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  1. Hello forum, first post! I was curious- I have a special guitar that I got signed by G.E. Smith, Joe Bonamossa, Joe Satriani, and Steve Miller (long story but I'll post about it upon request). I wanted to add Page's signature to it, but I know that might not be so simple. First, he lives in England. That's obviously an issue since I live in the United States, but a trip to Europe may very well be in the cards for me in the near future regardless, which inspired me to write this post. Is it possible to meet him at all on that basis or is he just simply too busy or valuing of his alone time to really care? Where might be the best place to meet him if this is even possible on a theoretical level? Second, this is simply from what I've heard, but I've heard that Jimmy Page REALLY doesn't like signing things. From what I understand, this is due to the fact that most people who have stuff signed by him immediately turn around and sell it on eBay or the like. I don't feel like this will be an issue though seeing as I got FOUR signatures from well-known, respected musicians and haven't sold it since I acquired said guitar (and signatures) in 2015, with NO intents on ever selling it. Just too sentimental and extraordinary for me to give up. But I can't say for sure if the reason I gave is actually the true for his reluctance to sign things or not. What do you guys think? Any insight on how likely it is to make my dream come true? Just be honest with me if this is a pipe dream or not. Photo of guitar attached below for authenticity. Thanks!
  2. Awesome, I'll keep that in mind, thanks a ton.
  3. Hm. I do respect the man's privacy and thinking about it honestly, I would hate having random people knocking on my door too. Are there any public functions he might be going to soon? You know, organized meet n' greets for his fans or something of that nature? I guess you'd be a good person to ask given your clear background with the band itself, though maybe being in Japan might've complicated that issue, to be fair.
  4. Hey dude, he must have released his address to newspapers and he makes a big deal about the places he lives at. He even purported to own THE house that was once owned by Aleister Crowley. Its not necessarily a top-secret, hush hush thing. Being approached by people constantly is part of being famous (which, to be fair, is why I would HATE being famous- not to imply that I ever could be). Besides, its not like I wanna stalk the guy, I just wanna know where I can find him and get a signature- nothing more. It doesn't even HAVE to be his house.
  5. Would you happen to know where he lives now? Or does he still go back to that old house? I do know he owns a lot of homes.
  6. That is true. I may consider telling him that if I ever do get near him.
  7. Unrelated, but of curiosity, does Page or Plant remember you? They must have after all the times you came up to him if what you say is true. Also, how did you meet them anyways?
  8. To be fair, the connection here was that I went to Les Paul's 100th birthday bash in New York City and the assorted guitarists there showed up. I caught them as they were walking out of the Hard Rock Cafe in Manhattan and got the four signatures that very night. Best night of my life. Sure, most people might not know that, but at least they were all guitarists, which is whom I plan to have sign my guitar (though I do live in Texas- if I can get Billy Gibbons to sign it, I'm sure as hell not gonna deny Dusty Hill either). Also, you actually got Jimmy to sign something??? Bad ASS! Sucks you didn't get Plant's signature though. Feel for ya.
  9. Maybe this is just my stubborn ways, but I'd go homeless if it meant that I would have to sell that guitar in order to not be. It's ALREADY is worth more than any money in the world to me. Page's signature would make it priceless in a way. Or I could just give it to one of my many living relatives for safe keeping. But yeah, maybe he'll really only sign in most instances for charity. Perhaps you're right.
  10. Yeah, I kinda figured that from what I heard. I wonder where you could run into him, either in the U.S. or U.K.? I know he doesn't really tour these days. Hmm, do you think she'd respond over Twitter? If not, does she have a publicly available contact info like email? How much is a "considerable" donation to him? I mean, I was no stranger to spend money to get THIS guitar and get it signed, either, so maybe I have the budget for it- not that I wish to imply that I have tens of thousands of dollars to throw down for a signature. But hey, besides, how much would the guitar be worth if I DID manage to pull it off and get it signed by him? I don't disagree, its the long shot of all long shots. But so were getting the four signatures already on it, too. I do expect to temper expectations here, but I do have to admit, this is a pretty remarkable little instrument that its obvious I NEVER want to sell. Plus, it was NEVER about how much the instrument was worth to me- just the stories that I could get to tell with it. I guess I wouldn't at least try if I didn't feel like I had a chance. But hey, even if he didn't wanna sign it, I could still get a picture with him! That'd be a good consolation! Thanks for your help, I'll definitely consider your advice!
  11. Does he expect money to sign it? I guess if you're talking about the trip in the future, I'm still going to Europe regardless. But thanks anyways for the advice. Either way, if anyone else got ideas, including none at all, I'd like to hear it so I know what I'm up against.