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  1. Rod is just a shadow of his former self these days which is a shame, voice is completely shot.
  2. ^ Just listened to WS/BMS from the above show. Page seems to drop a bit of 'Swan Song' around the 7 min mark, pretty cool. He of course, would incorporate this into 'Midnight Moonlight' with the Firm.
  3. I'm hoping for a SBD of both Cincinnati shows from '77 tbh, that version of NQ from the 19th is maybe the best ever. The outro solo absolutely smokes in particular; not to mention Lady Madonna!
  4. Birmingham, Fort Worth, the second Cleveland show, Pontiac, Atlanti, pretty much the whole of the MSG run, the whole of the LA run. Hell, even Cincinnati has it's moments, and you get Lady Madonna in NQ, it's an underrated AUD recording too. I could actually talk about Cincinati for a while, a shame the recordings are incomplete. I think it may just be one of the best outro solos of NQ ever. Landover 30/05/77 ain't bad either, same with Houston. There is plenty of release worthy material from '77, multi-tracks or no multi-tracks.
  5. The Dead have released hundreds of soundboards that have been cleaned up... It's not like it can't be done. The fact that here is no official release of an epic NQ from anywhere from 1975-1979 is criminal. Clean up some of the top shows from '77, in all of their bombastic, over the top glory. it will remind people that at one point Zeppelin ruled the world. If the Stones can release a show from '75 when Richards was at the height of addiction and Jagger was obviously out of it on Coke/booze then surely Jimmy and the lads can do the same. Just listen to Happy from that release, they are all over the place, Keith missing cues etc. But all in all it is a hot show and you can almost hear the booze and coke soaking through your speakers. Takes me to a time that I never got to experience myself as I was only born in 1990. Sure the boots are good for this but only people 'in the know' get to hear the boots, and there are some amazing remasters out there but imagine what some professional engineers with a large budget could do. Put some stuff out there in the mainstream! I know I am dreaming, and this will likely never eventuate while the band members are still around. But it is a crying shame that there is so much potential and a wealth of material there and all we get are rehashes of the same releases every few years. The streaming site will be like Jimmy's solo album and tour, ie a fantasy that will never happen.
  6. You sure you don't work for EV??
  7. Whatever your thoughts on how ethical EV are this is intriguing because obviously this set contains the one show that we have video for and two that are rumoured to have video exist for. Obviously this is their intention and they most likely don't have the video. If they did why not release a huge set with the video + audio in a box. That would go for mega bucks, who knows maybe that is coming? One can only hope...
  8. 'Millenial snowflake'. Get a new slant Steve, because this was old when you were peddling it years ago.
  9. Just get a 2x rca - 3.5mm cable and connect it that way. It's how I connect my 30+ year old amp to my PC.
  10. Was considering going to the Auckland show but I will be at a wedding in Rarotonga at the time! Ah well, being on Rarotonga is a pretty good trade off I think!
  11. I remember the excitement during the lead up the Stones 50th anniversary, culminating in the announcement of the four London & New York dates. There were fears the band would never play together again due to Keith's book, and his seemingly very frail physical condition. Here we are 6 years later and they're still going strong, starting another tour. Granted, they are an oldies act now and have been for a long time, with their last release in 2005. Sadly, I feel none of the same with the impending Zeppelin anniversary. And not just because there's 0% chance of any concerts being announced. If anything is released it will just be another rehash of already available material. This brings me to another area where the Stones are considerably better, the release of live shows, warts and all. The 'From the Vault' series has been great, with consistent releases every few months. Now, if only Jimmy and co would sign off on a similar series - they would sell like hotcakes.
  12. Didn''t he break a string during ALS at the second Knebworth show? Regardless, it does sound pretty bad right out of the gate. The guitar sounds out of tune, and he is flubbing notes all over the place. I've only listened to that version a handful of times. Strangely though I do love NQ from the 11th.
  13. Is Page gonna bootleg the bootleggers (to steal the name from a Johnny Thunders album) and get this out before EV? Highly doubt it, but man he is falling behind the 8 ball. This is like a holy grail man and has been talked about since the 70s.
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