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  1. that’s what watching porn is for you fool. it’s so gross that you use this thread. I bet you will never again have sex in your life!
  2. nah all i see is a thread for sick wrinkled fucks to jerk off
  3. about half the posts on this thread
  4. because you post porn on a public forum
  5. true! great atmosphere, and that scream is wild for 1972 rob
  6. I’m happy to announce, It’s the 49th anniversary of this amazing show, and the Dogs of Doom have recently uncovered a brand new audience recording of Zep’s only performance in Sydney that contains previously missing songs -Immigrant song, Heartbreaker, Since I’ve Been loving you, and Celebration day (which cuts out near the end). Special thanks to the original taper (who wishes to remain anonymous), myself for facilitating contact with him, Ian Spokes for transferring, and Ed and ledzepfilm for revising and creating the merge and liberation. The Merge (will be) available on Led Zeppelin Boot’s account on youtube. You can find the merge or raw revised version on TTD, or PM me and I’ll get you a copy
  7. It's in the top 5 for me, I also enjoy Rochesters and 9/23 from that month
  8. are you aware you should go fuck yourself. this tape is none of your business
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