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  1. Give me a break. I love what Zeppelin was, not what they have become (or at least one of them) and yes, when Robert comes to town, I don't go to see his show. With the response to O2, it is hard to understand how any band or band member can see such a HUGE demand and just say, oh well, sorry to all the fans that made them what they are. Without the fans, they are nothing and certainly could not live the luxury life that Zep fans have paid for.
  2. I think John would be honored for Zep to tour with his son on the drums. Robert = ego. The John Bonham thing is just an excuse.
  3. Like many in this forum, I have been a Zep fan for decades. At the age of 50, I realize that I may never see a show billed as Led Zeppelin. The lucky few that saw the O2 performance, are in fact, the lucky few. While many here, continue to hope that the band members want to satisfy millions of fans, the reality is, hold-outs may prevent this from ever happening. I applaud the The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, KISS and Aerosmith for staying with their old and new fans. All continue to entertain their fans and perform to this day. Fans made these bands what they are and they continue to deli
  4. Dear Robert, I so respect what you are doing on your own as an artist, very good stuff indeed. My regret is that a whole new generations (specifically my kids) of Zeppelin fans have been born now and they crave the musical talent of those who made them fans. They need musical direction, they want to see real talent, they want to hear new music from the greatest Rock and Roll band ever. They do not want the rock shows of today. They want raw, powerful, rare, meaningful talent on a stage showing the rest of the world how it should be done. They want the unmistakable connections that you,
  5. While Robert is doing his bluegrass thing and the other Zeppelin members are trying to pull something different together, AC/DC is touring to sold out arena's and satisfying the fans that made them what they are today. The fans are happy and grateful. AC/DC seemed to be having a great time on stage and the show simply kicked my butt. Thanks AC/DC for letting me experience your legendary musical style covering old and new material. I saw two Plant and Page tours that covered most of the Zeppelin songs, but I cannot say I have been to a Led Zeppelin concert. How sad.....
  6. While Plant's lack of interest continues to be disappointing to Zeppelin fans - equally disappointing would be a Zeppelin album or tour with another lead singer. It would be AWESOME to hear new music from Jimmy, JPJ and Jason, but maybe under a different name. I certainly would go to this concert if it ever happened. At 48, I have just given up on any remote possibility that I or my kids will every experience new Zeppelin music or a live show, so I enjoy what's there.
  7. A year gone - what a waste of time and talent....
  8. He has made his choice and I do hope he is happy. However, I can still be disappointed with his choice along with the other ba-zillion Zep fans. On a side note, I remember posting a message a while back about ZEP calling up Jason in place of his father and doing a show. I also remember some of the folks who live in these forums basically telling me it would never happen because of some karma related reason, to stop raising topics that have already been discussed over-and-over again and that I was a newbie. Next: London 10-12-07 Now I post my Dear Robert thoughts. While most of the re
  9. Finally - a straight forward answer about Plant being selfish. When you reach the next level of your BS journey through the musical time and space continuum, you are going to realize the space continuum that you are in is Zeppelin.
  10. You are very correct, no one owns him. He can do what he wants, when he wants and how he wants - no doubt. However, that does not change the fact that millions of fans would appreciate experiencing the Zeppelin side of the great Robert Plant. He may in fact choose never to grace a Zeppelin stage with his presence again and that is his choice. However, as a Zeppelin fan, it is disappointing to me to think that he would make that choice. His choice - Yes. My feelings - Yes. Neither is right or wrong - they just are.
  11. Dear Robert, Regarding your interview that was published in the Village Voice, I would like to point out that your gig with Led Zeppelin is what allows you to do what you do today. "For me, I just want to do stuff where at the end of the night, I can turn and look at the people I'm working with and go, 'That was not just an achievement—it was one of the most heart-rending experiences I've had." What could possibly be a more "heart-rending experience" than a Zeppelin tour and making MILLIONS of Zeppelin fans happy? What could possibly be a more "heart-rending experience" than a ne
  12. Who is the man with wings in the Swan Song Logo? No opinions please. Only facts if you have them.
  13. I can image Peter and John just wondering why it took so long and why are they not touring..
  14. I just do not understand how Zeppelin can be so good, so popular, and so respected in the musical world yet continue to deny their fans of their music. As much as I love Zeppelin music, for many years I have felt cheated. Peter, Robert, Jimmy, Jason - Love the music, respect the band, own all your albums and remasters. So lets just get on with it, TOUR and rock your fans into another dimension. anolte Memphis, TN
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