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  1. I hate valentines, and this rate that's not gonna change.
  2. You know, I really like it, as well as Kashmir, but I also would also it is an overstatement to say Zep's best or even in the top 10. A great song yes the same can be said for Kashmir but reall I think that it is just a major overstatement.
  3. The Wailers - Stir It Up Live at the Paris Theatre, London, England 5/24/73.
  4. Could someone please PM me when they find the Mp3's for this.
  5. You don't need anything, just your eyesight. I just saw Venus and Jupiter...pretty cool for a star gazer like me.
  6. I plan on seeing Metallica at the TDBank North Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. Tickets are sold out but I'll just buy some off of Craig's List.
  7. I thought we discussed this already , the Bluecongog Matrix edition "Four Blocks In The Snow V.2" was EQd and that metallic sound is not present on it...or I'm just deaf .
  8. And I thought it was already perfect...are the Mp3s out there yet?
  9. The term "supergroup" has nothing to do with sucess of the band or the talent of its members, it is simply when musicians previously famous form a band. And Pink Floyd has not sold more than Led Zeppelin.
  10. Yeah I catch alot of shit for it, and you look great as well.
  11. Well like caroselambra said that is what a supergruop is. Jimmy was already a famous guitarist for his session work and later as guitarist for The Yardbirds, John Paul was a somewhat well known session musician but he wasn't famous, Robert had been in a few bands and had even cut a few solo tracks from 66-68 but he was still unheard of, and lastly Bonzo had been in The Band Of Joy with Robert but the band broke up and he went on to work with a famous musician (I can't recall his name) but he only did for a short before he joined The New Yardbirds (Led Zeppelin). So no they are not a supergroup, but by your definition McSeven they are .
  12. Bob Marley always makes me happy, at least until it stops.
  13. Me and my friend (NOT my girlfriend) at Spooky World. Me my mom and my dog at a campground in New Hampshire. Me at The Natural History Museam in Washington D.C.. I did smile but I stopped because I thought my mom had already taken the picture.
  14. Me dressed as The Joker before I sprayed my hair green.
  15. Cool, to bad it wasn't something like 5/19/69 Boston, or Berlin 1970 because there are recordings attributed to those dates with no proof they played there.
  16. Yes, a Boa as a matter of fact HYE played guitar naked.
  17. Robert's voice was WAY deep and horse he simply could not sing that good there are VERY FEW examples when his voice would come close to the previous tour. When did I say anything about 73 that year is very overated it isn't even close to their best although his voice did have a few great shows i.e. 6/2/73, and the July shows like Boston and New York. Robert actually had a turning point in 77 when his voice (most shows) actually had really good range in fact he was in his best pipes (again most of the time) since 72. His voice got even better in 79 when he gained even more range and control, I would say Knebworth is Plant's first great show since the U.S. 72 tour. In 1980 his did take a bit of a plunge but that was their first tour in 3 years, his voice was still easily better than 75 it was just really raw but the range as 79. The last tour where he could really hit the high notes was the U.S. 72 tour, but his last Incredible show was the L.A. Forum 8/21/71.
  18. Could someone please tell me what exactly is a soundboard.
  19. Well the SOUND may be too good, but really IMO 75 is Zep's worst year although things do get much better at the end in March but February is just terrible, at least Robert's voice. I don't know why people make such a fuss over EC especially when I hear it was their best shows but IMO it is one of their worst. Although I still am wishing for that official release. P.S. - post # 444!
  20. I'm not exactly sure as this is shrouded in rumors, but I beleive Jason Bonham was trying to get an autograph from somebody when a security gaurd hit him and sent him away, so Bonzo and Peter Grant apparently beat the sh*t out of him.
  21. Of course the greatest band of all time is my favorite, and yes I am talking about Led Zeppelin.
  22. You have great taste in music, it's a shame more 15 year olds like us don't listen to good music.

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