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  1. I am asking everyone to please give me any information that you have on this and to please correct me if I am wrong. Atlanta is my city and of course, being the Ledhed that I am, I am definitely interested in anything Led Zeppelin had to do with the city itself or even the State of Georgia. I have heard, and please correct me if I am wrong, that there is a better quality or a remastered version of the Atlanta 1977 show. Does anything know anything about this? Thank you all.
  2. I had to share this. I saw this interview somewhere with Dee Snider talking about how boring Led Zeppelin was because of their live 30 minute drum solos. Snider further went on to say how rock/metal fans went on to choose bands such as Twisted Sister over Zep and other more classic and '70's groups. I want to say that: 1. Although Zep is definitely my all time favorite group and always will be, I am an '80's teen and young adult. 2. I like several of the '80's rock/metal bands and singers. 3. If I should be angry about Snider's comments I am not. I found what Dee Snider had to say about Zep nothing short of hilarious. Seriously. Come on. Twisted Sister was a little boy's band. That was the kind of stuff that 13 and some just-turned-14 year old boys listened to when they were mad at their parents and having a tantrum. You never saw anybody 16 or over listening to Twisted Sister. You just didn't. There's just one more thing I have to say and please forgive me but I have to do it. Twisted Sister couldn't have even gotten jobs as Led Zeppelin's roadies.
  3. What do you all think? BTW: As far as I know, this is one that has never been asked before.
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