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  1. Not that I'm getting my hopes up, but I'll wait and see. I read in a BLabbermouth.com article yesterday where Plant said "You never know what's around the corner." http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermo...ewsitemID=89386 If it happens, it happens.
  2. Thanks to the mods for putting my topic in the proper place.
  3. Is this song not one of the best tracks on III? Listening to it right now and I love every minute of it, easily a song I can rock to.
  4. Before Zep: ALICE COOPER Why? I discovered him in 1989 when I was 12 and his music stays with me to this very day and for the rest of my life. Poison was HUGE and Trash was one of the top rock albums of the year. Alice changed my world, right after I saw Poison I knew that life would never be the same for me. Alice taught me what the word cool truly means. He's been my surrogate father and my best friend. He's simply and truly the ABSOLUTE best. After Zep: QUEEN No other band on this planet has the talent Freddie, Brian, John, and Roger did. They took rock and roll and gave it the sym
  5. 1. Brian May 2. Jimmy Page 3. Dave Murrary 4. Adrian Smith 5. Janick Gers 6. Stevie Ray Vaughn 7. Roy Z 8. Joe Perry 9. Andrew Stockdale 10. Robbie Krieger 11. Billy Duffy 12. Mark Tremonti
  6. Remember the Concert for Freddie Mercury? When Robert performed Thank You/Crazy Little Thing Called Love? If you're scratching your head look for clips on youtube then give your opinion here. TRULY a missed opportunity. I've got nothing wrong with Paul Rodgeres but one can't help to think: "What if?"
  7. From a kind-of newbie-ish standpoint: Led Zeppelin truly ended with Coda. O2 was probably what it was supposed to be, just a one off show without any thought or notion of any further gigs to come. However, I don't think Robert has the final be all and end all say in Led Zeppelin. If more shows are to come then fine by me. If not, no harm done. Led Zeppelin have left a great legacy that no other band or artist on earth can ever match up to. Either way I'm content and greatful for they're past accomplishments. They don't owe me a thing. Glory Lasts Forever.
  8. I'm trying to better understand..understand like trying to figure out what exactly Robert is singing. Anyone know of a link to Zep lyrics that are on the mark?
  9. I respected Nirvana up until Kurt's suicide. Here's a picture of one man who had it all then thrown it away for no good apparent reason. To this day I believe that he didn't wish Nirvana to have gotten as big and commercial as it was and when he did he just couldn't see the path he was on anymore. Maybe if he had come down from the drugs he could have just taken a few steps back and said "That's it. I'm out." Perhaps it could have been different. What really sickens me is that alot of people in Seattle, not to mention in the rest of the world...treat Kurt's death like he was a martyr.
  10. To this day I can't stop listening to Powerslave. Been a huge fan of Maiden since Brave New World . The six man lineup is by far the best.
  11. Picked up both the DVD and CD last week. Have to admit I love the cd more now that it's complete. I don't really hear nothing wrong with the new editions. As for the dvd....I'm still getting used to it.
  12. In My Time of Dying. One of the absolute best epics I've ever heard.
  13. Just now saw this in my local music store in the Zep section. This worth picking up? Also if anyone knows about it feel free to let me in on the info....
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