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  1. I respected Nirvana up until Kurt's suicide. Here's a picture of one man who had it all then thrown it away for no good apparent reason. To this day I believe that he didn't wish Nirvana to have gotten as big and commercial as it was and when he did he just couldn't see the path he was on anymore. Maybe if he had come down from the drugs he could have just taken a few steps back and said "That's it. I'm out." Perhaps it could have been different. What really sickens me is that alot of people in Seattle, not to mention in the rest of the world...treat Kurt's death like he was a martyr. No one will let the man rest in peace and just be thankful for the music he provided us during his time on earth. Ugh, Give me Queensryche and Pearl Jam anyday.
  2. To this day I can't stop listening to Powerslave. Been a huge fan of Maiden since Brave New World . The six man lineup is by far the best.
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