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  1. You are nothing but a twit................Oh, I just said that it is not listed on some book I read. I never said that it didn't happen. I hope you go back to your meds. I know exactly what you wrote, but you are not even man enough to admit it. Next.
  2. Thank you for calling me a liar and for only believing what you read on the web in terms of the Yardbirds tour schedule. I get it now. If you read in a book that the moon was made of green cheese, then it must be, regardless of incontrovertible evidence. I tried to enlighten you to the truth of the matter, but you only prefer to believe a book. Go ahead, but I really must tell you that the moon is not made out of green cheese,, but you just keep clinging to your book and whatever it says. You must be a complete droit to not choose to believe someone whom was there and saw it. You have no
  3. Dear Steve A. Jones. I read with interest your comment that you "don't believe a word of this". Let me set you straight on the truth brother. In 1966, I was an 8th grade drummer that had formed a local garage band called The Pages (in Wichita Kansas). We were chosen to be the warm-up band for the first ever appearance of The Yardbirds in Wichita Kansas, playing at The Cotillion ballroom (still standing and packing em in with rock acts). How do I recall that it was 1966 and not 1967. By 1967, my band had dis-banded. I had grown tired of the band and playing drums. In '67, my interest tu
  4. Dear Steve Brosemer. I read with a great deal of enthusiasm your report about the Yardbirds and Wichita Kansas. Let me start by saying how much I appreciated your comments about the warm up band for the Yardbirds (playing at the Cotillion for their first time in 8/66), that they were not bad. I was the founder and drummer for the 'warm-up band' - The Pages. We were but in 8th grade and chosen to be the warm up band. We were hard driving British songs...........I'm a Man, My Generation etc. As you are probably aware, Jimmy Page had just begun his stint with The Yardbirds but a few months
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