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  1. goldenretreiver157

    Berkeley (Going to California)

    what is the best version of the famous 'Going to California' Bootleg?
  2. goldenretreiver157

    Immigrant Song

    Can someone show me a list of every recording with immigrant song?
  3. goldenretreiver157

    Immigrant Song

    yes, thank you
  4. goldenretreiver157

    Auckland Soundboard 1972

    I own a CD of what i believe is a soundboard performance in New Zealand labeled "Auckland 1972" February 25, but ive looked it over and no soundboard recordings are listed in 1972
  5. goldenretreiver157

    Auckland Soundboard 1972

    He says thank you new zealand
  6. goldenretreiver157

    Auckland Soundboard 1972

    The quality is excellent the list is: Immigrant song/heartbreaker black dog since ive been loving you stairway to heaven thats the way bron y aur stomp dazed and confused whole lotta love communication breakdown
  7. goldenretreiver157

    Bootlegs with prominent vocals

    I am looking for live performances with very loud and prominent vocals from 1969-1970
  8. goldenretreiver157

    Whole lotta love

    Could someone help me identify what show is used for the audio of this video: https://youtu.be/5IUatcnmigo
  9. goldenretreiver157

    What version of LZ III have I got?

    its a 1972 UK reissue
  10. goldenretreiver157

    1972 soundboard recordings

    I have several soundboard recordings from the years, but never heard one from 1972. Does anyone know of any soundboards from this year, or good audience recordings? Excluding how the west was won. I have a record of tokyo 1972 which is good but you cant hear robert a lot
  11. goldenretreiver157

    Can you list your top 10 LZ songs, in no particular order?

    The Ocean Four Sticks Since ive been loving you babe im gonna leave you achilles last stand over the hills and far away the song remains the same rock and roll bron y aur houses of the holy
  12. goldenretreiver157

    09/29/1971 Osaka - Stairway To Heaven - EVSD SBD Single

    how do you download files on dime
  13. goldenretreiver157

    BBC Sessions Appreciation

    Led Zeppelin has released barely any live material. The DVD includes very little footage of early zep at their peak where Robert has his incredibly high and beatiful voice. I wish we had more footage like Royal Albert Hall, but i guess we’re gonna have to deal with it. Besides the DVD, we have the god like audio of the LA and long beach performances of How The West Was Won, The Song Remains the Same, and the BBC sessions. This post is to appreciate the sessions which have not been discussed recently (as far as i know). They are probably the only semi-crystal clear live performances of 1971 we will get, and im not forgetting the up and coming Osaka soundboard, that from what we got so far, lacks The power of professionally recorded material. Still exciting tho, it will definitely rock. Anyways, the sessions need to be more recognized. They include some songs closely resembling the studio recording, for example the John Peel sessions “What is and what should never be” and some mind blowing improvising in the 1969 sessions including Traveling Riverside Blues. Overall, I am very bad at explaining this, but just remember to re-listen to the BBC sessions! They are some one of a kind performances.
  14. goldenretreiver157

    How the west was won

    This was definitely covered in another forum, i cant find it: Why did jp use the songs he did for how the west was won, didnt they play thank you and tangerine? I would love to hear those songs
  15. goldenretreiver157

    Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    Awesome thank you so much
  16. goldenretreiver157

    The Ocean

    Kezar -June 2nd 73 Seattle -July 17 73 Providence -July 21 73 TSRTS -July 28 73 LA -June 25 72 Tampa -May 5 73 LA -June 3 73
  17. goldenretreiver157

    The Ocean

    What are some good performances of The Ocean with good sound quality or goid playing (preferably 1972)
  18. goldenretreiver157

    The Ocean

    Ya, robert hits more notes in 72 but i agree jimmys tone is better and robert messes up lyrics in 72. seattle 73 is great playing but has crowd noise. Plant does very well for 73’ and its a powerful performance, better quality than kezar, although kezar is difficult to beat
  19. goldenretreiver157

    The Ocean

    Its pretty good but the tone is kinda lame, too much bass
  20. goldenretreiver157

    Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

  21. goldenretreiver157

    The best "Rain Song" live

    December 12 1972
  22. goldenretreiver157

    Your Favourite Album Covers

    Houses of the holy
  23. goldenretreiver157

    Unofficial footage

    Is there any unofficial footage of full songs? Someone please list some with dates if there is any ive seen tsrts 3-25-75 the seattle 77 concert thats about it
  24. goldenretreiver157

    Unofficial footage

    I know, thank you tho
  25. goldenretreiver157

    Unofficial footage

    I love your channel, ive been watching it for a long time and will watch it until im old