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  1. I'm currently reading Hammer of the Gods and have to agree that Davis focuses too much on the tabloid side of things. I also am noticing the heavy influence of Cole on the work. Next on my reading list is When Giants Walked the Earth by Mick Wall. I know he is releasing an updated version for the 50th anniversary in October, but I want to give theoirignal a read through first. I will definitely give the Yorke piece a try. Thank you for your suggestions! Much appreciated!
  2. Very helpful. Thank you so much! I took a class on the Philosophy of Led Zeppelin and we used a lot of Dave Lewis's books. He is fantastic. Also, I'm happy to be here!!
  3. Just getting deeper into my love for the band and am an avid reader. I'm curious to see what y'all think are some of the best books/biographies about Led Zeppelin and/or its members.
  4. It sounds like he just smoked whatever was available. LOL!
  5. This is such a silly fangirl question, but does anyone know what brand of cigarettes Jimmy used to smoke? Did he have a preference?
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