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  1. You are nothing but a twit................Oh, I just said that it is not listed on some book I read. I never said that it didn't happen. I hope you go back to your meds. I know exactly what you wrote, but you are not even man enough to admit it. Next.
  2. Thank you for calling me a liar and for only believing what you read on the web in terms of the Yardbirds tour schedule. I get it now. If you read in a book that the moon was made of green cheese, then it must be, regardless of incontrovertible evidence. I tried to enlighten you to the truth of the matter, but you only prefer to believe a book. Go ahead, but I really must tell you that the moon is not made out of green cheese,, but you just keep clinging to your book and whatever it says. You must be a complete droit to not choose to believe someone whom was there and saw it. You have no idea if the Yardbirds did or did not choose to speak to the Wichita drummer about joining their band, other than some hysteria on your part, that you beleive couldn't possibly be true. Quite frankly, I don't believe a word you have written No one could be that foolish. . I also think you owe Steve Brosemer a matter of apolgy for calling him a liar as well. Here is what I would like you to do Mr. Know-It-All. Go on Facebook to a site called Kansas Music Hall of Fame. Join and then post that you do not believe for one moment that the Yardbirds played at the Cotillion in 8/66, and that you also do not believe it ever happened that the Yardbirds drummer passed out and had to be replaced by local drummer Neil McGaugh.................go ahead..............say it...............say that you don't believe that one word of it ever happened. And then prepare for the onslaught and laughter.
  3. Dear Steve A. Jones. I read with interest your comment that you "don't believe a word of this". Let me set you straight on the truth brother. In 1966, I was an 8th grade drummer that had formed a local garage band called The Pages (in Wichita Kansas). We were chosen to be the warm-up band for the first ever appearance of The Yardbirds in Wichita Kansas, playing at The Cotillion ballroom (still standing and packing em in with rock acts). How do I recall that it was 1966 and not 1967. By 1967, my band had dis-banded. I had grown tired of the band and playing drums. In '67, my interest turned to sports. So, unlike your uninformed comment that the yardbirds did not play in Wichita in '66, you are most mistaken and uninformed. Believe me brother, I was there. Now then, here's an interesting story. The dressing rooms at the cotillion adjoin the stage, but are not visible to the audience. Our final song as warm-up band was The Yardbirds, I'm A Man. We were playing the song, and from my view (as the drummer, I was behind my bandmates). I could see the when the Yardbirds had filed out of their dressing room and were watching us play their song, from behind the partition that the audience could not see. I can still vividly recall Jeff Beck with his foot up against the corridor wall tapping the song, as I was with the bass pedal on my drum. They were kind of quietly clapping when we finished and that was quite a thrill. So after the stage set, on come The Yardbirds. They launched into their first song, and my recollection tells me that the drummer was off beat and something was wrong. Within a few instances, Jim McArty was flat on his back behind his drum seat. The music stopped and they were all attending to Jim. Within a few minutes, they got Jim offstage and to the dressing room. He was done and the concert had barely started. One of the Yardbirds, got on the mic and asked if there was anyone whom knew how to play their songs on the drums. I was in the front row, and my friends were urging me to raise up my hand. While I knew their songs, I was just too young and intimidated by going up to do it. At that time, another drummer was invited up. His name was Neil McGaugh. He was older than me. I was 13 and he may have been college age. He played with a great local band called The Outcasts. They were the 'bad boy' band in Wichita at that time. Neil sat in for the set(s?) and did a great job. So I hope I have cleared this up for you. It appears to me that you are getting your years, times and events mixed up. The event was in '66 and my band was the local warm up act at that time. and YES, the did use the local drummer Neil McGaugh (whom passed away in '99). There are lots of rumors still exist today that The Yardbirds solicited Neil to join them, but I suspect that is just local folk-lore from here in town. Ask Jim, he may know.
  4. Dear Steve Brosemer. I read with a great deal of enthusiasm your report about the Yardbirds and Wichita Kansas. Let me start by saying how much I appreciated your comments about the warm up band for the Yardbirds (playing at the Cotillion for their first time in 8/66), that they were not bad. I was the founder and drummer for the 'warm-up band' - The Pages. We were but in 8th grade and chosen to be the warm up band. We were hard driving British songs...........I'm a Man, My Generation etc. As you are probably aware, Jimmy Page had just begun his stint with The Yardbirds but a few months before their appearance in Wichita. There is some confusion, so let me clear it up. The Yardbirds made their first appearance in Wichita, playing at the Cotillion ballroom in August of '66. Within the first song or two of their opening, there was some confusion and a bit of panic, as their drummer, Jim McArty has passed out and the Yardbirds stopped playing. They were behind the drummers seat and he was flat on the ground. They cleared him off and took him to the dressing room adjoining the stage. At that point, one of the Yardbirds, asked the audience if there was anyone whom could play drums and would sit in. I was but in 8th grade. My friends were urging me to get up there, but it was too much for me. About that exact moment, another guy was walking up to the stage. He was a local drummer, Neil McGaugh. He played with a hard-driving band called The Outcasts. They were the bad boy band of Wichita at that time. He was older and really knew the songs. He did a great job of filling in for McArty. So let me summarize. McArty passes out in 8/66, not in their return concert in '67. How am I so certain that it was '66. Because by '67, I had given up my band and drumming, as sports became a more important endeavor to me than the drums. Now you know the rest of the story.
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