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  1. Looking for high notes from 1973-1977 Here are some examples: St Paul 1973 Black Dog Montreal 1975 Black Dog Providence 1973 Black Dog Providence 1973 Since Ive been Loving you Cleveland 1977 (First Night) Trampled Underfoot Philadelphia 1975 Black Dog Pontiac 1977 Kashmir (Holy shit)
  2. What are 10 shows that stand out, besides japan 1971?
  3. Now that I think of it, Original Destroyer is a good Candidate, I could choose a perfect 1973 show but would miss out on PG tracks
  4. Has anyone had a problem connecting to Royal Orleans? I cannot connect as it says: Deceptive Site! "Attackers on www.royal-orleans.com may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards)."
  5. what about wanton song? Brussels is pretty good
  6. been looking for loose ends for a while, seen it only a few times, mainly for the wanton song and the msg tracks, didnt realize it had thank you!
  7. think i may have that one, toasted is awesome still cant find an lp with thank you on it
  8. Im looking for the definitive vinyl version on the paris bbc show. Are there any versions with better sound than the TMOQ bbc broadcast/ stairway to heaven?
  9. Are there any shows where robert hits high like providence, baltimore, and some of those march shows, that’s available as a soundboard ?
  10. Listening right now. Holy shit! wouldnt have thought a vinyl rip would sound that good! thats all i needed
  11. What is the best digital version of 3/21/70?
  12. Wouldnt hurt to cut out that part, and honestly wouldnt mind if most plantations were cut out, its all about the music. For montreux we have to wait until the rest leaks, which it most likely wont. I don’t think we will get anything close to an unedited release. Not officially, just dreaming of one
  13. Yes! Just the uneddited uncut TSRTS, HTWWW, And Osaka is what I dream of one day, Then im set for life with zep boots. Its a lot to ask, but as long as im living I would loose a limb to see those releases. I Like the imprecision of the performances, But I know jimmy would never be up for that. Im also surprised no tracks from TSRTS where ever leaked.
  14. Its completely unrealistic to expect an official release to show up uncut and full. If it were like the bbc sessions that would be great
  15. As a person who loves complete live zep, I would be heartbroken to have the japan shows edited, and songs separated. I will stick with Empress valley in hopes of those whole lotta loves and tokyo shows! Would pay top dollar for unedited How the West was won.. can only dream
  16. got a three days after, lookin for this cover
  17. only "soundboard" with over the hills from 77
  18. Thats what i thought, never thought they would just record a select few songs to sbd unless its jimmy thats looking for something particular. Ive always been and still am insanely frustrated by peoples misuse and carelessness, just being a devoted fan. Ive bought reel to reels of shows to try to find uncirculated material for the forum and for myself, ive scanned some uncirculated photos, just try to do my part. People dont or didnt unnderstand the significance of things to fans, which sucks. I do appreciate everyone's work with the recent releases! Some huge finds recently. sorry for ramblin on. Thanks!
  19. will check it out, thanks. how are you sure about that? Why the hell do they never release the encores?
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