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    Misty Mountain Cemetery Hop "Theyre coming to get you Barbara" "what big ears u have gramdma" and Peter Cottontail,cokeacola,sun,moon,stars,zombies,dinosaurs,flowers and clowns,draconian,gorgon and reptilians,window pane shards,ZoSo,four two oh and bbbrrraaaaaiiinnnnssszz!!!!Aries,zodiac,aztec,egyptian,mars,spiders and snakes,cosmic easter island eggs,timetravel,eternity,scarab,beatles,manson and lavey,the 60s-the 80s,odinn,crowley,horus,set,boat race,medusa,beebop,elvis,aliens,sears and roebuck combo amps,ww2 naval mines,tug boats,u boats,sloped pyramids,harpy,pianos,chaos,equinox,moonshine,atlantic records,ect. and masons of the universe...time and space...volcanos,zeus...cyclops,third eyes,gas giants,titian,ceres,aerial,horseshoe magnets,3753 cruithne,subatomic dust micro chips...Night of the Living Dead-1968

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  1. Peace,Love and Pisces to All Led Zeppelin fans...and when u find a sheet of LSD,a bag of weed and bowl at a concert...remember the guy that lost that stuff and..ENJOY!!! Four Two Oh..
  2. I think i just lost...just lost my weed and my bowl...i think i just lost...just lost my weed and my bowl...its nearly four two oh....i really need to get stoned...
  3. Jimmy Pages solo-...get high 420..get high 420..get high 420...get high 420...do you need a beer? Hell no..im seein acid tracers...are you sure you dont need a beer? I think i just lost my weed and my bowl?
  4. Went to a concert ate acid and smoked some really good weed(lysergic acid diethylamide, that is a potent hallucinogenic) ..Woody the Wood Pecker(Robert420Plant-"Timber!!!")...we saw the Grateful Dead,and Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix...Pink Floyd..I am the Wall..rus eggmen?Bicycle Ride?The Mad Hatter?Looney Tunes?Good Acid?grown in dark rooms from poisonous mold spores that are present in every home known to mankind so liberally everyone is hallucinating to some extent and dont even know it
  5. At four two oh...at four two oh smoke some dope...my weed and my bowl???
  6. wanna drink a beer? Acid tracer...wanna drink a beer? Acid tracer..wanna beer?...no,i dont..i got acid tracer eyes..so i ate more acid and smoked a doob now...i lost my bowl and my bag at a show with Led Zeppelin..and The Grateful Dead..How? Hell if i know..but i still get high..at four two oh..
  7. smoke some marijuana...smoke some marijuana..if u eat lsd today..today..tracer...u get dilated eyes four two oh oh no...
  8. About the Smokey Mountains?riff sounds like a dial tone and lyric melody sounds like dialing out on push button phone.(BlueBox?)Look Out Peak a "5th State of Mind"?walking in park just the other day(in circles?420)whatdya sawing lincoln logs?concert at the Grateful Dead smokin grass and eatin acid(why do they call them deadheads?)Marijuana and Alcohol..Did u eat any acid?im rollin my dope(the time it was) at four two oh..and Acid trips of mine,they last a while..After i dosed lsd my eyes got really dark and i was trippin in my mind..a friend with every drug know to man is a friend indeed Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page Robert Plant(Grateful Dead)u know i aint lyin when im lyin..Hells Angels..the bikers all stayed for T,acid and song..four two oh..if acid is sin then im gettin high fourtwooh..if i was ur doctor i would prescribe u a sheet of lsd...and every day u would eat around a hundred hits..if u eat acid u better have long hair or dark glasses..aaahhh my eyes are dilated...a joint and a lighter and im smokin four two oh i know that im stoned and i aint lyin fourtwooh..
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