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  1. Germaine Greer was also in the audience at the Albert Hall show on January 9, 1970.
  2. Led Zeppelin I, followed by Led Zeppelin II. I would say the least bluesy album is Houses of the Holy. Every other album has at least one blues number: III-Since I Been Loving You IV-When the Levee Breaks PG-In My Time of Dying Presence-Tea for one ITTOD-I'm Gonna Crawl
  3. The Song Remains The Same Down By the Seaside Going To California Trampled Underfoot Carouselambra The Battle of Evermore Bron-Yr-Aur Achilles Last Stand Wearing And Tearing Ten Years Gone
  4. I've never gotten the widespread dislike for "Your Time Is Gonna Come." It's probably in my top 15. What's weird is that when I got the first album on cassette in 1987, sides one and two were reversed (unbeknownst to me at the time). So to this day I think of "Your Time Is Gonna Come" as the first song on the album. It's still weird to me to pop in the CD and hear "Good Times Bad Times" first!
  5. Least favorite song from each album: You Shook Me (seems to last forever, just a lumbering I-IV-V blues) Moby Dick (cool riff, but drum solos are just not "songs") Hats Off (almost a required pick for III ☺️) Four Sticks (although I usually skip Stairway!) The Crunge Night Flight (have always hated this song from day one) Candy Store Rock Hot Dog Coda: I Can't Quit You Baby tied with Bonzo's Montreux
  6. Hello, everyone, I'm new to this forum as a "member" but I've been lurking off and on for a long time. I'm from North Carolina and have been a LZ fan since I was 15, in 1987. I remember taping The Song Remains the Same off MTV (on Beta!) and watching it all the time. The order I got the albums: LZ IV-"Borrowed" from a friend and never gave it back LZ I LZ III LZ II and Houses on the same day--the first day of summer, as I recall. to this day, I always think of "Houses" as their bright and sunny, "summer" album, No Quarter notwithstanding PG-my favorite Presence-Got it on a rainy day. To this day, it's their "rainy day" album. ITTOD-Got it on the same day as Black Sabbath's Sabotage Coda-My 1st girlfriend got it for me for Christmas I was in college when the 1st boxed set came out in 1990. Other bands in my top 10: Deep Purple/Black Sabbath/King Crimson/Free/Yes/Whitesnake/Rainbow/Van Halen/Black Oak Arkansas
  7. Hello, all, this is my first post on these boards. I did a search for the topic before posting and didn't see one, so here goes... Overall, I'm happy with the reissues of a few years ago, but I did notice that several of the 2 CD reissues (I don't have any of the single discs/LPs/deluxe packages, just the 2 CD sets) have missing artwork: LZ IV-The back cover (with the highrise building) Houses-Again, the back cover Presence-The back cover (the teacher with the two students) ITTOD-Disappointed that they didn't include, say, an insert with all 6 alternate covers. Does anyone have any insight about why these were left off? I doubt it was an accident/oversight. Yes, it is cool to have the "negative" images on the backs of all these CDs/inserts, but most remasters of other bands pride themselves on including "all original artwork."
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