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  1. Not a 1st issue pictured, yours has the Warner logo in the rim text.
  2. While I feel the new releases were a missed opportunity for a last analog hurrah, in reality JP has fuzzed with the tapes so much, not sure how much of the original remained. Add to that the age of the tapes - all tapes may not have aged well? I do applaud the new releases for bringing a low cost product to the public. And they do have better SQ that many vintage pressings....Zep was popular and anything would sell. But if one gets the right press, from the right country, and mastered by the right person....well the new just lacks the life/power/rawness of the best all analog!
  3. IMO, no true Led Head should be able to answer this one!!!!!
  4. Best SQ would depend on the title, but I always look to the first masterings - from which side of the pond depends on title.
  5. https://www.discogs.com/Led-Zeppelin-Led-Zeppelin-III/release/6210094
  6. I agree - no comparison between these two as they worked in different capacities.
  7. Well, they do attempt to stay faithful to the original...
  8. An older thread that IMO should have seen more action....anyway, my 2 cents. There is nothing better than the RL cut, but at $200 and up it may be out of reach for some? Second in line would be a UK plum label press, not the RL by any means, but a truly sweet press!!! Pricing however is not attractive at this time. Third in line would be the Prios (GP) cut. $50, at the most, should buy you a very nice copy. It is sorta' like a little brother to the RL. Get 'em while you can! And the sticker has nothing to do with tracking issues, don't worry about that.
  9. Cool. By available I assume you mean through old stock/used market. My concern was that the original is no longer in print on any format.
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