an abusive drunk, way to many reporters of his  drunk rude behavior. Furthermore another thing we all look away from is Jimmy Page is or was a pervert. #metoo wasn’t around in the 1970s so he was lucky. I personally don’t care about the individual members of Led Zeppelin it was their music that makes other bands cry. Though their live shows after 1973 Led Zeppelin wasn’t the best live band. 

  6. Saw Jimmy Page 10th row center of the stage at the Gorge Gorge Washington. Walking to Clark’s Dale.

    it was the Jimmy Page show, the versatility of page on title track Walking to.... was amazing, the bluesy emotion of Blue Train. Probably the best show I’ve ever seen second to Tool at Portland RoseGarden.

  7. Kevin Sherliry who did the official Zeppelin DVD back in 05 I believe said he went through all the other audio recordings  especially 77’ tour and said the shows were not good performances so nothing will be done with them. 

    Why does he get to choose?

  8. Here is an example of probably one of the best Bootlegs out there, full rich sound, thumping bass, Bonzo going off like a M80 firework. But you can’t hear Robert??? This is why I’m hoping this live website has stuff unheard of. 


  9. Since 2018 was the anniversary of Led Zeppelin and all we got was a book and some Van shoes, (lame) when is Jimmy page starting this website that is all live Zeppelin? I’ve heard to many bootlegs and sorry 90% are unlistenable. I know some say “put your bootleg ears on” whatever that means? Well I’ve tried and the sound of muffled tin box sound doesn’t work. Led Zeppelin was a live band to experience their shows were amazing if you were lucky enough to see them. I wasn’t. So I had to rely on Bootlegs, or official stuff. So does anyone know when this website will come to life? 

  10. Having listened to your remastered version of this concert.

    1. The flubs in sick again, Kashmir add to the notion of lack of practice.

    2. Bass is the weak point, for some reason the bass sounds flat.*

    3. Jimmy playing is subpar and this excellent remastered shows the major drop off from 71’-73. 

    * what I mean by flat it sounds like someone playing bass not plugged into the amps.

  11. I guess it should be said that 90% of people in this form probably never saw Led Zeppelin live. I being one of them, and not a huge fan of bootlegs because of the sound quality sucks. I am sure their is a few decent sounding recordings of Zeppelin live on bootlegs but I will pass. My gripe with Led Zeppelin was the overindulged solos that sounded sloppy and definitely not worth the listen (My opinion) ie. No quarter, the SRTS version is killer. The 1975’ 77’ is a bore. They definitely could have added some more songs off  presence album. The Acoustic set should have had more songs off Zep3 would have loved to hear Gallows Pole, Friends and swan song. 

  12. On 1/28/2019 at 4:41 AM, confounded_bridge said:


    What's  wrong  with  you? If  you  don't  have  "bootleg  ears"  get  on  with  it. I  appreciate  all  the  audience  recordings  we  have, no  matter  the  quality.

    I guess I rather listen to what The band wanted to be heard rather then some crappy recordings that you can barely listen to? Yeah I know their is some killer unofficial recordings 69’ Fillmore, 79’  Copenhagen for example. Though most of these bootlegs lack depth and feel as to say the official recordings. Keep your “audience recordings, git”

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