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  1. “But still manages to play superbly” hhmmmmmmm 🧐
  2. Any interviews done after that where he acknowledged he was “off” that night? Because it looks like he was having a blast up there lol almost child like...I wish I could ask him what was going through his mind that night!
  3. Hi guys, I am new to this forum! I have lately been obsessively watching jimmy page STH performance in the Arms 83 MSG concert. I really love watching him perform this number by himself, and I love the rawness and imperfections of it. Just wondering if jimmy page himself has ever commented on his performance that night? Everybody in the YouTube comments section is going on about how terrible he was and what was he thinking even performing, but I guess I’d just like to hear if anyone else enjoys that performance like I do? I’m not big on singers and I personally love instrumentals o
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