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  1. Although this is still true today, my main focus of this post involves them during the Led Zeppelin years. The thing I have always admired second most about Led Zeppelin, first place would be their music, is their tastes in opulence. They had the best tastes in drink, food, hotels, clothing, vehicles, travel (airplanes), females,...and things I just can't mention here. I caught flack in my younger years, I am on the edge of 54 now, for my tastes in music clashing with my tastes in clothes, food, and drink. It has always made me feel good knowing the the boys in Zeppelin enjoyed the finer things of life too. To me, a lot of the metal bands of the '80's, which was my era, were just postering but Zep was the real deal all around! Zep caused me to experience two things which were both amazing. Those two things were staying at the Royal Orleans before it was swallowed by the corporate hotel monster and Dom Perignon. These two things, Dom Perignon and the Royal Orleans, were both life highlights to me and I am so much a richer person for these two experiences. If I could say two things to Jimmy they would be: 1. Led Zeppelin has been my favorite band since I was a young man and they always be. 2. I have long admired your tastes in - EVERYTHING!!! P.S. I want the folks here to know that my younger self had enough sense to stop just short of sampling the cocaine and the heroin.
  2. Does anybody know of any good shows from the Spring 1970 US tour? I know this was a difficult time for the band in my part of the US. I am asking because they did play Macon, GA, one time and I was hoping for a good quality US show as close to this show as possible. Thank you.
  3. Zep Hed you're right and I know I should have a different attitude. I'm funny in that I said for years Zep was my favorite kind of music and my favorite band. Then hard-rock/metal was my second favorite kind of music and The Doors and GN'R tied for second place. Honestly, I don't have an excuse for myself. With me Zep wasn't at the top of the list because they had their own category and their own list. It was like I considered them above the list with others. Well,...still do. I don't have an excuse for myself. I really don't. I'm a hardcore fan.
  4. How do you all feel about this? It makes me very uncomfortable. I know it happens and that over bands have the right to do it, but it just gives me an uneasy feeling. I am a hardcore Zep fan by any standards and sometimes in comes out in some odd ways.
  5. I learned that I have a Led Zeppelin problem. Seriously! We know there are those people with drinking and drug problems. I will go to that channel for, "Just one song", and that "Just one song" turns into an hour. *LoL*
  6. Hello everyone. I first want to start by saying to please forgive me if I posted this question in the wrong section. I wasn't sure where to post it. Does anybody know when the Brandy & Coke/TUF video was shot? I love the girl in the '70's gym shorts. I would appreciate any info on this video that anyone has. Thank you all so much.
  7. Hey all. No alcohol. I can't drink anymore because of medication that I am on. I haven't been able to drink since 1995. That doesn't mean that I don't still crave it because I do. I am doing better. I was reminded several times that I am too old to act like that. If I ever get too old to live - and to me life wouldn't be life without Led Zeppelin or a good jam session every now and then - then just take me out and shoot me.
  8. I want to start out by stating that I am on the edge of age 52 and I am too old to be doing stupid stuff like what I am about to confess here. I was listening to the March 05, 1975, Dallas show. This last Dallas show of 1975 will always be my all time favorite show. I often skip Moby Dick but I didn't this time. The show had me head banging from the start but I got all into Moby Dick and listened to the solo in its entirety. Bonzo growled at the very end and when he did I gave it one heavy thrust backwards; and this sent me and the cane bottom chair that I was sitting in to the floor. I am sore as hades and maybe I am getting too old for this, but I know I am going to rock some more. The above is proof Led Zeppelin is so good that sometimes their music literally hurts.  
  9. Me too!! It's sort of a true live experience and if the '77 version of No Quarter lacked something that the '73 and '75 versions had then Jimmy's solo gives some of the gloom and doom back. In a way it has kind of a horror effect that I like.
  10. Led Head I want to thank you for your reply. I enjoyed reading your reply. This proves that even among the true hard-core Zep fans that people can have very different opinions. I still stand by my list. We agree on Hot Dog! Hot Dog is one of the very few Zep songs that I can say I don't like. I do hope to get your thoughts on what I am about to say below. I have always felt that the 1980 tour over all had a good bit to offer and was very enjoyable. I have come to feel like my views on this are the minority opinion. I am also going to push the envelope and say that over time I have come to feel like there is a faction among the hard-core Zep fans that feel that the '80 tour had nothing to offer and that it never should have happened.
  11. There was a recent thread titled something like, "Picking On Page 1980." OK. If we're going to pick on Page for some of 1980's lesser moments then I think the band as a whole deserves a thumbs up for some of 1980's shining moments. The 1980 tour, overall, included most of Zep's best stuff from Led Zeppelin I to ITTOD. The 1980 tour brought back two of Zep's greatest numbers that were glaringly lacking on the 1977 tour - Black Dog and The Rain Song. It is worth restating that I am an American that is 51 years old, as these words are typed, and I know someone who saw the Berlin show as a 20 year old GI in the US Army. You'll never convince this man that it wasn't the greatest show he ever saw. Top Five Greatest Attributes of the 1980 Tour 5. Led Zeppelin in 1980 - This was Led Zeppelin's small contribution to the 1980's. In my book that in itself deserves respect. 4. John Paul Jones - Jonsey had it going on for the 1980 tour. I dig: that short combed back hair, that white dress shirt, that bass that looked like an axe, and his new sympathizer. It was the new decade and Jonsey was ready to rock. JPJ definately proved himself on this tour! 3. The Overall Set Lineup - I have already been through a good bit of this in the intro. Zep put together most of the best of the best of 12 years for the 1980 tour. 2. Train Kept A Rollin' - I dig this! The 1980 version of Train is a true head banger. Led Zeppelin never walks on stage gently and the 1980 tour was no exception. I have never really seen any comments on the board about this and to me that is a shame. 1. All My Love - I've never been that big of a fan of Led Zep III or ITTOD but on the 1980 tour All My Love steals the show. It steals every show from this tour that I have heard. It's like somebody snaps his fingers and calls you to attention.
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