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  1. I am with stormbringer 101 Robert Plant has left rock n roll behind I stopped going to his shows after the manic nirvana tour which was great wait I did see the date of nations tour then I pulled the plug on seeing him live he had to stop the band twice in what is and what should never be
  2. Been waiting awhile for something on Peter Grant only limited interviews on YouTube is all I saw
  3. Are the rumors true this time I have heard Plant say he would be interested in doing an unplugged set the led Zeppelin heard the camps are taking will there be a tour or another one off then five years later be released on Blu Ray and DVD
  4. I think the 80 Germany tour was pretty week
  5. Has anyone heard or know of any footage or realse or anything Jimmy Page might be putting out anything that was under the New Yardbirds title I have only seen two on YouTube which was I gotta move and I can't quit you babe I love the absolute rawness of Plant's voice and the sound produced by Jimmy's telecaster
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